Top Ten Reasons Why Music Wars Are Annoying

Music are one of those opinions at war at each other and its annoying but why?
The Top Ten
1 They Compare Apples With Oranges

Yeah! How can faces ever be relevant to music?!

Adele VS Beyoncé is a great example. - DCfnaf

2 They Put There Opinions As Facts

This is very annoying. The fact that Ke$ha has soldmore records than deadmau5 is simply proof that people are idiots. Arguing that Ke$ha is better because of that (which she so isn't) is broadcasting idiocy.

@PositronWildHawk you are doing the thing you are arguing as most annoying reason. don't be a hypocrite, it just makes you look blindedly pissed off over something as silly as an argument of opinions.

@PositronWildHawk you are a hypocrite -_-

3 Arrogant Fanbases

Like metal, hate pop!
-the words of an annoying fan. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Pointless
5 Forcing People
6 You Get Jumped On

I say one thing about disliking metal, and people are pouncing on me with anger. I have an opinion, you do too, and if you are going to force your opinion on me then just go away. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 People Judge You
8 They Both Treat They're Musicians As Gods
9 Worse than Movie Wars
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