Top 10 Reasons Why Nickelback Isn't the Worst Band Ever

Nickelback is one of the most Overhated bands ever here are some reasons why they aren't the worst band ever i'm also not saying they are a good band i'm just stating things that make them not the worst band ever

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1 They Actually Have Some Good Songs

Yeah, people hate them much more than they deserve. They have some good songs. I've always liked them. Though Chad Kroeger doesn't have good vocals. But its not bad either. - zxm

Yeah, I've always liked Nickelback. They do have quite a few good songs and some great lyrics. Haters gonna hate. - eventer51314

But they have some atrocius songs that outnumber them, like S.E.X, Money Bought, and Something In Your Mouth. - PhantomMilitia

That is true they do have more bad than good but they at least have some good songs unlike Justin Bieber who has no good songs - christangrant

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2 Nickelback Donates to Charity

Yes this is true they donated $50,000 to a Children's Hospital - christangrant

3 Chad Kroeger is a Better Guitarist Than Kurt Cobain

Kurt himself said that he wasn't good at the guitar and he was right as Chad Kroeger is better at playing guitar than he was - christangrant

Yes, Kurt Cobain is the most overrated guitarist along with Kirk Hammett. - zxm

Yes, it's true. - Metal_Treasure

4 They are Good at Playing Live Shows

This is true as they know what they are doing and the songs they play almost sound exactly like the studio recording - christangrant

5 The Song Side of a Bullet is a Tribute to Dimebag Darrell

Musically, this is a decent song. Not great or something but much better than many songs I have heard from other artists. - Metal_Treasure

This is true in the song it also uses an unused solo from him as well - christangrant

6 They Actually Care About the Music

Whether you like them or not they have released 8 albums and while not all are good they put effort into each album - christangrant

7 They are Better Than Creed

This really depends. If you're refering to the individual members then I'd say Creed are more talented, as three of them went on to form Alter Bridge and Scott Stapp went on to have a solo career. But for the music of both bands, yeah I think Nickelback's has more staying power, I just like more of their songs. - SuperSonic17

To prove this Creed is no longer a band as they have disbanded Nickelback is still active and still play live shows - christangrant

8 They are Better Than Boy Bands

At least they aren't a boyband who gets popular for 3 seconds and has no good songs - christangrant

9 They are Better Than Limp Bizkit

I also think they are better than Limp Bizkit. And Chad is a better singer than Fred. - Metal_Treasure

That's true! At least you don't wanna vomit while hear Nickelback's song. I can't say the same about Limp bizkit.

At least Nickelback songs don't have terrible rapping in them - christangrant

10 The Worst Rock Album Isn't a Nickelback Album

That honor goes to Sounding the Seventh Trumpet By A7X - christangrant

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11 They are Better Than Justin Bieber V 1 Comment
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1. Nickelback Donates to Charity
2. They Actually Have Some Good Songs
3. They are Good at Playing Live Shows
1. Chad Kroeger is a Better Guitarist Than Kurt Cobain
2. Nickelback Donates to Charity
3. The Song Side of a Bullet is a Tribute to Dimebag Darrell



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