Reasons Why the MPAA Film Rating System is Terrible

The Top Ten

1 They put too much emphasis on nudity and profanity instead of violence

I'd rather have my kid watch a porno than a snuff film. - BeatlesFan1964

2 A movie will get a PG rating if there is a brief sexual innuendo even though there is nothing else that can be considered PG rated

Vegas Vacation is rated PG! It's supposed to be rated PG-13! This movie takes place in Vegas, which has mature stuff in it. There's gambling, alcohol, crude humor, swearing, and a TEEN GIRL impersonating a stripper! There's no nudity, but obviously this movie is not appropriate for kids!

3 The Passion of the Christ got an R rating instead of an NC-17
4 A movie will get an R rating only if the F word is used more than 5 times
5 Movies get NC-17 ratings for sex more than violence


6 Orgazmo was rated NC-17 although there was no on-screen sex
7 They gave Finding Dory a PG rating
8 G.B.F was rated R only because of the gay characters
9 The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame were rated G instead of PG
10 The system is outdated

The Contenders

11 They gave The Boy a PG-13 rating

Just way too frightening to be PG-13. - Croy987

12 They Gave Poltergeist a PG Rating

That film had a guy's face being peeled off.

13 They Gave Jaws a PG Rating
14 Howard the Duck and Sixteen Candles Were Rated PG Even Though Both Films Had Naked Female Breasts In Them
15 They Gave Love Is Strange an R Rating Just Because It Had a Gay Couple
16 They Gave Drag Me to Hell a PG-13 Rating
17 They gave Vegas Vacation a PG rating

Obviously any movie that takes place in Vegas should be rated AT LEAST PG-13.

18 They gave Disney's Hercules a G rating

I'm pretty sure a lot of kids are afraid of the Hydra scene and the scene of the Titans destroying Olympus.

19 Rating Cannibal Holocaust an unrated rating instead of an NC-17 rating
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