Top Ten Reasons Why Music Wars Are Annoying

Music are one of those opinions at war at each other and its annoying but why?

The Top Ten

They Compare Apples With Oranges

Yeah! How can faces ever be relevant to music?!

Adele VS Beyoncé is a great example. - DCfnaf

They Put There Opinions As Facts

@PositronWildHawk you are doing the thing you are arguing as most annoying reason. don't be a hypocrite, it just makes you look blindedly pissed off over something as silly as an argument of opinions.

@PositronWildHawk you are a hypocrite -_-

This is very annoying. The fact that Ke$ha has soldmore records than deadmau5 is simply proof that people are idiots. Arguing that Ke$ha is better because of that (which she so isn't) is broadcasting idiocy. - PositronWildhawk

Your pompousness is so shallow I can literally see it through your post. - Swellow

Arrogant Fanbases

Like metal, hate pop!
-the words of an annoying fan. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Forcing People
You Get Jumped On

I say one thing about disliking metal, and people are pouncing on me with anger. I have an opinion, you do too, and if you are going to force your opinion on me then just go away. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

People Judge You
They Both Treat They're Musicians As Gods
Worse than Movie Wars
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