Top 10 Reasons Why Nightcore Sucks


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1 It's just songs sped up

They have some weird song called tongue twister.

Remove kebab? More like remove weeb

I want songs and anime/T.V. show/movie clips uploaded online without gimmicky alterations to avoid copyright infringement.

How to make a Nightcore song.
Step 1 - Pick any random song (preferably a song by a random 2000s Rock band)
Step 2 - Put the song in an audio software
Step 3 - Increase Speed
Step 4 - Profit - cjWriter1997

2 It destroys good songs

Totally. I used to like many new songs, but now they're just ruined because of this Weeaboo thing. - IcyUsefulEyeball

3 It's lazy

Me on a regular basis whenever I try to search for an anime theme song on YouTube:

Let's see... Which one isn't nightcore... There!

*Clicks on the thumbnail and plays video, only to find it is actually nightcore*


4 No effort goes into making it
5 It sounds stupid
6 Anybody can make it
7 The people who make it have no life
8 Some people don't credit the original song
9 It's a disgrace to music

Imagine a song that has a haunting theme let's say Drunken Whaler. In the original, it is pretty scary. Now if its nightcore, it takes that feeling away - YourWaifuSucks

10 It's sounds chipmunk

I always hears nightcores sometimes on youtube, but most of them are half-fast. The too-speed one are annoying. - ChatNoirFan18

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11 They put anime covers on it even if it's not an anime song

They sometimes uses people's fanarts for the song cover. - ChatNoirFan18

12 There's really no point to it
13 It's annoying to listen to
14 It's unoriginal
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