Top 10 Reasons Why Neo-Nazis are Better Than Social Justice Warriors

There are two groups of people that are pretty much hated on the internet. One over anti-Semitism and another because of spewing out tons of non-issues into the mainstream. So here are the reasons why Neo-Nazis are better than Social Justice Warriors, despite of both of the groups' infamous reputation.

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1 Neo-Nazis are stronger

Since life is survival of the fittest, the neo-nazi skinheads are more likely to succeed and survive, while the social justice warriors will cry themselves to death. - 2cool4u

2 Social Justice Warriors cry over words on a screen

They make a big deal out of using the wrong pronoun as if that word on a screen will decide your whole fate. - 2cool4u

3 Neo-Nazis are smarter

They're both equally as dumb, much like the creator of this list. - Swellow

They are smarter in terms of practical knowledge, at least when compared with social justice warriors. - 2cool4u

4 Social Justice Warriors cannot handle the internet

They cannot handle the internet yet they complain on it 24/7. They are never happy with anything and the only thing they can do is make other people miserable so that they can get more people for their "army". It won't work with the likes of me. - Nonpointed

Pretty much why they only stay on their Tumblr safe space. - 2cool4u

And that doesn't apply to Neo-Nazis? Both need to get a lfe - Lucretia

Look, the actual truth.
But the same goes for neo nazis. - Swellow

5 Social Justice Warriors think there are more than 80 genders

I remember that there was a list of genders and it was like 13243 genders in it. I couldn't even get past the list of genders starting with the letter A. - 2cool4u

You are born male or female, you can like whatever you want, but you are born male or female, not genderfluid. - Lucretia

There are genders and gender idenities. There is three biological genders, and whatever some one idenitfies that that they are not born as and cannot be born as (Agender, nonbinary, genderqueer...) is a gender identity. - Lucretia

I believe that there are only 7
There are male, female, bigender, agender, demigirl, demiboy, and genderfluid. - AnonymousChick

6 Neo-Nazis know how to survive the real world

Unlike Social Justice Warriors who cry over everything on the internet while pretending to be oppressed. - 2cool4u

Neither of them do. - Swellow

Yeah, by commiting murder - AnonymousChick

7 Social Justice Warriors want words sugar coated for them

Even the truth has to be watered down when talking to them if you don't want to get called "racist". - 2cool4u

8 Neo-Nazis don't get offended over anything

Neo-Nazis get offended by anything that doesn't compliment their narrative. Know what you're talking about before you make lists like this - Jint

They aren't crybabies like Social Justice Warriors. - 2cool4u

Not true. They will get triggered if a black man and a white woman have a baby, becuase of "white genocide" something they created to mask their racism. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Lies... try to offend a Neo Nazi or SJW it would be just as wasy - Lucretia

9 Social Justice Warriors think that the world revolves around them

They think everything they want is a human right that should be paid for by the workers and businessmen who actually earn money. - 2cool4u

10 Neo-Nazis can win wrestling fights

Easy win if against the Social Justice Warriors in a one-on-one fight! - 2cool4u

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1. Neo-Nazis are stronger
2. Neo-Nazis are smarter
3. Social Justice Warriors cry over words on a screen
1. Neo-Nazis are stronger
2. Social Justice Warriors cry over words on a screen
3. Neo-Nazis are smarter



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