Reasons Why My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is Better Than Kung Fu Panda

I do like Kung Fu Panda but I think My Little Pony is better and here are my reasons.

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1 My Little Pony has better characters

Most of the KFP characters have the same personality but I have 6 personalities to choose from the 6 ponies in MLP. I can relate much to Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash - Neonco31

2 Better animation

KFP's animation is stellar compared to mlp.

3 Nice writing and good plots
4 MLP is for both genders

Practically all shows are for both genders! I watch Monster High! Oh umm I meant to say it in my head. - Ultron123

Before you say bronies are dumbasses, I got one thing to say, I LOVE Power Puff Girls too! Even though it's for girls and I'm a boy! Old days man...

KFP is already obvious but MLP fits the genders out in good shape - Neonco31

No it’s not it’s targeted for girls but even adults like it please END MY SUFFERING AND END IT

5 Twilight is smart

Nah, she is a bookworm - Neonco31

No she’s not she’s gay

6 Bronies have to suffer while KFP fans don't need to

It's better to suffer than to boast and snob against people, I can pretty much relate this to the bronies - Neonco31

I can agree with that, seriously, bronies get bullied by a lot of people for liking a show with female protaganists. And the worse part is that some people hate bronies just because they like a feminine show, which is not even a bad thing. The Powerpuff Girls has a female lead, but no one makes fun of the guys that like them(which is good they are not being mae fun of), but they do to MLP(which is really bad for people to make fun of others), which is pretty unfair, even though I dislike MLP and like PPG. I would understand the hate if it was more reasonable, like the fandom bullying people for not liking it, but just for enjoying a show? I even heard this show got people out of depression, which is very good, if they love something that got them out of depression, they should not be hated for that.

7 It is interesting

I get to think and explore areas outside of the mystical place of Equestria, KFP is much based in China which I'm already used with. - Neonco31

8 Good morals
9 Better villains
10 Awesome songs

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11 Better stories
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