Top 10 Reasons Why Nicktoons Network Sucks Now

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Breadwinners and Power Rangers air daily

Ugh! I ment seriously.

Wait, seriesly?!

For a long time, Harvey Beaks was shafted to very early morning time slots
They never air The Loud House

Now they do

And being a Sling user (which means I don't get ordinary Nick), that's a detriment. - KalloFox34

All they air at night is SpongeBob
They air One Coarse Meal on a weekly basis
They waste slots on live-action shows
They never air Avatar or Korra
Butch Hartman's new shows take up too many time slots during the day

FOP is good, but they tend to air the newer ones. Bunsen was never good. - KalloFox34

Annoying and often times creepy commercial bumpers
The channel seems to only serve as a way to air shows that regular Nick has no slots for
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It's a Death Sentence for almost any modern Nicktoon

Just look at Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Welcome To The Wayne, Fairly OddParents, Bunsen is Beast, and Harvey Beak. All went onto Nicktoons and died there. There are a few other examples like Breadwinners, and Robot and Monster but still

They air Sanjay and Craig
They never air their original shows anymore
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