Top 10 Reasons Why My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is Better Than the Loud House


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1 MLP: FiM has much more powerful and more emotional moments

Can you please do why Regular Show is better than The Loud House next?

True. TLH fails miserably at being heartwarming. - AinezoChan

2 MLP: FiM is about friendship most of the time, Loud House is about fighting, pooping, whining, and other dumb stuff

The characters in FiM are remorseful for their mistakes, while in TLH they just take pride in their mistakes. - AinezoChan

Please do Pokémon is better than The Loud House. - AinezoChan

3 The ponies have unique designs

And there are also humans and other creatures. - AinezoChan

4 The ponies come in all colors and sizes

Whereas The Loud House is dull and boring. - AinezoChan

5 MLP is less gross

At least it doesn't have adult humor. - AinezoChan

6 MLP is actually funny

Big Mac crossdressing is beyter than Luan's cheesy joked. - AinezoChan

7 MLP has a great plot and writing

Meanwhile, Loud House is about a dysfunctional family that involves school and other overused crap. - TheLoudHouseSucks

It has continuity. - AinezoChan

8 Most MLP characters are nicer

And are not bossy, hypocritical and selfish. - AinezoChan

9 MLP actually has villains

Some villains rock. - AinezoChan

10 MLP is about mythical creatures while Loud House is about boring, same old humans...

True! I'd rather watch FiM over that overrated Nicktoon. - AinezoChan

The Contenders

11 The main character doesn't get tortured for stupid reasons

No one has ever tortured Twilight for stupid reasons. Lincoln is tortured 24/7. - AinezoChan

12 There's no adult humor on FiM
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