Top Ten Reasons Why Music from the 1960s-90s Is Better Than Contemporary Hip-Hop & Rap

I Created This List Due To A Discussion With My Friend With Current Day Trash Piles Of Music Compared To Nirvana.P.S Not All Music Today Is Bad But Lets Just Say Trendy Radio Ear Murders.

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1 Most Songs Are Meant to Be Trendy Not Good

It's true to some extent. Every 2010s pop song follows the same boring structure. Same intro: starts with soft singing and clapping, than faster and faster drum beats, an explosion sound, and even the different singers sound very similar, there are no endings, the singing just stops suddenly. I know this list is about rap - Alkadikce

There's some lousy music in every decade but none more so from the 2000s onwards. Much of the music from the 1960s through to the 1990s has decent melodies, unlike a lot of the cr@p so-called melodies you hear these days.

2 No Variety
3 No Deep Meaning In Lyrics
4 The Beatles Are Better Than Justin Bieber

Premise: A legendary band from the 1960s is better than a ridiculously hated teen pop singer from the 2010s.

Conclusion: 1960s music is way better than 2010s music.

? - Alkadikce

Everybody that has ever made an album or song since the beginning of time is better than Beaver - RustyNail

5 Very Bland
6 Low Quality Lyrics
7 Old Music Outperforms Current Music

Nirvana V.S 5SOS. Come On Now We All Now The Answer. - FettiMC

8 Most Rap Nowadays Is Not Real

Do the creator of this list does not listen to Tupac, Biggie and Eminem and N.W.A and Lil Wayne who raps at 90's?

I Do Listen To Tupac(My Third favorite Rapper Of All Time)And Biggie.That Would Fall Under The 90s.Also In The Description I Said Not All New Music Is Bad Just Most Things That Are Radio Friendly Just Don't Match The Quality Of Music Prior To 2002.Although Music Is Not Totally Dead Such As Artists Like Foo Fighters,Kendrick Lamar,Etc Radio Has Some Part Of An Artist Sucess.If It Dosen't Match With The Trends Of Current Day They Will Not Play It - FettiMC

9 Awful Electronic Beats
10 Old Music Did Not Brainwash People Unlike Today's Music

What is brainwashing? Several Michael Jackson fans committed suicide after his death, isn't that brainwashing? Several 70 year old women on forums claim their first love was Paul McCartney. - Alkadikce

The Contenders

11 Better Musicianship
12 Music Had Meaning and Shaped People. Today Music Shapes Styles.
13 Old Music Will Always Be Remembered

It's so strange how we always talk about the 1960s-1990s as old music while many people are still listening to baroque music as well. Which one will be always remembered?

In addition, the 2010s songs that are remembered in 30 years might not be the ones that are today's hits. - Alkadikce

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1. Most Songs Are Meant to Be Trendy Not Good
2. No Variety
3. The Beatles Are Better Than Justin Bieber
1. Most Songs Are Meant to Be Trendy Not Good
2. No Variety
3. The Beatles Are Better Than Justin Bieber
1. Most Songs Are Meant to Be Trendy Not Good
2. Old Music Outperforms Current Music
3. No Deep Meaning In Lyrics


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