Top 10 Reasons Why the Music Artist of the 90s Are Better Than the Artists from Today

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1 The stars of today are immature

I think this list should be named " Ten Reasons Why the Music Artists of Any Other Time Are Better Than the Artists of Today" - llamabaconllama37

They all put visuals pertaining to sexuality.

Like Justin Bieber and Miley Cirus - MaxBravo

They R. It's fact.

2 They use too much autotune

Especially when they don't need. I've listened to Selena Gomez singing "Sick of You" without autotune of backup singers, and it's better without autotune. She uses autotune when she don't need, and billions other singers do ), :

That make Me Sick - MaxBravo

3 They only talk about their rich lives

Weren't the 90s the main decade of rap, which involved people reveng about how cool they were because they had so much money?

This is why I like the beetles more than Miley Cyrus

4 They diss underrated artists

If those unreasonably popular "music artists" nowadays diss underrated artists, then what is their reason? Because if they aren't really giving a reasoned opinion, then they're not supposed to do that because they're already on the more favorable position on the commercial sales of their music.

I just don't think this is true at all - Erucu

5 They are a**holes
6 They think acting like bad people makes fans love them more

All singers want to be bad guys - MaxBravo

7 They're the reason music is dying

To be fair something can't die if it's not alive.

8 They only care about popularity
9 Their music has no meaning

While YOU listen to screaming.

Now I'm waiting on the corner in the back of your mind

It's a lonely place to live, and I got nowhere to hide

Cause you told me that you'd never be afraid of heights again

Nobody ever thought that we could make it this high

You're the only one I'd follow'til the end of time

If we fall, we fall together baby, don't think twice again

-Afraid of Heights, by Billy Talent, 2016. But sure, there are no meaningful songs in this bad ass decade

What about the alternative genre? If you look deep enough into the lyrics, you can find meanings, some of which are meaningful and could make good mottos or precepts! - Wolftail

Especially the pop music genre. All pop is about is love, girlfriend, boyfriend, relationship and so on. - Kiteretsunu

10 They don't care about the fans

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11 The tattoos they have done are awful

I love tattoos that have meaning behind it, but it seems like the new generation is just getting it because, " everyone else is doing it".

This is a major nitpick, OP. "That guy? Oh, his music is pretty great. But his tattoo sucks. Therefore, his music sucks."

Also, /r/lewronggeneration.

12 Their music is less artistic

You are totally right - YanRocky

I would say it lacks originality, and feels like little thought and effort was put into the creation of their music.

What is this supposed to mean? There is no such thing as "high art" or "low art"

In most cases. Maybe they lack experoence, or perhaps the music world is turning into something different. - keyson

13 90s Musicians are Have More Talent

Megadeth vs. one direction
Testament vs. Justin Bieber
Thrash metal rules. - gemcloben

14 Artists of 70s, 80s, and 90s actually play instruments and sing great while musicians of today sing badly to awful music

To be fair, a lot of producers and record labels are telling the artist who can play instruments very well to either get up from the piano or put down the acoustic and instead dance on stage.

That is so true. Especially when the music industry is now selling sex.

Yeah, check out some Gorillaz, Daft Punk, and maybe some M83 and Fox Stevenson, then come tell me how all modern music is crap

15 They spend too much time on Twitter

That's because there was no Twitter back in those days. Not to mention that the Internet was still getting on its baby steps back in the 90s.

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