Top Ten Reasons Why Nine Inch Nails is an Amazing Band

These are the reasons why, I believe, Nine Inch Nails is one of the greatest musical groups of all time! Please know that this is subjective, and if you would like to add your own reason, feel free to request it!

The Top Ten

1 They Have Aged Well.

This may come as a shock to most of you, but NIN has remained consistently great with their music, for the most part. Minus a couple of missteps, they have sounded just as excellent now as they did with Pretty Hate Machine back in 1989 (their debut album$! - Mercwithamouth

2 Their Music is Different.

NIN's music can delve into the strange and even sometimes creepy, but that's what makes their music so good. It's something you're not used to listening to. - Mercwithamouth

3 Trent Reznor's Voice is Incredible.

No need to explain. Just listen to songs like Something I Can Never Have or Find My Way, and you'll agree with me that his voice is a joy to listen to. - Mercwithamouth

4 The Lyrics are Well-Written.

A lot of their songs can become emotional, thanks to their fantastic writing. Songs like The Wretched, Something I Can Never Have, or That's What I Get will get under your skin due to the lyrics making them more personal, and thus more meaningful; it'll stick in your head for a while. - Mercwithamouth

5 Their Songs Don't Sound the Same.

While familiarity isn't always a bad thing, when music borders on sameness, it sounds boring and becomes uninteresting (Nickelback, I'm talking to you). Thankfully, NIN doesn't suffer from that problem. With different subject matters, instruments and beats, and lyrical content, you can be certain that you'll have fun listening to this group. - Mercwithamouth

6 Their Music Videos are Creative.

Nothing to say here. - Mercwithamouth

7 They Take Their Time with Their Music.

They never release an album every year, which has been a big problem for video games recently. After Pretty Hate Machine we waited three years for Broken (not even an entire album), another two years for The Downward Spiral, five for The Fragile, three for And All It Could Have Been, four for With Teeth, one for Year Zero, another year for the Slip, five years for Hesitation Marks, and we may be getting an album in 2016. This shows in their music, which sounds well-thought out and not rushed, both instrumentally and lyrically. - Mercwithamouth

8 Their Concerts are Cool.
9 You Hear Their Music in Other Media.

"The Wretched" was featured in a Batman: Arkham Knight trailer, "The Perfect Drug" in the movie Lost Highway, and I think "Closer" was the theme for Se7en. Either way, their music is popular enough to be played outside of your stereo or iPod. - Mercwithamouth

10 They've Worked on Movies, Too.

Trent Reznor's and Atticus Ross both worked on the soundtrack for The Social Network (which got them an Oscar! ), Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (which got them a Grammy), and Gone Girl (which got them a Golden Globe nomination, but sadly it did not win). They're not constrained to just the music business. - Mercwithamouth

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11 Johnny Cash Covered Hurt
12 Trent Doesn't Hesitate to Experiment
13 They Created Their Own Record Label
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1. They Have Aged Well.
2. Their Music is Different.
3. Trent Reznor's Voice is Incredible.


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