Top Ten Reasons Why Nickelodeon Sucks In 2015


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1 They think fart jokes are entertaining to kids

I Agree, I Hate Nickelodeon Nowdays.

They need to learn what humor actually is. It's like they are brain dead or something.

2 They used gross out humor with Spongebob in season 6 and 7

And Breadwinners. And Sanjay & Craig. And season 8 of SpongeBob - anonygirl

They also did it in season 4. SquidBob TentaclePants is an example. They need to learn real humor.

3 They canceled Fairly Odd Parents

It's still going you morons.

Yeah, it's still on air, idiots.

They didn't - Frouze

4 Spongebob is their only good show that's currently not ended

Fairly OddParents never ended, so include that.

True it's the only thing I'll watch on nick now. I even watch more shows on Disney than nick now. That's bad - Matt92647

5 They keep making bad shows

They show farts and breadwinners ill tell then grow up these kids are watching ducks twerk at the T.V. all day and kids try to twerk. Why would you show this outlandish trend to young kids? I'm really speechless.

I know, right?

6 They are canceling good shows and keeping bad shows
7 Less animation shows and more sitcoms

I never liked sitcoms on nick. I'm glad Cartoon Network doesn't do this anymore - Matt92647

8 They cancelled all the good shows and replaced them with a bunch of crap

I swear they did. They need to cancel the bad shows, and bring back the good shows.

9 They ruined Power Rangers

Splitting every Sentai installment into two seasons, turned every season into a dumb down vertion of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, 20-22 episode seasons, ignoring the pirate theme of Super Megaforce, unanswered questions, terrible season finales, lazy incompetent writers, disrespecting Mighty Morphin to RPM by treating them like they never happened, skipping Go-Busters and ToQGer and a bunch of other things.

10 They keep going off air

It's some activity to get kids to stop watching T.V. - Matt92647

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11 They try to be cool

Theyve been trying to be cool and epic thug but it gives me headaches

12 Too much toilet humor
13 Fart Jokes Are UnFunny
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1. They think fart jokes are entertaining to kids
2. They used gross out humor with Spongebob in season 6 and 7
3. They canceled Fairly Odd Parents


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