Top 10 Reasons Why Mostamazingtop10 is Better Than Watchmojo

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1 MostAmazingTop10 has better lists

I agree. Their lists make sense. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Hey, what about Top10Archive?

I agree I've been watching the MostAmazingTop10 for two years or so - HollowArrow

2 Watchmojo doesn't deserve the fame they get

YES WatchMojo is a horrible channel. They have the worst top tens I have ever seen. They do lazy research and they think they know everything already. Also WatchMojo does their channel for money

3 Landon is better than Dan

You Realise Danny, Rebecca And Landon's Channels Are Top 10 Videos Are Disguised As Filler Videos

Disagreed, I love Danny Burke - MrVing989

I agree - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

His voice is obnoxious, though

4 Rebecca is better than Becca

Becca shows no emotion in her voice, she just talks like she's bored. - PeeledBanana

You are so right! In WatchMojo they talk in monotone voices,but Rebecca bursts with kindness! Danny is so funny,and Landon created the channel!

5 Much more exciting

Watch mojo shows you what's on the list. I want surprises - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

I 100% agree with this! In Watchmojo, it's so boring and repetitive, they speak in monotone voices, they do lazy research, and the voices are quite annoying.

Whereas in MostAmazingTop10, it's always fresh and new, Rebecca, Danny and Landon are all so exciting and funny, and they tell us a lot more!

6 MostAmazingTop10 are funnier

I agree with this statement they are more funnier.

7 Watchmojo has been hacked

This doesn't mean anything...

O yes it does

8 MostAmazingTop10 are hilarious

I love most amazing top ten

9 They never run out of ideas

As a subscriber, yeah I think WatchMojo

This list does, though - GreenDayFan21

10 Watchmojo sucks

YES WatchMojo does Suck!

Chaplin is funnier than Jim Carryey - hugh201


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11 Mostamazingtop10 gives us facts that we didn't know about

Watchmojo: This character in the video is sexy. This gets us views.
Mostamazingtop10: Sound operations were used in the Vietnam War to drive away the Vietcong soldiers, the sounds tell the vietcong soldiers and that the person who is speaking is in hell, and it is wandering and warning them to die in their home country in their own country, hence the name, wandering soul, listen to it;

See the difference? The most pointless video MostAmazingTop10 made was Top 10 Harambe facts. I still learned something! Watchmojo's most pointless was something like Top 10 Booty songs. Oh, look that song's about booties! Oh look 9 more! Wait, there's some honourable mentions. And now the best song talking about booties for some reason.

I'd put WatchMojo as a dishonourable mention in my list of best "top 10" youtubers.

Watchmojo is generic they just ripoff other topten lists - ikerevievs

So true.


12 WatchMojo is evil

Good thing I unsubbed. - Datguyisweird666

THEY MUST BURN IN HELL! ALL their subscribers too!

13 Dumbest Tweets
14 Watchmojo called bad cartoons good

And they call good cartoons bad. Don't believe me? Then watch the Top Ten Worst Cartoons That Come From Britain List!

15 Watchmojo are satanists
16 There is not a single list from WatchMojo where they stop talking for more than 5 seconds
17 Watchmojo said that Billy Madison is funny

Oh yes - Worek

18 The voices are less annoying

The Watchmojo voices are BORING, while the MostAmazingTop10's people are fun and have an actual soul. - Popsicles

19 WatchMojo does lazy research for their videos

They think know everything already. They know nothing about Anime, Nintendo and Politics

Inaccurate everything

Not the most accurate, but at least its accurate enough

20 Watchmojo is in love with themselves
21 Watchmojo swears

So does MostAmazingTop10, but they censor it - Datguyisweird666

22 Watchmojo is generic
23 Watchmojo disrespects the anime


24 Watchmojo is boring
25 Wacthmojo loved butts
26 Watchmojo started with fashion shoots
27 Watchmojo's fans are stupid
28 They don't obsess over Jennifer Lawrence
29 WatchMojo was a jackass to Gravity Falls
30 MostAmazingTop10 shows their faces

Agree - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

31 Watchmojo is predictable
32 Watchmojo is mediocre
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