Top Ten Reasons Why Mulan 2 Is Bad


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1 The Story

In the first movie, their was action but in the sequel... their love. So let me get this straight, you people made the first movie a action, warmhearted, and memorable movie while the sequel is nothing but love? You just... Why?! - Chaotixhero

They should have just ended the first movie with Mulan's wedding or something. The second movie was terrible. The story was absolutely worthless. - ToukaKirishima

I feel a special connection with this list.

Whatever I love movies with romance

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2 Lack of Action

Just one. ONE ONE ONE ACTION SCENE! One is all you get. That sucks - Chaotixhero

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3 Mulan Herself

She goes to a great character to a more annoying and less enjoyable character - Chaotixhero

She is my favorite she's wise and she is NOT ANNOYING you MULAN HATER

Wait what!?


4 Shain's Death Scene

Sorry if I spelled his name wrong but Disney expected me to believe he fell hundreds of feet and survived. No just no. - Chaotixhero

The scene after that is somewhat dark sort of...

Be quiet I don't care if it is impossible still I love this movie

5 The Ending V 2 Comments
6 The Music

Anything but the music it's horrible. I just want to mute the T.V.. - JaysTop10List

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7 The Characters V 1 Comment
8 It's a Love Story V 1 Comment
9 The Prequel Is Better V 1 Comment
10 Mushu Himself

Ok I like Mushu, but in the second movie is kinda you know... selfish and he is NOT voiced by Eddie Murphy WHAT THE HECK

Pretty much the worst part of the sequel, because he is such a jerk!

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11 The animation

Eh the animation is a little off I love this movie though.

12 Mushu as the Main Villain

I mean that don't lie Mulan again!

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