Top Ten Reasons Why My Little Pony Is Better Than Dora the Explorer

The Top Ten Reasons Why My Little Pony Is Better Than Dora the Explorer

1 My Little Pony uses magic and teamwork

I love them both but mlp is definitely better than Dora - Starlightglimmer15

I think MLP is the worst. But I've seen teamwork and magic on Dora. I hate dora by the way. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

That's Why MLP Rocks! - JPK

Yey! you rock jpk. I love my little pony. most people my age say that stupid five nights at freedys is better and mlp is for little kids. that is wrong. my little pony rules. it is friendly. my fave character is fluttershy. I hate sonic and five nights at freedys.

Does that mean I am terrible because I hate it? I mean the characters act like jerks and bronies are terrible. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

2 My Little Pony has better art
3 Dora has a fat head

Yup her head is a shape of a football - andrewteel

4 Dora is blind and deaf
5 Dora is boring

Dora the explorer is my worst show ever

6 Dora is not educational for kids

Totally agree - BoyGenius234

7 My Little Pony is more fun

Oh yes My Little Pony is funner than Dora! - andrewteel

My Little Pony has a large cast of appealing characters, clever scripts, witty or funny dialogue, and episodes can range from fantasy epics to mundane comedy.

Dora is a strictly formulaic show, with a limited cast, and no noteworthy scripts.

Because MLP Is Fun - JPK

MLP Is Pretty Fun
Dora Is EXTREMELY Boring

8 MLP Is More Mature Than Dora And Teaches More Things

The Mane 6 should destroy Dora and her stupid friends. - andrewteel

Not only that, In MLP the Episodes have many interesting things and has more action. Also I read that faust wanted the characters to teach that girls can be independence. I Recommend MLP better than Dora! - MLPFan

The Mane 6 Should Destroy Dora and Cancel All Dora Shows Forever!

9 Dora yells
10 My Little Pony is better for kids

Even Though I'm Neutral Towards MLP I Will Admit It's Probably Better Than That Stupid Immigrant

Not that better fluttershy is whiny I wanna spank her

The Contenders

11 Dora is ugly


12 My Little Pony has better characters
13 Dora has terrible characters
14 My Little Pony is cute but Dora the Explorer is ugly

Finally some one who loves my little pony. I am not alone. dora the expolrer is boring. but dora as an teen is fun and not yelling a lot. I love my little pony. fluttershy is my fave.

15 The Mane 6 and Cutie Mark Crusaders are cute

I love tiwlight because she is smart and I am so happy that she has wings, I love rainbow dash she is so fast and she has really good colors, apple jack is honest and wares an cool hate, rartiy is so fancy and she is the prettiest of them all, apple bloom is the best beacsue she is the prettesit of all the cmc and wares this big bow, sweetie belle sings so pretty and her mane is so pretty, scottaclo is so cool she is really fast on her scooter and I love her wings and she is so so cute, pinkie pie is the best she is so funny and she always has funtime and she talks to funny and I love her eyes, and fluttershy is so sweets to her friends and caring to all animals and she is so good to the stare, and dora is to ugly and prissy I hate her.
i love the mane 6 and cutie mark crusaders, and I hate dora the exporla

16 My Little Pony is for everyone, Dora is for babies and toddlers
17 Adults enjoy My Little Pony more than Dora

At Least They Don't Watch Dora Or Else What Would The Bronies Be Called Instead?

18 Twilight is a better role model
19 Rainbow Dash learns from her mistakes, Dora doesn't

And she does them again. Plus Dora too because she can't find anything she need some glasses. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Indeed - JPK

20 Pinkie Pie Is Funny, Dora Is Extremely Unfunny
21 The Mane 6 are Not Blind, Deaf, and Stupid

No dora is not for babies it's a big kid show you should watch it dora is the best

22 Twilight is Very Smart, Dora is Very Stupid

100% True - JPK

23 The Animation in My Little Pony is Beautiful, the Animation in Dora is Horrible
24 Rarity is beautiful, Dora is hideous
25 Sweetie Belle Sings Loud in a Funny Way but Dora Just Sings Bad.
26 MLP teaches about friendship
27 Treats it audience with respect
28 Dora Sounds Like a Baby

Lol totally! - andrewteel

29 Sweetie Belle is a Better Singer Than Dora
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