Top 10 Reasons Why Nickelback is the Greatest Music Artist Ever

Nickelback is objectivley the greatest music artist of all time, people who hate them are morons because they are factually better than any artist they think is the best and these are the reasons why.

The Top Ten

1 They make great music

These guys rock

Are we just make a top 10 list for every band that gets a lot of hate, I honestly don't understand the over exaggeration of these bands, they may be good bands but saying their the greatest music artist is a bit excessive, it is a good list though - germshep24

Sorry but I'll have to disagree

The greatest music artist ever!

2 They never whined about people hating their music

Whereas Imagine Dragons, Airana Grande and Coldplay did, what bunch of crybaby artists they are, "Wah people hate my music, wah it's my making depression worse wah" no wonder your fanbase consists of crybabies who get triggered over everything especially Nickelback, a band that isn't even that relevant anymore. - MetalWorldOrder

You know what they say. No one wants to be a Taylor Swift. - LightningStrike

Very true, they've embraced their hate.

3 Their lyrics are great

Look at this photograph brought tears to my eyes - DarkBoi-X

Especially the song "S.E.X" what a great love song that is I cannot believe people would ever hate them they must be pure morons, oh wait that describes TheTopTens community in a nutshell. - MetalWorldOrder

4 Chad Kroeger is one of the greatest singers of all time

People need to listen to real rock, not crap like Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, or Maroon 5. Nickelback is amazing and that's a fact - EliteThunderstorm63

He's not my favorite singer but he his one of the best of all time, his vocals in the song "If Everyone Cared" are a good showcase at how great his vocals really are, much more emotion and power in his voice than crappy singers like Airana Grande, Dan Reynolds or Chris Martin. - MetalWorldOrder

Man I was so wrong that he was terrible. Now, I think he sings like an angel. - RadioHead03

5 "Photograph" is one of the most emotional songs ever thus making it one of the best songs ever made.

"Look at this photograph. Every time I do makes me laugh." Man, that line brings me to tears every time. It's so wonderfully written! - Misfire

"AND WHAT THE HELL IS JOEY'S HEAD" Truly, motivational and inspiring lyrics to be heard.

When Chad sung "how did our eyes get so red? " I felt that - cjWriter1997

I cry every time I hear it, it's so wonderfully written and preformed truly one of the best songs - MetalWorldOrder

6 They donate to charity

Which automatically makes them good people and a great band. - MetalWorldOrder

7 They have made some of most successful albums of all time.

All the Right Reasons was certified diamond by the RIAA in March 2017 and had sold 7.96 million copies in the US as of December 2015, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time in the US.

This means that Nickelback actually make a living for themsleves rather than make pathetic hate lists on a website to try and troll a troll that's already trolled them. - MetalWorldOrder

8 They're great live performers

The Sad But True cover is amazing. - Userguy44

This is 100% true, their live preformances are great, look up their live preformance of Sad but True by Metallica it's objectivity one of the best live preformances ever and better than any live preformance done by Imagine Dragons, Coldplay or Ariana Grande. - MetalWorldOrder

9 They have an original sound

They have a LOT of variety. - Misfire

Nothing about them is generic at all. - MetalWorldOrder

True. - LightningStrike

10 Mike Kroeger is a great bassist

The bassline in "This Means War" is lit - MetalWorldOrder

The Contenders

11 They make great music videos

How You Remind Me is a great example.

I always have a blast watching the music video for Rockstar. - MetalWorldOrder

Take Photograph as an example. - MrCoolC

12 They're highly creative

They make amazing diverse music whats more creative than that? I'll tell you one thing it's more creative than turning into electropop and making garbage music that only morons on TheTopTens listen to. - MetalWorldOrder

13 They're extremely talented

Never mind, they are very talented and are much better than Imagine Dragons! - TheDarkOne_221b

This 100% FACTUAL, anyone who claims otherwise is a moron who probably uses the website known as "TheTopTens" - MetalWorldOrder

Correction they are talentless - TheDarkOne_221b

14 They look older than their real age

Yeah I hate jamming to young people music! These guys should spend 6 hours in a hot tub and then write and perform. Then they'll look even older, and therefore better!

Ok I didn't add this reason but I will say it is a fact that older music artists are better than modern ones especially talentless whiners like Imagine Dragons. - MetalWorldOrder

15 They're very underrated

Yes, one of the most underrated music artists of all time, up there with Cannibal Corpse and Poison. - MetalWorldOrder

Clearly you have a different idea of underrated than I do generally when I think of an underrated band I think of one that is not extremely successful but deserves to be. Nickelback on the other hand already is enormously successful for example they have 3 albums in the billboard all time biggest albums list more than any other North American band. For the same reasons I would not call Whitney Houston or Elton John underrated. Also no I am not butthurt I don’t hate Nickelback I am merely pointing out the contradictions on this list.

Claims (correctly) they have had some of the most successful albums ever. Claims they are very underrated. Hmm these really don’t go together well...

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