Top Ten Reasons Why the New Metallica Album Will Be a Huge Comeback

The Top Ten

1 It is a return to their thrash roots

Actually, it was more of a modern version of The Black Album with Spit out the Bone and Hardwired being the only thrash songs, and Halo on Fire being a terrible ballad.

2 James' vocals don't sound plastic anymore
3 The drums aren't overproduced
4 You can hear the bass
5 It sounds like their first four albums mashed up
6 It doesn't try to be radio-friendly
7 It will fit in with Megadeth's recent comeback, "Dystopia"
8 The snare is tolerable
9 The lyrics have the old fiery edge to them again
10 It doesn't have to worry about religious propaganda, unlike Megadeth

The Contenders

11 It Will (Most Likely) Top the Billboard 200

Since the Black Album, Metallica has always hit the top of the Billboard 200 with each new album (Yes, even St. Anger). They are currently the only band to ever top the charts with 5 albums in a row and considering their immense popularity and it's resonating influence, it's likely to be the 6th in a row (And also another record). - CrimsonShark

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