Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Is Better Than Iggy Azalea


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1 Nicki writes her own raps

Iggy Azalea does write her own raps, but has more co-writers, on one song she had a whopping 9 co-writers.

This is true Iggy Azalea doesn't write her own lyrics. She uses a ghost writer.

She thinks that she's so good

That's not something she should be proud of.

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2 Iggy relies on a pop chorus for success in her music

Without a pop chorus, Iggy's songs wouldn't be as successful.

Iggy azalea songs sounds like it should be for 6th graders, like fancy? What is fancy about iggy azalea. Nicki Minsk been in the game for a long time never ever lost a bet award. So to me nicki minaj is a way better rapper than iggy azalea. Iggy azalea don't even sound like a rapper.

To me she is not a rapper, she is just a singer
and all her songs is very bad.

3 Iggy is racist

Well nicki Minaj is too!

Isn't Nicki insulting her own culture? I think Iggy Azalea is okay, but Nicki... no, just no.

Yes,she is I hate her so much and she's not a rapper

4 Nicki actually has a story

I actullay had to vote for this

She came from nothing into the best rapper alive - she has 76 billboard hits - most for females look it up - NICKI MINAJ FOR LIFE FU iggy FAKE ASS BITCH
and u can't say u don't like nicki cause she fake - cause iggy just got butt implants

5 Iggy doesn't have flow

Her flow is actually the best thing about her. - WonkeyDude98

Not a fan of either but Nicki has a better flow than Iggy. - SomePersonYouHate

Iggy's flow is not good than nicki,moreover nicki minaj is tge only rapper who can sing perfectly using alter egoes not iggy!

She sounds like a gay man

6 Nicki is a businesswoman as well as an entertainer

Nicki is amazing she honest but people(real nigaz

7 Iggy tries to act black

If it is a failure attempt, then it is racist. But screw both iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj. Why do old-school rock bands not get as much credit for being much more energetic with their career?!

8 Nicki is sexier than Iggy

Iggy also fell off the stage trying to twerk to fancy LMAO

Nicki yes she is. Did yall she the video of iggy twerking. She looked like she was humping the floor

Neither are sexy, they're both ugly, talent-less, plastic whores and should stop making music

9 Nicki has paved the way for many other artists

No she really has not

10 Iggy can't freestyle

The whole word is watching and that paparazzi is flocking and we... fly when we drop in.

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11 Nicki is cuter than Iggy
12 Nicki has plastic implanted all over her body

No evidence or proof whatsoever of this

I find this 100% funny.

This isn't even a reason. Does anyone know how to contact admin. ? It's jerks like the person who posted this that are ruining this site. - SammMinajj

13 Nicki has more money
14 Nicki looks better than Iggy
15 Nicki is a player
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1. Nicki is sexier than Iggy
2. Nicki has plastic implanted all over her body
3. Iggy tries to act black
1. Nicki is sexier than Iggy
2. Nicki is cuter than Iggy
3. Nicki writes her own raps
1. Nicki is sexier than Iggy
2. Nicki has plastic implanted all over her body
3. Nicki writes her own raps

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