Reasons Why Music Fans are Annoying

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1 Kids and Teenagers Who Listen to Old Music Claim They Were "Born in the Wrong Generation"

I hate when people tell me to stop listening to music I like. For example I LOVE Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, and One Direction and I like a few of Justin Bieber’s songs. I get BULLIED for liking them. There’s nothing wrong with liking them.

2 They Think They're Better Than Others Because They Listen to Old or Underground Music
3 They Get Upset When Somebody Wears a Band T-Shirt and Doesn't Know Anything About the Band

Honestly! it's a tee - chill

4 They Always Use the Term "Real Music"

This should be an opinion-based phrase. People who use this whine about the media shoving "horrible music" down their throats, yet they shove their own opinions down people's throats with this phrase.

5 Anytime a Rapper Says He/She Doesn't Like 2Pac or The Notorious B.I.G., They Go Crazy
6 Anytime Their Favorite Underground Band or Artist Becomes Mainstream, They Automatically Hate Them and Call Them Sellouts
7 If You Disagree with Them, They'll say "You Don't Know Anything About Music"
8 They'll Hate You If You Like a Genre, Artist or a Band They Hate
9 They Say Things like, "If 2Pac Were Still Alive, Lil Wayne Would Be Working at McDonald's, Right Now"
10 Metal Fans Saying "Rap Is Crap" and Calling It Original

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11 If you don't like the artist they like, they silence you by saying "They're more famous than you so shut up!"

I used to hate Kelly Clarkson (but I don't hate her anymore), and my father would always jump down my throat with this. - allamassal

12 When people start hating you for not liking 80s-90s music

I get bullied for not liking it

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