Top 10 Reasons Why Movies Based on Video Games Suck

The Top Ten

1 They're boring

Yeah, the gameplay is always boring. I'd rather just watch the movie.

2 They change the original plot
3 The CGI is usually terrible

IKR! Even retro games have much better graphics.

4 They make fans angry
5 Hardly any effort goes into the story writing
6 The acting sucks
7 They add unnecessary gimmicks
8 It's a waste of money
9 The action scenes usually suck
10 Nobody cares about them anymore

The Contenders

11 They Had to Change Something to Differ from the Game Original to Make the Adaption Cliched and Bland
12 Instead of staying true to the games, they had to change something to enforce dumb stereotypes and tropes that are derivative of other movies.
13 You See the Same Exact Stories as in the Movies
14 They don't look like the characters
15 People moan about cgi
16 The Source Material is Ignored.
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