Top 10 Reasons Why My Little Pony is Not the Worst Cartoon in History

All of you keep on saying this is the worst cartoon ever. There are some factors that MAY contradict your reasons. If you think this list is bad, Sorry.

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1 There are tons of shows way worse than this

I may not like MLP, but I actually like some of the fans, they are very friendly. And I admit the fact that there are way worse shows. My most disliked show is Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, it's the worst show ever.

Have we all forgotten about how much Johnny Test sucks!

Reason Number 1 for me. I am an adult and love animation, but there are so many horribly written shows.

I'm pretty sure that SHE is very innocent. But getting abused by Teen Titans GO! (Refering to Pretty Pretty Pegasus scene) is getting even worst.

2 The writers put tons of effort only for this criticism

That's what you all do not understand - NexusUnterganger639

3 This show is not garbage

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Problem Solverz, and Sanjay and Craig are.

4 The show is not evil (except for some characters)
5 The show is for all ages
6 Some people keep on saying other terrible cartoons are better than it
7 It's characters and plot are awesome

Always voting up negative comments and looking down positive comments? That is almost like racism. - NexusUnterganger639

8 It received positive reviews
9 It's overrated but it doesn't mean it's horrible

It's still overrated, bro.

10 Lauren Faust knows how to create great TV shows

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11 It's heartwarming
12 It's kid friendly
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