Top Ten Reasons Why MovieStarPlanet Sucks

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1 The VIP packages are too expensive

They are like 60 pound for a year that's just weird they should put it as 13 pound that's my vote

79.99 for Elite VIP you gotta be kidding me...

All they want is money they don't even give a crap about kids they make VIP so expensive I mean get a life the creators of MSP are too dumb to get a proper job so they get money by making children buy vip so expensive and currency and other stuff like that

Yea because I want to buy elite vip for 1 year but its more expensive than the star one and the star is better but its way too expensive like lower it down to like £20!

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2 Girls get to dress up like modern attention whores like Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus

True and what's also stupid is you can't adjust your body size.

Almost everyone looks the same

Ugh and also the main like pixi star the always have to make rich

The clothes show WAY to much skin to be normal. Most of the girl's clothing options are so slutty its just like, "I'm gonna spend my time on Boonie Planet now..."

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3 The moderation system

I said stop talking to me and got locked out for 3 days


It's so frustrating! I got locked out and I had VIP for saying acc giveaway :(

Someone called me a monkey because I’m black and I reported them and they didn’t get I. Trouble! If you want a good game, play Roblox or Minecraft.

4 The hash tag system

This makes chatting REALLY hard!


It's so true

Roblox May have had a messed up censor system but at least it’s better than this. THEY don't EVEN LET YOU TYPE IN HOT!

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5 Supporting Online Dating for Kids

Online dating is wrong because the person you can be dating could be a paedophile.

Why isn't this any higher?

I find it very disturbing how you can date in this game. Especially since the person you're dating could be a paedophile that can take advantage of you. Why isn't this higher? - Hanjax70

I totally agree

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6 Everything is Expensive and Money is Too Hard to Get

Unless you get VIP, there's virtually no/little other ways to get money

This is so truee

True! can they make it cheap? think about what the beginners felt!

I agree with this item! That’s why I make fan accounts for myself and get them to level 6 to buy my main account’s wishlist!

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7 Privacy issues

Msp let's your friends know what you did and were you are it's like stalking

Most of the people on this website are tweens from 12 years old to possibly even 16 years old or older! The forums are absolutely awful! Chat is also a con in this game too, apparently! Have a kid under 13 years old? NOOO don't let them play AT ALL. Let them play boonie planet instead, where there aren't stupid arguments and stuff

8 The attitudes between one and another

I see fights everyday on there.

Smh. One time, I made an artbook w me and my friend and it said ''fab''. The title was Fabulous People. Some kids commented and says '' every1 is fab in their own way though'' and another guy said '' why am I not on here oh it's because I'm 2 good 4 you guys '' I'm like HONEY I AM NOT FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE AND IF I WAS I CAN'T FIT ALL THEM PEOPLE IN 1 LITTLE ARTBOOK. And you aren't on there because I NEVER MET YOU. Jesus christ. The people on there just want to start all kinds of crap.

People call me a „special snowflake, autistic and that I should kill myself“

9 Pumpchkin

She doesn't deserve to be on top.

I agree

Yes - Fa6am6am_

yes oml...

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10 Emos

Stop making forums about you killing yourself if you want to commit suicide either do it, or talk to a doctor, or to someone in your family

Or get mental help, like you should.

The Newcomers

? Forums

The bane of my existence. Just go on the forums for 5 minutes. The community is extremely toxic and annoying.

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11 Drama

SO true

Oh my gosh this happends to me every time I go to msp chatrooms!

12 People begging for Samantha back when they haven't even played the game for that damn long

Director: CUT!

13 Not able to watch videos with very little vulgar stuff in it

HEY! I want to watch a good YouTube poop and they just block that out

They block out things with names like poop but have a video about kinky boots

That's because its ment for younger kids - Peebz2010

14 Posers


15 People Making Forums About Poo (Uk MSP)

So how did an Orange Sol, with no business anywhere near Yellow Miderim, get so close in the first place? Where were Yellow Miderim attendants? Her Bethanys, Her Jessicas? And where was her Lous? THAT IS STRANGE! She must have slipped past them! Even if she did, wouldn't her Lou cried out in alarm, "WATCH OUT MY PYRAMID! " No, whoever did this was already close to Yellow Miderim, someone her guards would allow to get near her, someone...Like one of YOU! Uh, disregard that last statement! I might have gotten carried awa-

16 People who beg

I hate how they can't take "no" for an answer


"Can I have a gift"
Me- "no I don't have sc"
"you're SO MEAN"
*makes artbook about how mean I am*

17 Supporting the Fact That Being Rich and Famous Is the Only Goal In Life

! YES! I still play the game, I started in 2014 and have been addicted ever since. But, now I'm older, I looked at my character. She wore eyeshadow that cost 300, lips that cost 400, and a dress that cost 1000! What bothers me is that you don't even work a real job to earn money. It is teaching little ones to create a social media account, post a picture of themselves and BAM! You're loaded with money. Maybe, they should make real jobs like making games and letting other moviestars play them!

All of the reasons in this list is TRUE! This one too! It's more about being popular and looking cool than anything else! Like you can earn fame (or whatever it was called)!? OH you have to make friends, give and get autographs, it's all about being rich and popular! WHAT ARE WE EVEN DOING THAT MAKES US 'FAMOUS? '

Yes its just like moviestarplanet is a game where you have to be vip to be famous!

18 Fanbase

If you say anything even CONSTRUCTIVE about MSP, the fans will say:


19 Pixiestar

Pixi trys to be the best out of EVERYONE in msp -_-


20 Ugly Boy Avatars

Yeah,boys get 365 or something while girls get like 897! This game is bad for boys!

21 Weird


22 Unreasonable Bans

You can get ban by random stuff like mistakes in messaging

23 The Censorship System

You can'y even type a single letter into the chat bar. Roblox has a better one than that. Sure the Roblox filter was bad, at at least it lets you type in words like Winx, Roblox, and hot, unlike MSP.

24 Not safe for kids

Pedofiles can easily pretend to be a kid and date to the point that they start hanging out in real life. Kids beware!

25 Lag

We're the only ones left. Pyramidia. They were all leaving. We thought we'd won. There was a bright light and everyone was-why did I do it?

26 Dirty Artbooks

I stopped using my first MSP account because someone made a gross art book about me.

27 Hackers

It's like those dang hackers just won't go away! Plus, there's hackers that wants to take your stuff and they're called "scammers," so don't be fooled if they you if you want VIP because all they want is your stuff, or to delete your account or get you banned!

28 Posting Photos of Yourself

Whenever Someone posts a picture of them or a family member someone HAS to say your fake and stealing a photo from google Would if that is actually that someone! or would if they posted a pic of themself on google that's why you saw it it really pisses me off!

29 Attention seekers

Yes, those one who whine about how their life is terrible. Some of them are like "If you care about me, please gift me :((" Like what?!

30 Getting locked out without a good reason

Literally just today on August 1st, 2018 I got locked out for three days just for speaking out my opinion. Like this just sad and low. It's a free country, and I can speak out my opinion, smh, my user is tumblr cringe on the USA server..

31 Videos

This game allowe's children to look up inappropiate videos. Like people getting beat up. Parents you should moniter childrens play on this site

32 Bullying

I've heard of MSP, but I haven't played it. After reading this list, I will NEVER play it! MSP looks worse than Animal Jam! At least AJ had no emos or hackers, and the report system actually worked!

33 Scammers & Packers

They just ruin the whole game experience.

34 People can hack into your account

People can HACK into your account at any time!
That is just ridiculous!

35 Jealous People

There are many stories about players being jealous from each other and some of those storied turned into huge drama! Especially between teams such as a team jealous from a team that has more members so they go expose the team on camera when the team they're jealous from didn't do anything..

36 Glitches

Sometimes when I go to the chartroom, it freezes and it kicks me out of the game I'm like what the heck?!

37 The Liars

People tell users that don't have vip or newbies that if they give them their passwords then they'll give them vip. ofc you can prevent this but some kids believe those people and lose their account sometimes forever and all their sc/clothes etc are potentially gone.

38 Price of Clothing for Girls

I Don't Understand Why Do Boys Get Like 300 And Girls Get 800? And The Girls Clothes Are All Short Or Stuff Like Dresses,Skirts,Crop Top

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