Top 10 Reasons Why My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Is Better Than Adventure Time

Some people think Adventure Time is better than MLP. I strongly disagree. These are reasons why MLP is better than Adventure Time.

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1 MLP Has Better Characters

I hate MLP Characters. So stereotypical whilst Adventure Time has amazing characters and lots of adventure. (And no stupid Gals as Protagonists.)

Adventure time characters are better!

I hate most of the Adventure Time characters.

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2 Better Plot

Adventure Time has a much better and mysterious plot.

The Adventure Time plot is overrated.

Stop liking this list.; Adventure time has better plot;
MLP has bad plot. That's it. - SwampertBABY

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3 MLP is Funnier

Mlp is not funny at all! It is very boring

4 MLP Has Better Songs

Adventure Time songs are often forgettable or just plain annoying.

5 Better Animation

Nope. Adventure Time makes MLP Animation look like SH! T!

Adventure Time Animation is so great while MLP Animation is so plain and dull.

6 MLP Has Better Fanworks

So, is the guy who created this list thinks that pony porn is better than adventure time art? L O L

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7 Better Villains

LOL. Them villains get defeated by a rainbow. No ridiculous magic crystals or rainbows can easily defeat Adventure Time villains.

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8 MLP Has More Good Episodes
9 MLP is Heatwarming
10 MLP Episodes Take Longer to Make

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11 MLP is Less Overrated

The only reason I agree with.Both shows are overrated but adventure time,green it is very, very overrated (I'm not saying it's bad).I think it's decent but there some very disappointing things. - Addsmumba

12 Rainbow Dash is Better Than Finn
13 MLP Isn't Gross
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