Top 10 Reasons Why "My List" Option Is Awful and Should Be Removed Immediately

On this site there are 4 List Types to choose from while making a list:
Votable lists: Community List, Self-Moderated List
Non-Votable lists: My List, Objective List

"My List" option is a cringeworthy list type that must be removed as soon as possible. I noticed "My List" option in May 2018 but probably it was made available earlier. I've been observing the application of this list type for about 3 months and I can already say that this list type doesn't work. It doesn't make the site better.

The context: there's a stupid daily limit on submission of Community Lists but the parade of unoriginal non-votable "My Lists" is unlimited.
Then wait and see how the content of this site will become better, more diverse and more original (you understand I'm being sarcastic - "My List" format only makes the site content worse).

"My List" option shouldn't exist. Here's why:

The Top Ten

1 There's a Page of the New Remixes - if I wanna see remixes, I can use that page. Why should I see remixes, called "My List", on the Page of the New Lists?

The best part: some of those "My Lists", that are actually remixes, were even featured on the home page...
At the same time, original and creative quality lists don't even show up on the page of the New Lists, so nobody can see these lists were made. Among them were some of my most HQ lists - lists that took me between 50-100 hours to make (each list).
Does this site officially promote mediocre unoriginal content and users?
You understand that I don't know if the management of the site deliberately "wants to promote mediocre content" (perhaps not) but the result of similar practices is bad. - Metal_Treasure

There's a user who always seems to get every list of his featured somehow. It annoys the hell out of me, but I guess you can't expect much from a relatively small community. - floral

Definitely Metal_Treasure's greatest work right here - iliekpiez

WHY the #1 item mysteriously vanished from this list? Now the #1 item is what was item/reason #2 (this item).
The item that vanished was the item with the most comments. The original #1 item was "My List" option isn't a list, it's a remix of an existing list. - Metal_Treasure

This is why I chose not to make my latest list a "My List". - Skullkid755

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2 Several users have already abused "My List" option and have made many "My Lists". Some of these users actually make exclusively "My Lists"

Just shows how this list type works and for what type of users. - Metal_Treasure

This. This is Metal_treasure's greatest list ever - SpectralOwl

3 "My List" option doesn't require originality and creativity

Because it's a remix. Do you wanna me to turn all my remixes (6,700) into "My lists", instead of actually making new lists? I'm pretty sure I can make easier 6,700 "My lists" than 67 new community lists. - Metal_Treasure

4 There's a page for elaborated New Remixes (Notable New Remixes)

"My Lists" are rarely "notable" and most of them can't even be on the page of the Notable New Remixes but my point is that there's no need to keep the list type "My List" - good remixes get featured on the Notable New Remixes page. - Metal_Treasure

5 Some users submitted the same list 3 times as 3 different list types and all 3 got approved: as a Community List, Self-Moderated List, and My List. Most often, that's a multiplication of low quality lists - you make one lame list that counts for 3

I've seen it - some users made one list and submitted it 3 times. They made 10 comments (10 item descriptions, if any) that count for 30 comments. - Metal_Treasure

6 "My List" option encourages lazy users who wouldn't put effort in making actual lists

Heck, some of my remixes contain more info and reasoning than most of the remixes called "My Lists". Several "My Lists" (out of many) had decent item descriptions but it's only because the author wanted to put more effort. However, this doesn't change my impression that "My List" option is a very bad idea in general. Also, new remixes with decent item descriptions get featured on the page of the Notable New Remixes. There's absolutely no reason "My List" option to exist. - Metal_Treasure

7 Since the introduction of "My List" option in 2018, numerous boring and unoriginal "My Lists" have flooded the site

Whatever happened to remixing lists. - SpectralOwl

Because "My Lists" are easier to make than actual lists. - Metal_Treasure

8 "My List" option is boring and doesn't provide entertainment for the other users because nobody can vote, make comments and remixes
9 "My Lists" make this site look really dull and bad
10 The hidden message of "My List" option is actually very unfriendly

Because people can't vote, make comments and remixes, the hidden message I get from "My Lists" and their authors is, "I want you to know my opinion but I don't wanna know yours." - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 It's the the default option when you click Add List

Well it's now self-moderated list - DrayTopTens

This is very annoying because you could make a very good list for the community but since the default option is "My List" you could forget to change it and the end result is all that hard work was pretty much for nothing and it ends up being a waste, sure you can ask admin to change it but there are 2 problems with this 1. You'll never know how long untill the admin will respond, and 2, it requires you to have 2 list submissions all of that could be avoided if the default option was Community list. - christangrant

12 It’s another reason why TheTopTens is going downhill

Look I know there’s multiple reasons why this website is going downhill. But “My List” is just another reason because it’s easy to abuse it and then be completely unoriginal or not creative. Heck even some of my remixes have more effort than these lists! - Randomator

13 Some lists that should be open to everyone are made into My Lists for no reason

I didn't add this item but I guess it's true.
I myself accidentally submitted one or two "My Lists" that were supposed to be community lists. The reason was another annoying feature - "My List" was/is the default list type and I just forgot to choose the correct option: community list. - Metal_Treasure

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1. There's a Page of the New Remixes - if I wanna see remixes, I can use that page. Why should I see remixes, called "My List", on the Page of the New Lists?
2. There's a page for elaborated New Remixes (Notable New Remixes)
3. Several users have already abused "My List" option and have made many "My Lists". Some of these users actually make exclusively "My Lists"


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