Top Ten Reasons Why MovieStarPlanet Sucks

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21 Hackers

It's like those dang hackers just won't go away! Plus, there's hackers that wants to take your stuff and they're called "scammers," so don't be fooled if they you if you want VIP because all they want is your stuff, or to delete your account or get you banned!

22 Videos
23 Unreasonable Bans

You can get ban by random stuff like mistakes in messaging

24 Bullying

I've heard of MSP, but I haven't played it. After reading this list, I will NEVER play it! MSP looks worse than Animal Jam! At least AJ had no emos or hackers, and the report system actually worked!

25 Scammers & Packers

They just ruin the whole game experience.

26 People can hack into your account

People can HACK into your account at any time!
That is just ridiculous!

27 Jealous People

There are many stories about players being jealous from each other and some of those storied turned into huge drama! Especially between teams such as a team jealous from a team that has more members so they go expose the team on camera when the team they're jealous from didn't do anything..

28 Pixiestar
29 Not safe for kids

Pedofiles can easily pretend to be a kid and date to the point that they start hanging out in real life. Kids beware!

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