Top Ten Reasons Why Mulan 2 Is Bad


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1 The Story

Okay... so I actually liked this movie. The first Mulan was, in my opinion, the best animated movie of all time. But this movie was still fun, even though it wasn't AMAZING.

In the first movie, their was action but in the sequel... their love. So let me get this straight, you people made the first movie a action, warmhearted, and memorable movie while the sequel is nothing but love? You just... Why?! - Chaotixhero

They should have just ended the first movie with Mulan's wedding or something. The second movie was terrible. The story was absolutely worthless. - ToukaKirishima

I feel a special connection with this list.

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2 Lack of Action

Just one. ONE ONE ONE ACTION SCENE! One is all you get. That sucks - Chaotixhero

I don't care I love romance

3 Mulan Herself

Ummm, Mulan is awful in the second movie. Sure she's AWESOME in the first one, like the best. Then there's this movie where she's just the worst. She's way too sensitive about arranged marriages which happened ALL the time. The first song that she sings makes my ears BLEED. Just saying the second movie was not even close to being as good as the first movie.

She goes to a great character to a more annoying and less enjoyable character - Chaotixhero

She is my favorite she's wise and she is NOT ANNOYING you MULAN HATER

Wait what!?

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4 Shain's Death Scene

Sorry if I spelled his name wrong but Disney expected me to believe he fell hundreds of feet and survived. No just no. - Chaotixhero

The scene after that is somewhat dark sort of...

Be quiet I don't care if it is impossible still I love this movie

5 The Ending

They didn't save China because of the marriage, that is why.



6 The Music

Anything but the music it's horrible. I just want to mute the T.V.. - JaysTop10List

I like the music

It so weird

7 The Characters

I like this movie take down this list IMMEDIEATLY

8 Mushu Himself

I loved him in the first one, but in this one he's a huge jerk.

Ok I like Mushu, but in the second movie is kinda you know... selfish and he is NOT voiced by Eddie Murphy WHAT THE HECK

Pretty much the worst part of the sequel, because he is such a jerk!

Sigh, rude

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9 It's a Love Story

Its inappropriate for me cause I'm a 2'and grade kid. Its way to romatic for me.I almost threw up in the ending.

I love romance stories

It’s a love story, baby just say yesss

10 The Prequel Is Better

I love both movies

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11 Mushu as the Main Villain

Do not lie yourself again!

I mean that don't lie Mulan again!

I hate when he lie to Mulan and Shain

12 The animation

Eh the animation is a little off I love this movie though.

13 The Lack Of Taste From The Original.

Mulan I brought so much amazement, it's drama, it's comedy, it's songs, they had something that helped this movie go on, Mulan II focuses on romance, the comedy isn't laughable, and I have no words for the songs/song and the villains are just shameful, and the way Shang just dies is stupid, In the first movie, a entire army tried to kill him, and he nearly got destroyed by a avalanche and nearly fell off a high cliff, and in the second, a stupid pirate cut off ropes of a bridge, the remaining ropes are about to tear, and at least 1 or 2 people die at that scene...That is a very obvious cliche right there. Overall. I disgust it, unlike how I loved the first.

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