Controversy Corner: Music

SuperHyperman I love music, I mean who doesn't? But what I've found out about music is that it's one of those you have to hate/like that certain musician to be liked or be with the people that "has real taste of music." For example; you have to like every musician from the past and hate every musician of today to be liked or you should like a certain type of rock, electronic type of genre to be liked. I have one thing to say.......... SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!! What ever happened to just having an opinion to express who you are, I see were there getting that alot of untalented musicians gets more attention than the actual real musician should have but it's not that people like them it's because they got blown out of proportion which is the reason why there's crappy musicians, not because there loved but hated, you got no one to blame but yourselves.


I agree with you. When you complain how bad a musician is, it works in their favour and they get more attention. And I don't buy the culture of modern music; if I dare mention something different, anything they aren't used to, I look stupid to them. Be open-minded, people. - PositronWildhawk

I like music! You spin my head right round good one right because I like it a lot :D I hate fancy Nancy right really weird D: well my opinion

BYE!, Morgan proud leader of forestclan! - visitor

I love a lot of music in general. Even my least favorite genres I at least appreciate. - MusicalPony