Top 10 Reasons Why More Kids Are Playing Outside Than Watching TV

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1 Playing outside is healthier

I always played outside. I couldn't stand staying indoors - SirSheep

This list is extroverted if you know...

2 People are making stupid shows for kids

When Cartoon Network is dead, I'll watch anime all day and think, 'I remember when Cartoon Network was good... that time before they added Clarence and Uncle Grandpa.'

I stopped watching Disney Channel, and rarely watch Nick and the only time I watch it is for the Sports kids choice awards.

I swear T.V. nowadays is 95% rubbish that they put in to fill up the channel, and 5% stuff you actually want to watch.

The reason I stopped watching CN save for Regular Show and Steven Universe.

3 Playing outside gives you vitamin D

But be careful if you stay on the sun too much time in a hot day you will get sunburn skin - BorisRule

Yeah I truly believe playing outside gives you vitamin D

I love going outside anyways - BorisRule

I absolutely love the beach

4 Parents hate kids watching TV

Now I understand the purpose of Sanjay And Craig!

We know your kids name now

5 TV hurts your eyes

I get eye stain every day because I have to share at a computer all day at school... Even in p.e. - SirSheep

6 Lots of people like sports

A stupid amount, and I hate it, but yes, this is why kids are still outside. - AsteroidCat

Sports over indoors lazy fatass 12 year old.

More like, lots of people like WATCHING sports on T.V.

7 Once you watch TV you stay up watching TV
8 Parents think TV makes you dumb

They also think it rots your brain. - Spiritfall

I really enjoy doing both. - cosmo

Then those children with Parents like that should never watch Teen Titans Go.

"T.V. Keeps your brain from rotting while avoiding it just makes you stupid! " - TTG Cyborg

9 Going outside burns calories
10 Going outside makes you creative
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11 Going outside is more fun
12 You can see nature outside

You can see on the T.V. too, but whatever

13 Pokemon Go

Lol I'm the only person who hates Pokèmon Go.

Adult: Oh, yay, I caught a min-min-minck…

Me: Minccino.

Adult: Thank you, dear, but I don't need any help, I'm a Level 15.


14 The smell of the outdoor air
15 Going outside makes you happier
16 It prevents childhood obesity
17 Video games create mental Issues!

It was on seven news like so freaky

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