Reasons Why Nathaniel Bandy is Better Than Pewdiepie

NB is far better than Pewds. This list will explain.

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1 He Makes Better Videos

Yeah, I agree. I've started watching him and I think his videos are okay, but not amazing. They're certainly better than Pewdiepie's! - DCfnaf

Sorry Metts, but Nathaniel Bandy isn't popular anymore. I actually thought his How Will Nathaniel Rage videos were pretty funny, but people just hardly watch him anymore. - TristGamer

Bandy's Videos in a nutshell : Their Awful They Contain Filler

2 He's More Enjoyable

Yeah, he's enjoyable. - DCfnaf

3 He Has a Better Taste in Gaming

Best reason on the list. Remember Slender and the Eight Pages? God that game is more overrated than FNaF! Why? Because it made Pewdiepie become the Number 1 favorite youtuber. Then he was able to promote utter garbage such as Flappy Bird. - DCfnaf

4 He Doesn't Have Misleading Titles and Thumbnails

NB isn't sick in the head! - DCfnaf

5 He Doesn't Make Hitler Jokes

Wait...Pewdiepie did this? Uh, RUDE! - DCfnaf

Nathaniel Has Anti-Semitic Stuff

6 He's Friendlier

Pewdiepie is a nice guy, but nowhere near as nice as NB, - DCfnaf

7 He Has Less Haters

That's cause NB is not a moron that promotes $hit for the average gamer to play! - DCfnaf

8 His Channel is More Organized

Yes. - DCfnaf

9 He's Better at Making Content

Yes. - DCfnaf

10 Nathaniel Bandy is striving for originality, Pewdiepie isn't

Nathaniel's Channel is dying

�� it's just a catchphrase. - DCfnaf

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11 He's Smarter

Absolutely! Pewdiepie is an idiot. - DCfnaf

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12 He Never Faked His Death
13 He's Funnier

You knows when to curse, he cares about his fans, he has some really iconic quetos and videos. He is amazing! - darthvadern

14 He hates Pink Gold Peach
15 He Doesn't Clickbait
16 His NB Originals are Fantastic.
17 He Speaks To His Fans
18 Too Much Filler

Seriously He's Not Funny At All And Nathaniel It's Called The Cosmic Guide(Stop Calling It A Rosalina Clone Its Not It's A Super Guide That Helps People When There Stuck)

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