Top 10 Reasons Why Neither Big Hero 6 Nor Frozen is Better Than the Other

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1 Different demographics

Disney doesn't make movies specifically for die-hard Disney fans or even die-hard animation fans. Their main target audience is kids, and some kids prefer superheroes/comic books and some prefer princesses/fairy tales.

2 The "Rapunzel face" was used on the female cast of both movies

Usually I like bubbly and cute heroines such as Rapunzel (Tangled), Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls), Sweetie Belle, and Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) but that Anna (Frozen) was too bubbly and too idiotic. Besides, I never understood why Anna never ever even tried to sneak out of the castle of Aren-delle and make any other friends at all but at least Elsa surely has a reason to stay in the castle because of her ice powers. For Anna, what's her excuse?

Anna (Frozen) and Rapunzel (Tangled) would've gotten to grow up to be less isolated together with not only each other but also with Pascal (Tangled) and Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6) in the futuristic modern day setting in canon.

It's better if The "Rapunzel face" was never ever even used on the cast of other Disney movies, Frozen nor Big Hero 6 at all, isn't it?

Anna (Frozen) would've also been the lost canon ordinary princess of Aren-delle who has always gotten to grow up to be less isolated, less lonely, less alone anywhere else away from Aren-delle because the idea of her and Elsa being isolated in Aren-delle together with each other bothers me to no end at all.

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3 People can relate themselves to characters and situations from both movies
4 They are two completely different genres

No, animation is not a genre unto itself

I watched Big hero 6 once and was never interested in watching it again, but the fandom was just too much and it made me loathe the movie even more. I don't care about Frozen either

5 Neither movie was the first at anything
6 Neither of them beat you over the head with sociopolitical commentary

Lest that overzealous fan or those overzealous fans of the movie in question find this list and try to "correct" a previous comment: prejudice, racism, whatever- it's still sociopolitical crap, and why must we take away kids' innocence and get them caught up in this big obnoxious "social justice" movement.

How unfortunate that they're now both overshadowed by a two hour lecture on racism and political correctness disguised as a fun Disney film

BH6 did have a racially diverse cast, but the movie itself didn't emphasize it. People only think "Frozen" might be about a closet lesbian; Elsa's sexuality never came up as a subject.

7 Incest plagues both fandoms

Sure, everyone complains about Elsanna, but forgets that Hidashi is just as bad and just as hard to avoid.

8 Neither relied on pop culture references
9 Both movies strayed pretty far from their source material

Doesn't even matter whether the changes were for the better or not, the fact remains that they have next to nothing in common with "The Snow Queen" or the original Marvel comic from the late '90s respectively.

10 Neither plot was perfect

Again, very true, but neither of them boil down to "kid plays with his dad's Legos against said dad's wishes until Dad finally loosens up" and after nearly two hours of the tired old "milquetoast loser is secretly the one to save the universe".

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11 Both movies had annoying characters

True, but even the most annoying characters in both of those movies were nothing compared to the cast of The Lego Movie, especially Unikitty, Benny, Wyldstyle, and (though I love them in most other media) the DC comics characters.

12 Characters from both movies are subject to stupid crossover pairings

I'd personally go with (tadashi/honey) and (hiro/ gogo)

I'm not even talking Tadashi/Elsa and Hiro/Anna here both the sisters of Arendelle and the brothers of San Frosokyo have been paired with just about anyone from any movie, often for stupid and shallow reasons.

I would ship Honey Lemon with GoGo Tomago (come at me, straight people), Hiro Hamada with Princess Anna, Queen Elsa with Aunt Cass (what do you expect? They're gay), Prince Hans with Yokai (both are antagonists) and Baymax with Olaf (both are sidekicks). - The Ultimate Daredevil, a Big Hero 6 fan who doesn't hate Disney's Frozen as much as he used to after seeing one of AniMat's weaker reviews

Well.. I'm fan but I dislike about vanniro or hirogo. I think, I'd rather penniro - Milohamada

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