Top 10 Reasons Why Nightcore Sucks


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1 It's just songs sped up

They have some weird song called tongue twister.

Exactly. The high pitched voices make me want to kill myself no joke - Unharmless

Remove kebab? More like remove weeb

Its jest vary high pich voices

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2 It's lazy

Me on a regular basis whenever I try to search for an anime theme song on YouTube:

Let's see... Which one isn't nightcore... There!

*Clicks on the thumbnail and plays video, only to find it is actually nightcore*


3 It destroys good songs

Totally. I used to like many new songs, but now they're just ruined because of this Weeaboo thing. - IcyUsefulEyeball

4 No effort goes into making it

How to make a night core song: Step 1: Higher the pitch of the song to make its sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks or a young anime girl is singing it. Step 2: Put a photo of a cute anime girl in the video. Step 3: BINGO! A MILLION VIEWS! What I hate about nightmare is that people are doing nothing but taking songs that already exist, and ruining them by heighening the pitch and speeding it up. Oh, and it also sounds bad. Really Bad.

Yes you are right

5 It sounds stupid

Exactly my thoughts - Unharmless

6 Anybody can make it
7 The people who make it have no life

Dude no one would be alive if they have no life...

8 Some people don't credit the original song

Cover artist get a lot of flack for using someone else's lyrics but you can tell they cover songs because they genuinely like the song and want to respect it. They usually use their own instruments to change the song from its genre or tone and add to the song and band instead of leeching off it. Nightmare artist do it because they known it'll get popular and therefore they'll get popular. There's no love nor respect for the artist as seen when most of the time, they forget to mention the original band/artist in the title and instead put it as a footnote in the description.

9 It's a disgrace to music

Imagine a song that has a haunting theme let's say Drunken Whaler. In the original, it is pretty scary. Now if its nightcore, it takes that feeling away - YourWaifuSucks

10 It's sounds chipmunk

It sounds like joey the hamster getting his balls tugged by a four wheeler and then forced to sing.

Yes, my sisters hate Alvin and the Chipmunks and they are weeaboos for how it sounds at least ad aren't crazy Nightcore fans, but the chipmunk pitch is annoying.

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11 They put anime covers on it even if it's not an anime song

Well, they speed up music, put in a picture of an anime girl, and post. Profit.

Lol true - EliHbk

12 There's really no point to it
13 It's annoying to listen to
14 It's unoriginal
15 People are making lots of money from Nightcore music when it takes no effort whatsoever
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