Top Ten Reasons Why My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Is the Worst Cartoon Ever


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1 The plot is so boring.

Girl, you have a lot to learn about Bro Ship.

A. Wrong. I am not sexist. It is the truth and you know it.
B. So Wrong. You should get a new channel like Disney because you obviously have no idea what an excellent show is.
C. Correct, but not like you do. You girls try to rip each other to pieces. Do not deny it because I saw it all.
D. Correct. One point to you.
E. Wrong. We do not gossip, we talk or chat. It is you girls who do not know when to shut up (No offense.)
F. Wrong. I said we Talk and Chat. We do not have time for silly Gossip.
All Cartoon Characters can be Athletes because they are Fictional.
You sound very Lazy if you think that "Flying" is even considered a Sport. (More like Excuse for an Easier life.)
If they did not have the Wings, Flutter Shy would not have been able to do that hurricane nor would Rainbow would be able to do her famous Rainboom and you know it.
We (The Coolest Dudes) do not need Wings to do Real Sport or ...more

You Bronies have got to check this list out! There are so many errors you guys are not aware of for your so called "awesome" show you brainwashed idiots! I definitely agree with this entire list. Thanks for pointing everything out of this messed up show.

Yes, I agree with this. If there was one sentence explaining most of the shows episodes its: One or all of the Mane 6 make a mistake, use magic to fix it and learn nothing or the same thing over and over again. BORING so lame. The plot needs seeious explaining and the Royal Family, well there's none except 2 bloody princesses that hardly do anything. Don't they have parents or ancestors or anything?! Oh wait, they probably died doing something supposedly bad that was against freindship or died because there was too much. I don't blame them, I probably would have too.

Not only boring but a waste of time. You better off watching a bad Disney sequel at least it's more entertaining than MLP.

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2 Fluttershy is annoying.

If it's anyone who's annoying, it's PINKIE.

Yes I agree, pinkie annoys me a lot, but in the show even though she is still my favorite pony, I do find myself being annoyed at not her character, but what the creators have done to her. What happened to cute sweet fluttershy? Now all we have is an assertive jerk.

Flutter Shy is so Lame and proves to have Multiple Personality Disorder. One minute she is Innocent and Shy, the next she is Evil and Aggressive/Assertive.

Applejack almost let a young yak drown and didn't care about it. Funnily enough Fluttershy is one of the only characters I still like nowadays. - SailorSedna

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3 Most of the characters are bland.

I like the series myself, but I do have to agree. It is not so much that it has bland characters or boring plots, but it is the same anyway, so more repetitive than anything else. However, it gets much better in season five, with the utopia society in the cutie map, drama between fluttershy and discord, and especially in slice of life. Hilarious, but with a bit of darkness. And while non brownies may disagree, it does teach kids a bit more about life than what you would think. After all, how is this the worst compared to sponge bob, uncle grandpa, Clarence, ugh I could go on. I know I liked mostly only starwars and other not so girlish this as a kid, but watching the series now, I still find it entertaining none the less.

Looks like Princess Twilight Sparkle's Super Wings will be Propelling her into the Sky while her Lame Friends are still the same with very Poor Character Development. (Especially Pinkie Pie)

Spitfire is far the only interesting character because she is funny and very strict and cool, the rest of the characters are not funny, or interesting.

Season five sucked, and that was when the show started to go downhill. Nowadays the only characters I still kinda find decent are Fluttershy and Pinkie. - SailorSedna

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4 Discord is the worst villain ever.

NO! Discord is a character as old as celestial and Luna, and has a more creative purpose than most other villan's goals of taking over the world. He could easily defeat celestia in any battle, and was only defeated by the elements because of his recklessness. Take Sombra, he wanted complete power. Luna, everlasting darkness. (Stupid by the way, how would good grow with no sun? She would starve everyone, making it pointless to rule over the land.) Discord only wanted chaos because that was his species, and he was much smarter than other villains. He could still take care of ponies with the power to summon anything he wanted, while having endless happiness. His one downfall was that he was a bit reckless like I said before, and that he had a soft spot for fluttershy. But all that aside, he had the brains and potential to become a great villian, and had many entertaining episodes. That isn't even all, as he did manage to split up the mane 6, something the girls in rainbow rocks weren't ...more

Nah, Discord ain't that bad. He is cool villain until he sadly too got brainwashed by them ponies twice.

I disagree with this ENTIRE list.

Plus he looks like a person with mental retardation drew him. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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5 The humor is weak.

Yes I agree in previous seasons, however in slice of life I nearly died from laughter. With the whole Octavia vinyl scene, the gummy talk about life, and secret agent sweetiedrops or whatever, and I like how the humor wasn't around the mane 6's bland problems, but those of the background ponies. Oh and don't forget, hilarious sister hoed between Luna and celestial in that episode also. Even so, if the show is not as funny, it is interesting, creative, and addictive, something we should all be sable to enjoy.

WHAT IS WITH THE WEAK-HUMORED SHOW! All they talk about is friendship. SERIOUSLY! It seems so educational, honestly, it belongs on the trash channel pbs kids. If you watch mlp I suggest you stop and watch other BETTER shows than that like pokemon, winx club, much more! So don't waste your time watching this garbage.

It is not funny when only that Retarded Pink Female Pony (Failed attempt) tries to make this lame excuse of a Show funny. If you want real rich Humour. Watch Looney Tunes.

I decided to test myself by watching a video about the "funniest" moments or something. I didn't even grin ONCE. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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6 The writing is bad.

The English is terrible. Who says "every pony"? Well now bronies do and get so used to that so they accidentally write it on a test and then fail. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

The Script Writing makes the Ponies do Unthinkable Things that are all Resolved In The End.

I have never seen a script writing this bad for a child's cartoon.

The writing sucks now, giving out terrible messages saying that stealing things is OK, you can stalk/kiss a girlfriend without consent and she'll be fine as long as you do something that'll make her happy (sugarcoating the idea of an abusive relationship), it's OK to lie about liking something if you were trying to spare someone else's feelings, and the two worst; it's OK not to turn to help and commit self-harm if you have a problem and you can commit crimes and be as bad as like, say, Hitler, Stalin, Mark David Chapman, Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, and you can be forgiven and get off scott free no matter what.

This show could nowadays (especially since the new writing/production team takeover in season 5) be the most poorly written family/kids' show out there nowadays; most of the morals/messages/"life lessons" are toxic and don't make any sense, the villains cannot be taken seriously anymore considering how fast they go down, get defeated, and/or get forced, rushed, ...more

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7 Trixie is terrible.

Lame attempt of a villain.

Let's judge an entire series based on one minor character! Yay logic!

What is Trixie meant to be... A Witch or a Wizard?

I hope their is a magic trick where an Anvil drops on her head. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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8 Princess Luna is terrible.

Six words as to why sadly she's not so good anymore (used to like her as a favorite but she's one of my least favorites): Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

Princess Luna has a pretty good backstory and leaves you wanting more of her, even if her plan for eternal darkness wasn't thought through all the way. Besides, I think it is celestia who is worse, Luna was just jealous because celestial was more important, because she had his in her shadow for a long time. Besides, who in the right mind would banish their own sibling to a place for a thousand years?

Princess Luna is a terrible character and really badly constructed, just like the rest of the show the character can be considered cancer.

Luna is pretty annoying!

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9 The show isn't fun.

Your argument is Invalid. Children should play in the park and learn how to interact with each other, not watch ugly dull ponies do bad things to each other.

Bronies are so defendant with this show. This is a sign of human stupidity!

The show would be 100000000000000000000% better if the silly girl ponies would be cool dude ponies. Admit it.

What Coffeemilkshakes said, it makes me wonder how the Mane Six are even still friends after all this time... - SailorSedna

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10 The show isn't good.

Them stupid Brainwashed Bronies are so Obsessed over their Little Pony Worship that they do not even have the time to look at all the Mistakes that this poor excuse of a "Show" has.

Not the best show ever you brainwashed idiots!

It's just mediocre, but overrated.

The show's alright, but a lot of the fans overhyped it, it's got a lot of flaws and is currently going through seasonal rot.

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11 Twilight Sparkle is an annoying know it all who should never have become a Princess.

Twilight used to be good to me, but come seasons 6, 7 and the film and now she's just an unlikable, boring, one dimensional jerk with anger issues, and in the film, manipulated her friends to achieve her own plan (yeah, I KNOW the whole "desperate times" thing and "we say things we don't mean to when we're angry" but that's no excuse, it was out of character and ruined her character).

Yeah twilight so annoying

Totally agree.

I know she is, I liked her until Series 3/4

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12 It's only for little girls

My Little Pony is so bad that even little girls hate My Little Pony.

This Show and Bronies is a very clear sign of Human Stupidity and you know it.

Only 90% of the Little Girls like the Toys. They hate Poor Cheap Animated Atrocities like My Little Pony.

It's rated T.V.-Y, so it's clearly for little kids guys

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13 Rainbow Dash is overrated.

If someone says that they hate her, then her fans will cyber bully you and you can never escape them, u want to be with other haters that agree with me. I hate rainbow dash, worst pony ever and worst character ever. She is making people evil, us haters need to stop this, rainbow dash is evil. If only there was a cartoon more people will like with no evil hypnotizing characters, I would be so happy and if rainbow dash loses popularity then people will be good again, and I want this to happen mostly for no more cyber bullying. Who is with me?

She is extremely overrated! I despise her with a burning passion! - nintendofan126

She is a failed attempt of Cool.

She needs a kick from ass! Stupid rainbow crash! - Sugarcubecorner

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14 Rainbow Dash is a bad influence

That is no Excuse to be Rude and Disrespectful. If she was Real, she would be Beaten and Clobbered by now.

Rainbow Dash is a Tom Boy (Though even Dudes do not treat each other like she does.)

Rainbow Dash just brags and is careless. SHE DOESN'T EVEN FOLLOW HER ELEMENT!


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15 Hasbro not hiring Nowacking to voice Vinyl Scratch (DJ Pon-3)

There's a lot of DJ's out there.

As much as I love Nowacking and her voicing of Vinyl, I doubt she'd want to do it as a career, plus I've heard she hates the brony fandom.

Neither Shrillex did not like girly shows.

Well yes

16 Same lesson over and over

Children learn by interacting with each other and playing in the park, not watching ugly ponies do terrible things that should be banned.

They learn the SAME lesson OVER and OVER, and in the next episode they act the same ponies that do it the wrong way, AGAIN

Not really, sometimes it is learning to accept yourself, sometimes it is learning quality over quantity, and sometimes it is learning to be kind other people. Almost every episode has something different to offer.

Also, most of the "life lessons" the show has to tell are just preschool-kindergarten level.

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17 King Sombra is a lame villain

All the Villains are Lame if they easily get defeated by an Atrocious Rainbow and Crystals.

Why yes, yes he is.

Don't agree

18 The Cutie Mark

I am not done yet talking. (I am the same commenter who talked about Mark).

Quarter Marks were done by horsemen by using hair spray and some paper with holes in different shapes.
Second was the Branding. It was used by the blacksmiths which it is use to put animals or objects with some hot mark. It is also used as a torturing device for blacksmiths (or anyone else who has it). Consider this, always take care of your stuff people because a Brand just disappear without a trace and invisibly moves without noticing.

Imagine yourself as a Mark yourself. You act nothing until some horse just controls their powers by you.

Even Mark got tormented by the insults so hard that he never watch this show again.

What Was Once An Awesome Symbol, Has Manifested Into a Cutie Mark That Corrupts Ponies.

I hate the way the Creators Demonize Cutie Marks.


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19 Magical girl anime

Rips Off Sailor Moon.

The Big Eyes And The Small Bodies.

Cory In The House is million times better than this anime.

That cory in the house one killed me

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20 The voice acting is traditionally annoying

The Main 6 Voices Are Awful And They Sound Stereotypical.

Rainbow Dash sounds like she's mimicking, Rarity sounds British and PINKIE PIE sounds like a helium.

Now I can able to fuel their screams to Monsters Inc.

Sound editor: Hold my beer.

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21 Terrible animation

What I expected in a Good Cartoon:

1. Good/ Rich Animation

2. Colorful

3. Bright

4. Good Quality (Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 and 2003)

What I Got:

1. Poor/Cheap Animation

2. Dull

3. Pale/Faded/Dull Colors (Like Rainbow Dash's Yellow Streak)

4. Bad Quality

The animation looks so cheap and horrible.

What I Expect in a Child's Cartoon: (Like "Looney Tunes" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" 1987/2003)

1. Rich Animation by Experts

2. Colourful

3. Bright

4. Wonderful Background

5. Good Quality

What I Got:

1. Cheap Animation by Amateurs (A Baby can do better then that.)

2. Bland (Possibly the most Bland Child's Cartoon that I ever saw.)

3. So Dull (Especially Rainbow Dash's Yellow Streak)

4. Lame Terrible Background

5. Poor Quality

The colors of their Rainbow is so Wrong. A Rainbow does not consist of:

1. Hot Pink

2. Peach (Pale) Orange

3. Pale Cream Yellow (Should be Bright Yellow)

4. Turquoise (Wait, where is Green? )

5. Purple (Yeah, but not Really Dark Purple.)

6. White? Where is Green and Indigo?!

Expectation for good shows:
- Outstanding Movements
-Bright Colors( like Hanna-Barbara and Ruby-Spears )
-Good Quality( like WB's Looney Tunes or MGM's Tom and Jerry)
-Great Storylines (like Spongebob or Rugrats)
-Great Voiceovers(like Tom Kenny or Mel Blancs)
-Wonderful moments (like Disney movies)
-Backgrounds (like Beatle's Yellow Submarine)

What modern cartoonists have:
-Cheap animations (like Breadwinners or Paddy the Pelican)
-Dull colors (like TTG)
-Too Bright Qualities
-Bland Plots
-Terrible Voiceovers (along with shrieks and screams that may bleed your eardrums)
-Chunky Backgrounds (like Tom and Jerry 2014 which is done in After Effects)

Results for great cartoons:
That is the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen!

Results for this:

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22 Bad influence to children

The messages in this show are awful! Whining will always get you your way? Be a complete jerk to your friends? Cheat in a competition? Awful messages!

Children should be playing in the park and learning to interact with each other, not watch Ugly Ponies do Bad Things.

Yelling and beating up monsters/animals doesn't solve your problems. Maybe that explains the fights that break put in elementary schools between girls...

I thought the show was all about friendship but it's not and this show teaches kids bad lessons like best night ever super sbeedy cider sqeeze 6000 dog and pony show so kids shouldn't be watching MLP TIM they should be watching veggietales now that show teaches real friendship

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23 Never ending gossiping

If the Setting was in Ancient China (Mulan), then they would only be able to speak when spoken to. Not endlessly talking.

The setting should be in Saudi Arabia. Then these annoying female talking horses would have limited interactions.

Blah Blah Blah, This. Blah Blah Blah That... Shut Up already. No one cares about your Fake Problems.

I can't get a single silence out of those wispering horses.
Take them to China!
-The President 2016

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24 The show is racist

They Discriminate each other based on their Pony Race, not of their Abilities... (Like in Hurricane Flutter Shy)

Discrimination against Dragons (Dragon Quest), Mules (Hurricane Flutter Shy) and other Mystical Creatures.

Twilight in the 2017 MLP movie. She was entirely racist/mistrusting/disliking of all the non-pony folk in there, the only one she seemingly trusted there was Tempest Shadow (when there was no reason to as Tempest was nothing but horrible to her and her friends), and Tempest sucks big time, a pathetic Starlight Glimmer 2.0! - SailorSedna

There's a racist message in rainbow (doesn't) rocks. So those three girls they are the whites and the other people are the blacks and them putting a spell on them is a refrence to slavery because they do what the girls tell them. Go die in a fire doozlings you're nothing but a ripoff of the trix.

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25 The fans cyber-bully you if you don't like the show

Sadly, this actually happens but not all the fans do this but most of them do, and honestly they should stop doing this.

I suppose it's true. But it's still cool. SO DON'T PLAY GAMES

This isn't the show's fault.

They do, it happens. Sadly rabid fanbases can ruin enjoyment of a show.

And ThePinkieMaster, sorry, but it's true, and it hurts in this case.

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26 No fun or games

A Child's Show Should Have Fun And Games.

Pinkie is fun

27 It's for little kids

That doesn't necessarily mean the show's bad, it depends on how well it's made, and MLP, (the later seasons mostly when I say this) is NOT made well... - SailorSedna

28 Too many crossovers with other shows and video games
29 Rarity is whiny

Why Rarity is the Best Pony. She Has/Is/Can:

1. 3 Diamonds Cutie Mark
2. Perfect
3. No Pink Colour (HALLELUJAH)
4. Blue Eyes
5. Purple Curly Hair
6. The Best Unicorn Pony
7. Find Jewels
8. Make Great Clothes.
9. Posh

Ponies Who Are The Worst And Most Retarded:

Apple Jack is a Sexist Tramp
Pinkie Pie is Stupid And Retarded
Flutter Shy has Manic Rage

She is one of the worst characters I have ever seen on television! She never shuts up! If she's the element of generosity, why is she never generous? I have never seen her do anything generous at all.

Well each character is supposed to have at least one main problem (Rarity 's is being to damn whiny, Applejack's is she's to stubborn, Rainbow Dash's is she dives into things without thinking first, Fluttershy usually doesn't Speak her mind, Pinkie is a partyholic & Twilight was (and still somewhat is) obsessed with her books.

Telling someone to die because they don't like your favorite pony makes you look very immature, not to mention stuff like that is illegal.

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30 Their ultimate weapon is a rainbow

Real Rainbow Colours:
1. Red
2. Bright Orange
3. Bright Yellow
4. Green
5. Sky Blue
6. Indigo
7. Violet Purple

Rainbow Ponies Atrocity
1. Magenta (Where is Red? )
2. Pale Orange (Cheap)
3. Pale Yellow (More White)
4. (Where is Green? )
5. Turquoise (What? )
6. White (Where is Indigo? )
7. Dark Purple (Huh? )

None of the Rainbow colours are Right. Go back to Nursery and learn your Rainbow Colours Animating Amateurs.

Has anyone else noticed that the Rainbow is Wrong:

Pink (Red)
Orange (At least they got 2 Colours right.)
Pale Yellow (Bright Yellow)
Blue (Where is Green? )
Dark Purple (Royal Purple)
White (Where is Indigo? )

White and Pink is Not a Rainbow Colour.

A rainbow actually means that there are more than 2 colours mixed together, no matter what colour they are. I could make a g-major one if I wanted.


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31 The show is sexist

Well, in his world most (if not all) ponies or people held in high regards are the Females, which seem to get all of the cool powers and fame. Meanwhile the Males in their world don't, in the most part. So, I wouldn't blame him

I can agree that the show is sexist. I did hear Faust is a feminist, and you all know how today's feminists are. That's also why there's a lack of male characters in the show. There's mostly female characters.

If this Show was not so Sexist, then Button Mash would be part of the Cutie Mark Crusaders as he does not have a Cutie Mark.


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32 The animation

A Cheaply Made, Poorly Animated, Overrated Commercial. (From Animated Atrocity My Little Pony)

They use Flash? All this time I thought that My Little Pony was Cel Animation...

My Little Pony Is Created By Some Sort Of Cheap Flash Animation Program.

Wasn't This Item Already On The List?

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33 3 "Pink" Rainbow Ponies

I think that you are talking about Rainbow Dash (Eyes), Pinkie Pie (Body), Flutter Shy (Hair) and Twilight Sparkle. I hate them too.

Since when does a Rainbow consist of the worst colour Pink?

Rainbow is not
1. Bright Pink (Missing Red)
2. Pale Orange
3. Bland Yellow
4. Missing Green
5. Turquoise (Where is Sky Blue? )
6. Dark Purple
7. White (Missing Indigo)

A Rainbow is
1. Red
2. Orange
3. Bright Yellow
4. Green
5. Sky Blue
6. Indigo
7. Purple

Go back to Kindergarten and learn your colours, You Pony Amateurs.

Well, I guess MLP must have been color blind because there are something wrong with these colors:

Rainbow in real life:


What rainbows look like in the show:

•Magneta (Tell me in this world why is there pink in rainbow colors?)
•Where in the heck is green?
•Dark Purple (enough said)
•White (why? Why is white in this color? Why!?)

That's it. Go home rainbow, you're drunk.

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34 Extremely girly

How is getting your Buttocks kicked by Pink Ponies with Magical Crystals and a (Poorly Animated) Rainbow not Girly?

They wear make up and gossip each other and too much pink so it is girly like barbie.

They do not even go to the Toilet or Poop.

They had action scenes.

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35 Extremely lame villains

Discord: I love Chaos and I am the most Powerful being in the world.
Ponies: We will defeat you.
Discord: How? I am 10000% more Powerful then you will ever be. What are you going to do? Colour me with Rainbows, Crystals, Hearts, Glitter and your Power of Friendship.
Ponies: Correct. That is how Girlish we are. PINK GIRLISH RAINBOW POWER!
Discord: WHAT?
Me: (Face Palms and LOL)

No matter how Dangerous or how Tough they look (Like Tirek), they will Always be Beaten an Ugly Animated Rainbow and Magic Crystals.

36 Mental break downs

Why Would A Wonderful Imaginary World Of Ponies Have Enough Problems To Make A Pony Go Full Psycho in The First Place? Especially A T.V. show That Targets The Minds Of The Innocent (Some). Explain Please.

Whenever one pony faces a little problem, instead of solving it, they Shriek, Scream or have Mental Breakdowns.

How are all these Mental Breakdowns acceptable in a Child's Cartoon?

Friendship: I hope these horses won't be crazy for today.

Lesson Zero: Hold my beer

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37 It has stupid ponies

And the Nominee Award "Number 1 Worst Pony Retard" goes to Pinkie Pie, with Flutter Shy in Second Place and Apple Jack in Third Place.

Apple Jack is a Brainless Dope who relies on her muscles and acts like a Dude. Stupid beyond Compare.

I think that Apple Bloom is the most Retarded.

Fluttershy, Big Mactintosh, Derpy Hooves and Silver Spoon are!

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38 Evil ponies

There is at least 1 Pony in every episode who is either a Pure Jerk or Pure Evil (Even the Main 6 or the Cutie Mark Crusaders).

39 Over exaggerated facial expressions

They should not have that much facial expressions due to the Ponies limited anatomy. Especially the face.

Facial Expressions are good but not when they are Exaggerated. It makes the Ponies look strange.

I Dislike How Season 4 And 5 Started To Over Due The Ponies Facial Expressions.

Like Spoiled Rich (Diamond Tiara's Mother) And Ms. Harsh Winny.

1. Pinkie Apple Pie (That Smile)
2. Pinkie Pie (That I Challenge You To A Goof Down Expression)
3. Simple Ways (Pinkie Balloon Face)
4. Filli Vanilli (Flutter Shy And Pinkie Pie)
5. Trade Ya (Pinkie Clings On To Twilight. Calm Down, There Are No Mario Boos In Pony World.)
6. Inspiration Manifestation (Possessed Rarity And Pinkie Shock.)
7. Party Pooped (Pinkie Hysterical)
8. Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep?

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40 It's bad for children

Crazy Solutions That Children Will Pick Up On.

Not really usually it actually teaches people good life skills (yes it does have some crazy solutions but they still work)


You DO know kids will forget everything besides the episodes they watch, which means they won't care about the "life lessons"?

Plus, you need to learn from your mistakes in reality, not from a kids show.

41 It might be good if people weren't so damn protective of it
42 Lunar republic isn't canon
43 The Bronies and Pegasisters

Bash the original even though they actually looked like ponies and no they are not cuter, its more what have they done to My Little Pony. Bronies would've been laughed at if they said they liked My Little Pony in the 1980s or 1990s, not made friends and Pegasisters well most of them would've grown up with any of the past generations.

Pegasisters are nowhere near as bad as bronies, I actually have a best friend who's one (and she's not a rabid fan either). Plus they're more sane than bronies tend to be (and bronies need to realize if it wasn't for G1, which I now say is superior compared especially to modern FiM, their precious favorite show wouldn't exist).

They only care for mlp and go mad if someones says the bad things. always wanting to change others opinions
Bronies: we love mlp! whoever says no to mlp will be vanished by a rainbow of magic!
me: what?
Bronies: *do magic*
Me: *not vanishing* so stupid...

44 Wysteria is absent
45 Most of the characters went from likable to unlikable
46 Starlight Glimmer is Annoying, Steals the Spotlight from the Other Main Characters, Never Learns, is a Mary Sue and should NEVER have been reformed.

She really is THAT bad, I'm amazed that she has a ton of fans. - SailorSedna

47 Magic Of Friendship

Friendship isn't magic, it doesn't solve everything at all, the show is just using it to sugarcoat real issues in the real world and paint a fake picture of how it works, and it's now to the point where it's like how Barney would teach "Magic solves everything", but to quote Angel_Meiru from IMDB, a lot of two to possibly eight year olds cannot tell fantasy from reality, and might think their parents, siblings or relatives can use friendship to solve everything, yet become confused and upset when they CANNOT use friendship to stop a bully and get beaten up, and think they are weird and useless. - SailorSedna

If that so-called "Friendship" became personified (without any comical foils), that would be interesting if it became a spirit like it's more of God Almighty type. Sadly, this kind of magic was more of a Mac Guffin type.


48 It panders to Bronies
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1. The plot is so boring.
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