Top Ten Reasons Why My Chemical Romance Was Right to Break Up

Not saying I'm happy about their breakup, but they do have their reasons and I believe that this was the best option for them since problems were occurring. But I still want them back together.

The Top Ten Reasons Why My Chemical Romance Was Right to Break Up

Gerard Way was getting back into his addictions

Mikey was also getting into severe depression and addictions, he also struggled with staying sober during tours

From the Revenge Era, everyone learned that Gerard with addictions was terrible. Nobody wants that to happen again, at least, the MCRmy doesn't. - The_Violist

The members were growing their own families

Some of them got married and had kids, and they should be there for there children. Like Gerard with getting back into drinking, he said he didn't want to be the alcoholic dad who was never there for Bandit. - The_Violist

Bandit's a girl, and Gerard was an alcoholic a few years before he had Bandit. But he quit the drinking before it could get worse. - The_Violist

The band was beginning to find touring less enjoyable

Ray, Mikey, Gerard, and Frank��" they all began to start disliking all the touring they were doing as a band. But I'm pretty sure it was mostly Gerard, though. - The_Violist

Gerard needed to focus on his writing and illustrations

He needed time to work on his comic book works, too. - The_Violist

Band members started solo projects and new bands

Frank with frnkiero andthe cellabration, Gerard with Hesitant Alien, Ray with... Ray singing... Etc - The_Violist

Gerard said he felt there was no reason for the band to stay together

That says it all. - The_Violist

They kept making sad music

They've always made sad music, but I have no more things to add to this list, so I'll put what emo phase me would think, 'kay? - The_Violist

Ray's afro was too big and it took up too much room

This is ridiculous. Don't blame me though, it's almost 3 AM. I'm gonna wake up to this list like "what the..." - The_Violist

The Light Behind Your Eyes made people cry

Yeah... I love crying to it. - AnonymousChick

This is the weirdest yet most truthful thing I've ever typed in my life. - The_Violist

A different music genre was becoming more popular

This has no affect on this, though. God, 3 AM Cady, what are you going on about? -mentally slaps myself- - The_Violist

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Their music was horrible


Gerard stated that the world didn't need My Chem anymore

As much as I love My Chem this breaks my heart that he thinks that we don't need them because now with everything going on we need them the most

It’s an idea not a band
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