Top 10 Reasons Why My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Is Better Than Adventure Time

Some people think Adventure Time is better than MLP. I strongly disagree. These are reasons why MLP is better than Adventure Time.

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1 MLP Has Better Characters

I hate MLP Characters. So stereotypical whilst Adventure Time has amazing characters and lots of adventure. (And no stupid Gals as Protagonists.)

Who even made this list!?

Adventure time characters are better!

I hate MLP. TOO MUCH GIRY. - SwampertBABY

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2 Better Plot

Adventure Time has a much better and mysterious plot.

MLP: FiM nowadays has mostly just devolved into endless filler episodes to the point where long stretches go by, I lost interest in the show after season 5, and two whole seasons have passed to the point where even though there were new characters introduced (some of which shouldn't had been reformed villains) it still feels like nothing really actually happened in the slightest.

The Adventure Time plot is overrated.

Stop liking this list.; Adventure time has better plot;
MLP has bad plot. That's it. - SwampertBABY

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3 MLP is Funnier

Mlp is not funny at all! It is very boring


4 MLP Has Better Songs

Adventure Time songs are often forgettable or just plain annoying.

5 Better Animation

Nope. Adventure Time makes MLP Animation look like SH! T!

Adventure Time Animation is so great while MLP Animation is so plain and dull.

6 MLP Has Better Fanworks

You mean pony porn? Ew, dude.

So, is the guy who created this list thinks that pony porn is better than adventure time art? L O L

7 Better Villains

LOL. Them villains get defeated by a rainbow. No ridiculous magic crystals or rainbows can easily defeat Adventure Time villains.

I doubt that MLPFIM sucks

8 MLP Has More Good Episodes
9 MLP is Less Overrated

The only reason I agree with.Both shows are overrated but adventure time,green it is very, very overrated (I'm not saying it's bad).I think it's decent but there some very disappointing things. - Addsmumba

10 MLP is Heatwarming

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11 MLP Episodes Take Longer to Make
12 Rainbow Dash is Better Than Finn
13 MLP Isn't Gross
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