Top Ten Reasons Why the Night Is Better Than the Day


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1 The night is more fun

It feels allot nicer at night

Just take a long walk at night in a downtown. I feel like a bad ass when I do that.

Try swimming or just being outside. - Therandom

It really is

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2 The night is when you go to bed

Sleep is good for you and addicting. Oh yeah by the way this is actually the best "this is better than that" I've seen so far. (in my opinion) - Koolness88

Everyone is addicted to sleep.. No one can deny it - paasadani

3 The night looks nicer out

It looks better than the day. - Therandom

4 The night is the time to relax

I love staying up at night drawing or reading a book. Everyone's asleep and you can finally be alone and at peace! That's a rare thing with so many siblings! Best time: 1-3 am. Worst time: Waking up. - keycha1n

I love blasting my music in my headphones while eating snacks and watching funny videos. It's a good time. - AGK

It's nice listening to music in the night. - Minecraftcrazy530

Its also Like a jeweled sky. Where thousands of sparkling diamonds are shining.

5 Fireworks

#FirstCommenter! I ❤ Fireworks.

6 During the day you have school or work

It is better at night because u don't have to go

That problem, there are people who study and work at night

Boring! However, sadly as much as I hate them, we need them. - Therandom

7 Dinner

Dinner is the best meal. - Therandom

8 Your loud siblings are asleep

My siblings are so annoying but at night they are sound asleep so it's way more peaceful

9 It is more peaceful


10 The stars

Too bad we have so much light pollution in London. Makes Antarctica and the Atacama Desert two places I'd love to see at night. For Antarctica, that's six months. - PositronWildhawk

I like the stars. - Therandom

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11 Better time for astronomical observations
12 The crescent moon

The best moon there is in the sky

13 Night swims
14 You can watch porn

The only reason that matters.


15 More songs about the night

"The Day is my enemy, the night my fave." So catchy! - PositronWildhawk

16 Lunar Eclipses

Sometimes at night Lunar Eclipses are beautiful

17 Time to drink root beer and marathon a entire series of a show

Lol, this is so true

18 It's the best time to party


19 Looking at the night sky

Shooting star


20 It's more beautiful

I love hearing the owls and the wind slowly going about my town, It seems easier to breath

21 It's more quiet

I enjoy the silence without having to deal with any interactions

22 It feels fantastic in the summer, fall, and spring

Just step outside in the summer, fall, and/or spring. It feels amazing!

23 It's Peaceful

It's peaceful and you don't have to think about all the bad things in the world for a little while.

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1. The night is the time to relax
2. The night looks nicer out
3. Better time for astronomical observations
1. The night looks nicer out
2. The night is more fun
3. The night is when you go to bed
1. More songs about the night
2. Better time for astronomical observations
3. Night swims

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