Reasons Why The Nickelback Fanbase Sucks


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1 They try to force their opinions on others

Imagine hating a music artist and it's fanbase all because of 1 troll. - MetalWorldOrder

I see what you mean but Nickelback is (unfortunately) one of the ost hated bands in the real world as well, not only on TheTopTens - Alkadikce

Sounds the same as everyone on TTT.

NBLP4 enough said.

I don't know whos Nickelback is. - MorlaTurtle8

2 They get all rude and sensitive when someone hates Nickelback

Ignore those fans. They have no taste in music!

Deadpool: You were nicer as a kid

Yep! - MorlaTurtle8

Again, this is how the Nickelback fans I’ve met (both in real life and on here) act. - Camaro6

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3 They defend Nickelback no matter what

No matter what a lead singer did in real life that was horrible, or the creation of another of their terrible songs, Nickelback fans defend them. - Camaro6

4 They have no taste

This is a bad item - CrypticMemory

I have a taste unlike this creator of this list. - NickelbackYesColdplayNo

Nah they have good taste, it's Imagine Dragons fans that have no taste. - MetalWorldOrder

This is getting rediculous. I heard Nickelback before, there ok, their not good but there ok. But theirs other bands I listen to like Linkin Park, and Motionless in White

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5 They usually have only heard one or two of their songs

*people who hate Nickelback* - Userguy44

And they are awful - DarkBoi-X

And they suck. - RadioHead03

Well, I know all Nickelback songs, and not one of them is less than perfect. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

6 They don’t listen to good reasons to hate Nickelback

Those aren't "good" reasons fella try again. - MetalWorldOrder

I’ve told some people why to hate Nickelback, and they run away crying about me insulting them, or they get up in my face and yell at me. - Camaro6

7 They’re hypocrites

They like Nickelback yet hate bands that sound like them. - Camaro6

8 They’re ignorant

How am I ignorant? - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

You literally made a list called "Why Ariana Grande should've died in the Manchester Attack". And you have a huge list on your profile wishing death upon singers.

Please, I kindly ask you to grow up, you just don't do that people. Plus it doesn't make you any better than others as well, show some kindness and give each one of them an apology.. - subscribe2pewdiepie

And they don't care what other people think - Camaro6

@NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva Virtually every way possible.
~ AlphaQ

9 They worship Nickelback

Because Nickelback are amazing! - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Why would I not worship when they're the GOAT band? - NickelbackYesColdplayNo

Yep, clearly a fanbase is awful just because they like a music artist you don't. - MetalWorldOrder

Uh you literally the same thing you said the first time and someone doesn't have to be a Nickelback fan in order to point out how terrible and hypocritical this criticism of their fanbase is. - MetalWorldOrder

They obsess over that band as if it’s their god or something. - Camaro6

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10 They defend auto-tune

I can't name one, Nickelback song that even slightly uses auto tune. And that's coming, from someone that thinks Nickelback is mediocre.

Because Nickelback’s full of it, they can't rightly hate it. - Camaro6

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11 They Like Awful Vocals

This is just an opinion - BorisRule

But they don't think chad Kroger's vocals suck

12 They act like criticism is bullying

This is people on TheTopTens in a nutshell. - MetalWorldOrder

13 They Won't Stop Bashing Pop Artists

That's LITERALLY, just one person but making assumptions that ALL of them do is perfectly fine.

14 They Wish Death on Pop and Rap Artists

I know one user who does that on the website, and you know what I mean, - ArcticWolf

That's literally 1 person and he's an obvious troll. - MetalWorldOrder

That's only one Nickelback fan exclusive to this site. I'll bet there's a few decent ones - oneshot

15 They Think Nickelback is Actually Good.

Again, just an opinion - BorisRule

They have opinions. You can't say they're wrong or that they suck for that since we all have different tastes. - Misfire

Anyone who thinks Nickel-Suck is GOOD let alone GOOD rock has zero taste and has no business critiquing others.

This makes zero sense. - MorlaTurtle8

16 They Don't Watch Anime

What the hell, does anime have to do with a MUSIC fanbase?

That's a good thing - DarkBoi-X

That's a good thing that they don't watch anime. - MetalWorldOrder

Someone must add this reason. - MorlaTurtle8

17 They Bully Others
18 Their Arguments are Wrong

We like a band that is unique, your argument is invalid. - NickelbackYesColdplayNo

19 They disrespect opinions of Nickelback's haters
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1. They get all rude and sensitive when someone hates Nickelback
2. They try to force their opinions on others
3. They’re hypocrites
1. They Like Awful Vocals
2. They try to force their opinions on others
3. They don’t listen to good reasons to hate Nickelback
1. They have no taste
2. They try to force their opinions on others
3. They usually have only heard one or two of their songs

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