Top Ten Reasons Why My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Is the Worst Cartoon Ever


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21 The fans cyber-bully you if you don't like the show

Sadly, this actually happens but not all the fans do this but most of them do, and honestly they should stop doing this.

I suppose it's true. But it's still cool. SO DON'T PLAY GAMES

This isn't the show's fault.

When I said I like the old MLP better, they started attacking me saying the new one is "cooler" and it's "less girly". I grew up with the old MLP, okay? Geez...

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22 No fun or games

A Child's Show Should Have Fun And Games.

Pinkie is fun

23 Terrible animation

What I expected in a Good Cartoon:

1. Good/ Rich Animation

2. Colorful

3. Bright

4. Good Quality (Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 and 2003)

What I Got:

1. Poor/Cheap Animation

2. Dull

3. Pale/Faded/Dull Colors (Like Rainbow Dash's Yellow Streak)

4. Bad Quality

The animation looks so cheap and horrible.

What I Expect in a Child's Cartoon: (Like "Looney Tunes" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" 1987/2003)

1. Rich Animation by Experts

2. Colourful

3. Bright

4. Wonderful Background

5. Good Quality

What I Got:

1. Cheap Animation by Amateurs (A Baby can do better then that.)

2. Bland (Possibly the most Bland Child's Cartoon that I ever saw.)

3. So Dull (Especially Rainbow Dash's Yellow Streak)

4. Lame Terrible Background

5. Poor Quality

The colors of their Rainbow is so Wrong. A Rainbow does not consist of:

1. Hot Pink

2. Peach (Pale) Orange

3. Pale Cream Yellow (Should be Bright Yellow)

4. Turquoise (Wait, where is Green? )

5. Purple (Yeah, but not Really Dark Purple.)

6. White? Where is Green and Indigo?!

Expectation for good shows:
- Outstanding Movements
-Bright Colors( like Hanna-Barbara and Ruby-Spears )
-Good Quality( like WB's Looney Tunes or MGM's Tom and Jerry)
-Great Storylines (like Spongebob or Rugrats)
-Great Voiceovers(like Tom Kenny or Mel Blancs)
-Wonderful moments (like Disney movies)
-Backgrounds (like Beatle's Yellow Submarine)

What modern cartoonists have:
-Cheap animations (like Breadwinners or Paddy the Pelican)
-Dull colors (like TTG)
-Too Bright Qualities
-Bland Plots
-Terrible Voiceovers (along with shrieks and screams that may bleed your eardrums)
-Chunky Backgrounds (like Tom and Jerry 2014 which is done in After Effects)

Results for great cartoons:
That is the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen!

Results for this:

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24 Rarity is whiny

Why Rarity is the Best Pony. She Has/Is/Can:

1. 3 Diamonds Cutie Mark
2. Perfect
3. No Pink Colour (HALLELUJAH)
4. Blue Eyes
5. Purple Curly Hair
6. The Best Unicorn Pony
7. Find Jewels
8. Make Great Clothes.
9. Posh

Ponies Who Are The Worst And Most Retarded:

Apple Jack is a Sexist Tramp
Pinkie Pie is Stupid And Retarded
Flutter Shy has Manic Rage

She is one of the worst characters I have ever seen on television! She never shuts up! If she's the element of generosity, why is she never generous? I have never seen her do anything generous at all.

Well each character is supposed to have at least one main problem (Rarity 's is being to damn whiny, Applejack's is she's to stubborn, Rainbow Dash's is she dives into things without thinking first, Fluttershy usually doesn't Speak her mind, Pinkie is a partyholic & Twilight was (and still somewhat is) obsessed with her books.

Telling someone to die because they don't like your favorite pony makes you look very immature, not to mention stuff like that is illegal.

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25 Their ultimate weapon is a rainbow

Real Rainbow Colours:
1. Red
2. Bright Orange
3. Bright Yellow
4. Green
5. Sky Blue
6. Indigo
7. Violet Purple

Rainbow Ponies Atrocity
1. Magenta (Where is Red? )
2. Pale Orange (Cheap)
3. Pale Yellow (More White)
4. (Where is Green? )
5. Turquoise (What? )
6. White (Where is Indigo? )
7. Dark Purple (Huh? )

None of the Rainbow colours are Right. Go back to Nursery and learn your Rainbow Colours Animating Amateurs.

Has anyone else noticed that the Rainbow is Wrong:

Pink (Red)
Orange (At least they got 2 Colours right.)
Pale Yellow (Bright Yellow)
Blue (Where is Green? )
Dark Purple (Royal Purple)
White (Where is Indigo? )

White and Pink is Not a Rainbow Colour.

A rainbow actually means that there are more than 2 colours mixed together, no matter what colour they are. I could make a g-major one if I wanted.

Actually, no, their ultimate weapon is friendship and magic. Get your facts straight.

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26 The show is sexist

Well, in his world most (if not all) ponies or people held in high regards are the Females, which seem to get all of the cool powers and fame. Meanwhile the Males in their world don't, in the most part. So, I wouldn't blame him

I can agree that the show is sexist. I did hear Faust is a feminist, and you all know how today's feminists are. That's also why there's a lack of male characters in the show. There's mostly female characters.

If this Show was not so Sexist, then Button Mash would be part of the Cutie Mark Crusaders as he does not have a Cutie Mark.


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27 The animation

A Cheaply Made, Poorly Animated, Overrated Commercial. (From Animated Atrocity My Little Pony)

They use Flash? All this time I thought that My Little Pony was Cel Animation...

My Little Pony Is Created By Some Sort Of Cheap Flash Animation Program.

Wasn't This Item Already On The List?

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28 3 "Pink" Rainbow Ponies

I think that you are talking about Rainbow Dash (Eyes), Pinkie Pie (Body), Flutter Shy (Hair) and Twilight Sparkle. I hate them too.

Since when does a Rainbow consist of the worst colour Pink?

Rainbow is not
1. Bright Pink (Missing Red)
2. Pale Orange
3. Bland Yellow
4. Missing Green
5. Turquoise (Where is Sky Blue? )
6. Dark Purple
7. White (Missing Indigo)

A Rainbow is
1. Red
2. Orange
3. Bright Yellow
4. Green
5. Sky Blue
6. Indigo
7. Purple

Go back to Kindergarten and learn your colours, You Pony Amateurs.

Rarity is white purple and blue you moron

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29 Bad influence to children

Children should be playing in the park and learning to interact with each other, not watch Ugly Ponies do Bad Things.

The messages in this show are awful! Whining will always get you your way? Be a complete jerk to your friends? Cheat in a competition? Awful messages!

Yelling and beating up monsters/animals doesn't solve your problems. Maybe that explains the fights that break put in elementary schools between girls...

A lot of the messages/morals nowadays for MLP FiM, especially for seasons 5 onwards are now just unclear, bad, dangerous messages like "don't ask for help and commit self-harm to yourself if you have a problem! " or (my "personal favorite"), "you could be as evil as people like Hitler, Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, Mark David Chapman, Vlad Dracula, Charles Manson (and those people he brainwashed), Bruno Richard Haupman, Osama Bin Laden, Talat Pasha, Deng Xiaoping, Gary Glitter, Kim Jong Un, Khomeini, Elizabeth Bathory, Torquemada, and Timothy McVeigh, do all sorts of horrible, evil, inhumane, monstrous things, but you can be forgiven and given a pat on the back with no consequences whatsoever as long as you say you're sorry or because "friendship, rainbows sparkles! "

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30 Extremely girly

How is getting your Buttocks kicked by Pink Ponies with Magical Crystals and a (Poorly Animated) Rainbow not Girly?

They wear make up and gossip each other and too much pink so it is girly like barbie.

They do not even go to the Toilet or Poop.

They had action scenes.

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31 Extremely lame villains

Discord: I love Chaos and I am the most Powerful being in the world.
Ponies: We will defeat you.
Discord: How? I am 10000% more Powerful then you will ever be. What are you going to do? Colour me with Rainbows, Crystals, Hearts, Glitter and your Power of Friendship.
Ponies: Correct. That is how Girlish we are. PINK GIRLISH RAINBOW POWER!
Discord: WHAT?
Me: (Face Palms and LOL)

No matter how Dangerous or how Tough they look (Like Tirek), they will Always be Beaten an Ugly Animated Rainbow and Magic Crystals.

32 The show is racist

They Discriminate each other based on their Pony Race, not of their Abilities... (Like in Hurricane Flutter Shy)

Discrimination against Dragons (Dragon Quest), Mules (Hurricane Flutter Shy) and other Mystical Creatures.

Hearth's Warming Eve and Bridle Gossip.
When the Ponies are at there Most Racist.

33 Mental break downs

Why Would A Wonderful Imaginary World Of Ponies Have Enough Problems To Make A Pony Go Full Psycho in The First Place? Especially A T.V. show That Targets The Minds Of The Innocent (Some). Explain Please.

Whenever one pony faces a little problem, instead of solving it, they Shriek, Scream or have Mental Breakdowns.

How are all these Mental Breakdowns acceptable in a Child's Cartoon?

Doctor 1: Uh guys, do you see something?
Doctor 2: Uh, no. I only saw those fillies just smiling to us.
Doctor 1: Weird.
Doctor 2: Except they have mental breakdowns though.
Doctor 2: I really hate the way they smile eerily.
Pony: Heheheheehee!
Doctor 1: Do you hear that?
Doctor 2: No, it's a girl's giggling. It's like ghost stories like you just heard one from my grand pops.
Doctor 1: No no, just listen!
Pony: Hehehehehe!
Doctor 2: I guess your right!
Doctor 2: This could be a CONSPIRACY!
Doctor 1: I'm really scared.
Pony: Don't worry boys, I'm gonna find...
Doctor 1: What Friendship?
Friendship: I'm Friendship
Doctor 2: Oh God!
Friendship: Six horses just stalked me for no reason at all. Please!
Doctor 1: But what about this horse?
Friendship: It's nothing. You caught her for just testing.
Friendship: Oh, they are coming!
Hide Me!
Doctor 1 and 2: *sigh*

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34 It has stupid ponies

And the Nominee Award "Number 1 Worst Pony Retard" goes to Pinkie Pie, with Flutter Shy in Second Place and Apple Jack in Third Place.

Apple Jack is a Brainless Dope who relies on her muscles and acts like a Dude. Stupid beyond Compare.

Stupid? Good editing but I actually meant Retarded Ponies.

Fluttershy, Big Mactintosh, Derpy Hooves and Silver Spoon are!

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35 Evil ponies

There is at least 1 Pony in every episode who is either a Pure Jerk or Pure Evil (Even the Main 6 or the Cutie Mark Crusaders).

36 The Cutie Mark

What Was Once An Awesome Symbol, Has Manifested Into a Cutie Mark That Corrupts Ponies.

I hate the way the Creators Demonize Cutie Marks.

That's why The cutie mark crusaders got picked on by Diamond Tiara about it

I am not done yet talking. (I am the same commenter who talked about Mark).

Quarter Marks were done by horsemen by using hair spray and some paper with holes in different shapes.
Second was the Branding. It was used by the blacksmiths which it is use to put animals or objects with some hot mark. It is also used as a torturing device for blacksmiths (or anyone else who has it). Consider this, always take care of your stuff people because a Brand just disappear without a trace and invisibly moves without noticing.

Imagine yourself as a Mark yourself. You act nothing until some horse just controls their powers by you.

Even Mark got tormented by the insults so hard that he never watch this show again.

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37 Over exaggerated facial expressions

They should not have that much facial expressions due to the Ponies limited anatomy. Especially the face.

Facial Expressions are good but not when they are Exaggerated. It makes the Ponies look strange.

I Dislike How Season 4 And 5 Started To Over Due The Ponies Facial Expressions.

Like Spoiled Rich (Diamond Tiara's Mother) And Ms. Harsh Winny.

1. Pinkie Apple Pie (That Smile)
2. Pinkie Pie (That I Challenge You To A Goof Down Expression)
3. Simple Ways (Pinkie Balloon Face)
4. Filli Vanilli (Flutter Shy And Pinkie Pie)
5. Trade Ya (Pinkie Clings On To Twilight. Calm Down, There Are No Mario Boos In Pony World.)
6. Inspiration Manifestation (Possessed Rarity And Pinkie Shock.)
7. Party Pooped (Pinkie Hysterical)
8. Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep?

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38 It's bad for children

Not really usually it actually teaches people good life skills (yes it does have some crazy solutions but they still work)

Crazy Solutions That Children Will Pick Up On.


You DO know kids will forget everything besides the episodes they watch, which means they won't care about the "life lessons"?

Plus, you need to learn from your mistakes in reality, not from a kids show.

39 It might be good if people weren't so damn protective of it
40 Lunar republic isn't canon
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