Top 10 Reasons Why a Mother's Love is So Pure and Important

Even you might not have a love of your life, there is one type of love that you're passionate about in your life. I know there are others that might not react well to this but that's the complete opposite to me! My mother means the world to me! She's the reason why I'm here! I love my mother so much! I know there are some people out there that sometimes they don't get along with their mothers but remember, you wouldn't be here! I have such a close relationship with my mother and will stay like that forever! Remember, some of these reasons might not apply to you!

The Top Ten

1 She loves you

Glad to see that someone cares about her mother. - zxm

Yep, every person needs unconditional love from their mother.

2 She's the reason why you're here

Well...She DID have SOME help.

3 She will always be there for you
4 She raises and looks after you
5 She works hard for you
6 She cares and pays attention to you
7 She teaches valuable things in life

She taught me that the only way to get ahead on life is to be a gold digger - TwilightKitsune

8 She helps you no matter what you need
9 She is someone you can trust and rely

Wish that was true - TwilightKitsune

10 She supports you no matter what
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