Reasons Why Nintendo Is Better Than Microsoft & Sony

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1 Nintendo Games

They are much more fun to play than most of the Xbox and PS3 games, and also don't overhype the graphics. They also have a much nicer fan base, and an online service that isn't filled with immature children. - alecola90

There are plenty of good games that are not made by Nintendo out there. I hate how some Nintendo fans treat anything that isn't Nintendo like trash. It's completely fine if you love Nintendo or another company, they all make amazing games. Plus, there isn't any way of proving any game company is better than the other since it's subjective and all down to people's opinions. Just stop acting like babies and grow up. - RogerMcBaloney

YES! Thank you! Nintendo has all of the better game series! There's Metroid, Zelda, Mario, things like that! Xbox just has little games, that are violent most of the time. So for the win, Nintendo!

Nintendo games are the best. There are great franchises that made the company famous.

2 Sony and Microsoft Continue to Copy Nintendo

Sony and Microsoft need a dictionary to figure out what the word "original" means.

Move, Kinect, Smart Glass, Cross Play; Need I say more? Nintendo continues to innovate, while Microsoft and Sony obviously do not.

This is so annoying, just let Nintendo keep their genius ideas

I have nothing against all of these companies. I actually love the Xbox 360 and its Kinect, heck, I even have one, but I think Microsoft was trying to be too close to the Wii as well as Playstation with PS Move. It's like the Wii Remote, but it's more round, more flattened buttons, and has a colored ball on the top.

I ask the two of these to try and put more originality into their consoles and products, even though they're great companies. - Katildalover93

3 Nintendo has ideas to spare.

Sony: now coming in 2030, the PlayStation swap. You can play it anywhere at anytime.
Microsoft: coming in 2041, the Xbox snap! You can play it on a flying car or on a big screen!

If Nintendo was owned by Sony or Microsoft, this is what will happen:
1985: Nintendo Entertainment System
1990: Super Nintendo Entertainment system
1996: Super Duper Nintendo Entertainment System
2000: Super Duper Uber Nintendo entertainment System
You get the idea. All Sony does is PlayStation and Xbox for Microsoft while Nintendo does NES, N64, Gameboy, DS, Wii etc.

Nintendo could of easily have named all of their consoles the same thing. They just chose not to and that doesn't make them better than Microsoft or Sony. It doesn't matter what the console is called as long as it's a good console. - RogerMcBaloney

Sony innovates very little. The PlayStation controllers to this day just look like upgraded versions of the last one with little to no changes. Also they stole a lot of stuff from Nintendo like:
The wii motion controls (psmove)
Super Smash Bros (PlayStation all stars)
Mario kart (PlayStation racing)
I can't wait for the PlayStation switch. It'll probably be called PlayStation Swap.

PlayStation had the same controls and games since 1994. Xbox had the same controls since 2001. Plus Xbox copies off of Sony who also takes Nintendo's stuff like VR. If you could remember the Virtual Boy from 1995 even though it was poorly sold Nintendo had the first step to Virtual Reality. On a related note Nintendo is almost 130 years old and also the new Switch.

4 Nintendo Has Shigeru Miyamoto

This guy sucks

This is how Mario was invented. - Katildalover93

Do I have to say more

yep - GleamingShadow

5 Gameplay > Graphics

Very true, but using this as an argument in favor of Nintendo doesn't actually work. Sony and Microsoft, whether you like them or not, have made plenty of games that have both amazing gameplay and amazing graphics. And honestly, Nintendo also manages to do that sometimes. - RogerMcBaloney

This one isn't wrong to be honest - BorisRule

CHibi robo zip lash - epicdongus69


6 Nintendo Has Great Exclusives

Just like Sony and Microsoft. Again, all of the arguments on this list are just childish and the product of biased fans. - RogerMcBaloney

Well so does PlayStation and xbox: uncharted, halo, wipeout, the last of us, gears of war, crash bandicoot, sunset overdrive, ratchet and clank, spyro, as well as some of the final fantasy and mgs games

Microsoft fails in this.

So does Sony. Sony has been kicking @ss recently with their exclusives. - B1ueNew

7 Nintendo almost never jumps in on a bandwagon.

That I agree on. At least, they haven't jumped on the Battle Royal badwagon like literally every other developers. - RogerMcBaloney

Nintendo doesn't do things that other companies are doing just because their idea sold well. Nintendo innovates and tries to make their own successful ideas.

Nintendo fan bandwagon.


8 Virtual Console

Isn't what the emulation means? - BorisRule

Too bad you can't get it anymore on the Switch. The only actual way you CAN play old games is getting the online membership, and even then you can only play a few NES games with 2 or 3 added every month.

Too bad the wii shop shut down last month.. - Katildalover93

The Switch doesn't have it. Instead you gotta get a online membership. - B1ueNew

9 Nintendo Rebuilt the Gaming Industry

After the crash Nintendo came out with the NES and rebuilt the gaming industry with great games

Nintendo is a hero

With out Nintendo gaming would be dead.

I am glad they did! - 123bernie

10 Nintendo 64

Is the best!

yep - GleamingShadow

Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of time may not be the best games ever like everybody says but they are amazing games that are as good as everybody says (just not the best. ) Yes, PlayStation has the best fifth generation video game, metal gear solid, but that and Final Fantasy VII are the only PlayStation 1 games that actually rival the Nintendo 64! - HeavyDonkeyKong

What about it? - B1ueNew


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11 Nintendo's Fans Are More Mature

How? Most Nintendo fans I see on this website and in the real world are just mean, closed-minded and biased. All the arguments they give to prove Nintendo is the best, like they have to justify that for some reason, all their arguments are simply weak and basically all down to their personal preferences or things they consider as "facts". - RogerMcBaloney

I think this list has a bunch of Nintendo fans being mean and rude to Sony and Microsoft fans, but a bad fanbase doesn't make something bad. Plus, Sony and Microsoft fans are kinda rude as well.

I have seen like 500 different PS or Xbox fans troll on Nintendo (one guy even said "Who needs to play games in 3D? The Vita is way better", that was all he said, he gave no reason as to what made it better), and I have not seen 1 Nintendo fan troll on PS or Xbox.

This list has pretty has a lot of fans trolling on Sony and Microsoft. - Drawbox

Mature than the Playstion Troll who made fun of a Nintendo Fan who died of Lung Cancer

12 Nintendo Makes Sure Their Consoles Work

Nintendo had their fair share of problems with their consoles too. Take the Switch for example: they didn't make the joy cons correctly at first, so people who bought the console would experience problems with them. Of course, Nintendo did the right thing and fixed the problem quickly. And, again, this argument doesn't work against Microsoft and Sony because they ALSO fix their consoles if there ever is a problem. - RogerMcBaloney

This guy on YouTube bought his first Xbox one. The a button didn't work (the controller costed billions to research) and got it replaced and the new one got turned on and turned off instantly

I don't know about Sony, but Microsoft products have a tendency to not work right when purchased (that is including pc and Xbox). Nintendo products are built to last and just about every Nintendo product works properly on the first day with the rare exception (my DS doesn't have internet access, but it doesn't interfere with gameplay).

Yea, like all the issues that came with the nintendo switch, and the consoles that are bending.

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13 Great Soundtracks for Games

So do games that are not made by Nintendo. The soundtracks aren't even made by the companies themselves, but by artists and you Nintendo fanboys think the opposite and automatically brand their music as crap just to make Nintendo look better. - RogerMcBaloney

I love the Mario soundtracks now - GleamingShadow

The soundtracks are pretty cool in Nintendo and they have comfortable light musics too, especially when you turn on Nintendo e shop

14 Way More Variety

Sony and Microsoft have a lot of variety as well, plenty of different games and franchises from every video game genres are on their consoles. While Nintendo has great games, they haven't done much to provide players with variety. They don't even bother creating new characters anymore, they just use Mario over and over again. Want a fighting game? Here have Smash with every character you've seen before! Want a racing game? Have Mario-Kart, with yet again the same old characters! (Those games aren't bad, but Nintendo is really milking the heck out of the Mario franchise). - RogerMcBaloney

Xbox and PS are pretty much nothing but first-person shooters. Sure, Nintendo is mostly just platformers, but the experience when platforming varies from game to game way more often than in FPSes.

Exactly. It's way better than the Boring Madden and Fifa games. These are so repetitive! - Katildalover93

Oh heck yes - GleamingShadow

15 Nintendo Consoles Are Less Flawed and More Durable

I'm Definitely With You On this. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally dropped my Switch,...And it's still fully intact. It's awesome really. - DStar

Nintendo consoles, on average, last about 5-7 years of daily use before they break, which is usually long enough to last until the next console is released.
Xbox and PlayStation consoles, however, on average, only last about 4-5 years. On top of that, there are some major flaws in their designs. For example, if an Xbox 360 is picked up or moved while reading a disc, the console will grind the disc and make deep scratches in its surface, making the disc unreadable. Both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles have a ring of death of some sort.

Why would you ever pick up your console while it's reading a disk or even just functioning? - RogerMcBaloney

Aw yeah, I had my wii for 12 years, still doing very good, I do still enjoy using it, my aunt has a gamecube too, that's also still doing great - Ashfly

True. My GBA has had nothing wrong since I got it. In 2003.

16 Nintendo helps develop games, while Microsoft & Sony leave it to their game developers.

Nintendo has helped develop over hundreds of possibly thousands of games! While Microsoft & Sony haven't done Jack-Squat since 2001 (Microsoft) and 1995 (Sony).

Banjo Kazooie-Tooie, Bayonetta 2, Goldeneye, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day are great examples of this - Kid_ethinederland

17 Fewer Hardware Issues

Ps3 dies for no reason and red ring of death Nintendo has none of these issues at all

Problems are starting to happen on the Switch with the left joy con but Nintendo handles it well and actually replaces the left joy con for free. - Kid_ethinederland

When you play for a long time, the Xbox 360 will be overheated and it will surely cause damage.

I'm looking at you, Xbox 360.

No batteries is not a hardware problem...

18 Their Gimmicks are Actually Pretty Cool

Wii vitality sensor - epicdongus69

Nintendo wii actually has cool channels and n64 has all those paks like rumble pak when all sony & Microsoft does copy Nintendo and copy each other like Kinect & playstation move and lets be honest, Nintendo makes way cooler gaming experiences when sony & microsoft just makes those lame controllers.

Yeah! Nintendo invented selfies thanks to their Game Boy Camera & Game Boy Printer. Nice job, Nintendo. What else? Game Boy Calculator?

Really 1% but I everything

19 Backwards Compatibility

Xbox One: Am I a joke to you? - HaloFanboy

Xbox and PS have better graphics, but Nintendo's graphics are fine and whose graphics are best only matters when you want to buy a multiplatform game. Xbox and PS have online, but I still don't get the big deal of it, plus, the Wii you has good online so now it doesn't really matter. Nintendo doesn't play DVDs or Blurays, but I still don't get why that ever even started. I'd much rather see DVD playing on a handheld console. Unlike these things Sony and Microsoft seem to think people want, Nintendo gives gamers something actually helpful, backwards compatibility. And yeah, Nintendo didn't start with backwards compatibility until the DS and Wii, and the Wii you doesn't play GameCube games, but at least they have backwards compatibility. Microsoft and Sony haven't done it at all, and I'd expect them to more. They have way more customers who had a console the generation before, and they're names change way less. Xbox, Xbox 360. PS2, PS3. GameCube, Wii. Which two consoles would you expect ...more

My Wii plays game cube games

I mean, definite yes for past systems and VC, but the Switch has a few growing pains it needs to work out, but other than that, yeah!

20 The 1st-Party Games are Cared About More than The 3rd-Party Games

Yeah, Nintendo doesn' just sit around doing nothing'. The give us the games! - HeavyDonkeyKong

21 The Controllers

Agreed. PS1, PS2 and PS3 controllers weren't comfortable. The PS4 and X-box One controllers however are arguably better. - RogerMcBaloney

They made so many amazing controllers. They invented the D-pad with the Game & Watch, DK Bongos with the GameCube, the shoulder buttons with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the analog stick with the Nintendo 64. How do you like that Sony & Microsoft? Try to do something more innovative that those.

Have you seen how much the controllers have changed. Look at x-box's controller and PlayStation's dualshock controller and see the difference

22 The Music

Have you seen how much music there is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? There's over 700 new remixes, past remixes, and original pieces of music. Clearly Nintendo knows that the music in a game is almost as important as being able to see the game.
(P.S. The music in Splatoon is amazing).

The wii music enough said - Xomanxy

Yup its true the nintendo games music is great

Nintendo has the best music in the biz. In games like The Legend of Zelda, being stuck is a lot more tolerable with a beautiful symphony that matches the mood of situation.

23 Their New Consoles Actually Seem New

I know it's not a big deal, I'm always baffled as to why people don't find a new console special enough even though there's a ton of new games. But still, Microsoft taking the Xbox, making it bigger and less stupid looking, and adding a random number to it, as well as Sony never so much as making a new controller, it just really seems like every few years their presidents say "Oh, let's barely do anything, our fans will do anything.

Nintendo is also so much better with making lovable characters and stories in there games unlike Sony and Microsoft with every game being a first person shooter And with Call of Duty and Killzone what's the difference beetween them both?

The 3ds is more convenient than PS Vita due to 3D graphics and it has 3D camera to show better photos. It also has motion sensors that is great. Also, it uses a stylus than your fingers. I think it's better with stylus because using your fingers will get sore. So, 3ds and Nintendo I would vote for.

Nintendo actually take risks. Not only with their games, but with their consoles. The fact that some of the execs took a pay cut because of poor sales must say a lot. Whilst Microsoft and Sony compete to see who can make the most powerful box, Nintendo actually give you a reason to choose them, and are willing to take risks, rather than play it safe.

24 There are games for a variety of demographics

Same thing for Playstation and X-box. What's your point? - RogerMcBaloney

25 WiiU

The Wii U is awesome! I don't get why people hate it.

The Wii U is an awesome console, the little things such as its exclusives and the free online gameplay just shine

The Wii U was good - Ashfly

Wii u is awesome

26 They Are More Creative

The people at Nintendo are innovators. They set into motion most of a consoles characteristics today, and they break out of what is normal, to instead what is original, and creative. Things that other companies can only try to mimic. For example, the standard shoulder buttons on most modern controllers originated from the SNES controller, and the Wii's motion controls were so popular, Sony tried to copy them with the PS Move. Sometimes this creativity will succeed, and other times, a new idea will get shunned. But that doesn't change the fact that they aren't afraid to break the boundaries, and make not just a standard console, but an innovative one that will shape the future of gaming.

I agree. Sony might have have Call of Duty at their side but Nintendo has more color and they have really good taste in games. Period

Nintendo innovates, Sony and Microsoft imitate.

So true! Mario + Zelda

27 They Actually Make 1st-Party Games

Microsoft, we all know you've got a huge computer company keepin' you busy, but if you could make just one game on your own, not have a company you own do it, that would be nice.

I don't think anyone seems to know what "first party" means - Tectal

At least Sony makes first party games.

People troll Nintendo for not having consoles built around third party, and while that does show with the Wii U, the Wii was a first party cosnoel and, sales-wise, it STILL kicked the 360's and ps3's asses! - HeavyDonkeyKong

28 Saved the Video Game Crash of 1982

It was 1983, not 1982. - Gehenna


If it didn't save the gaming industry then Xbox and Play Station wouldn't be here.

29 They're An Actual Video Game Company

This doesn't really make a difference either, but if there was no longer any consoles being made by real game companies, I'd feel like I'm in 1983.

This one is true. I here people complain how they hardly see 3rd party games on this. That's because they are a game company. Sega is a game company. That's why even Sonic Boom is popular because Nintendo and Sega know what there doing. PlayStations cool but it's not as fun as Nintendo. Which games aren't really fun unless Nintendo has it too. The only game I like from PS4 is Arkham Knights. Not much of anything else. Sega may have crashed but they still know what they are doing just like Nintendo. The other ones just aren't fun at all half the time

Nintendo has been around since 1889 that's ALMOST 130 YEARS - Kid_ethinederland

Sony is a T.V. and movie company. Microsoft is a computer and mobile device company. Nintendo is a game company. Which one do you think is better in making games?

Being an "actual" gaming company doesn't make them better at making games. It's not simple to make games. You need good programmers, artists and a lot of resources and hardware. Any company that has those things can make plenty of good games. - RogerMcBaloney

30 Sony and Microsoft Are Lazy

So true! All that they do are copy ninendo consoles and just focus more on graphics than games!

Their fans are too LOL. Looking at them, they need the Wii!

Sony only made 1 first-party game

Sony's alright, it's just (points at Microsoft). Sony's amazing, it doesn't just do video games. They do movies as well, it's just the games on the PS suck. Although I'm still upset about the advert that they made when the PS was released. Some weird fox thing from one of the games on the PS held a megaphone outside Nintendo and started shouting at them. Watch Video Games: the Movie.

31 Pokémon X and Y Are Better Than Anything Sony and Microsoft Have Ever Made

huh? - epicdongus69

Ratchet and Clank.
Crash Bandicoot.
Jak and Daxter.
Sly Cooper.
Uncharted. - Drawbox

Better plot, better gameplay. And they call me weird for liking it when they just want to play their shooter clones all day.

I hate all of this over-generalisation. - Tectal

32 The Legend of Zelda

Agreed! Amazing franchise! - RogerMcBaloney

It's dangerous to go alone.
take this stick
good luck kid - GleamingShadow

They have skyward sword

I called the guy who said it was a bad series offensive. NO. NO ITS AWESOME

33 The Image is Way More Fun

As opposed to gross shades of green or that indescribable bad vibe Playstation gives off.

Have fun is to have games Nintendo

Nintendo has nice colourful games that are fun to look at

Why does xb1x and ps4p have 4k? I played Xeno 2 on my Switch in handheld mode and I thought it looked beautiful. And although I will admit realism looks nice on xb, anything else just... doesn't roll with me. And for all you saying nintendo is for babies, JUST PLAY METROID PRIME! It's realistic, an fps, and this time, AN ACTUALLY GOOD FPS SINCE GOLDENEYE! Nintendo makes sure they appeal to everyone, but when you immediatly just assume they're kiddy when all you know is just Mario, is that really fair? Sackboy and Crash are PS mascots. That doesn't make PS a console for kids. Xbox has Lucky Fox and that Pinata game. (Proboably more for a younger audience than Nintendo! ) Don't judge a book by it's cover.

34 Free Online Play

Now it's only 20 bucks a year - GleamingShadow

Actaully 20 bucks a year is a good price

If only this were still true... - Toab

You know what? I'm sick of people complaining about the upcoming paid online service for Nintendo switch. It's like "oh no! How am I going to get 20$? " Seriously. You would spend that much at a cheap fast food restaurant. Also about the NES games: there aren't infinity NES games, Nintendo would have to put in SNES, N64 and GC games because they would simply run out of NES games to put in. And besides, how can you criticize an online service when it's not even out yet? They could be hiding something big. But no you all take a dump on Nintendo and fill up all videos about the online service with dislikes and salt.

35 It's Not Just About Games

Well Microsoft has Computers and Sony has an Animated movie branch, a television show branch (I think), a live action movie branch etc.

Nintendo is not just about games, it's a whole gaming culture. People still talk about and play old games released 20 years ago. There is a range of Nintendo merchandise people collect. How many sony/Microsoft fans still talk about the first gran turismo or halo? Nintendo has proved that creative vision behind a game is more important than the number of pixels on the screen or the number of cores inside the box

Nintendo has more things about it, which dumb, idiotic Call of Duty fanboys wouldn't know. Does Minecraft have a T.V. show? Does Halo have plush toys? No to both. While Sony and Microsoft do violent games, Nintendo does more family friendly games that everybody enjoys. Even great teenage YouTubers love Nintendo. I don't even find any Sony or Microsoft game nostalgic. Why? I don't even go near it much.

Talk about contradictions. You say it's not just about games by using games in your statement.

36 Mario Kart 7

I love Nintendo and Mario Kart but Mario Kart Wii and 8 were funner than Mario Kart 7. Not saying it's bad, but I Mario Kart DS for a handheld would be my choosing.

ThiS game was ind of boring :/

37 Flipnote Studio

Now that the game is extinct as of April 1 2017(as in no longer downloadable), I'm trying to find every dsi in all the stores I know if any of them have Flipnote studio. Don't delete your copies of the game. If you do, it cannot be recovered, EVER! Also, there will be one less copy in existence. At least it's sequel Flipnote studio 3d (A.K.A Flipnote studio 2)is still available through the Nintendo rewards program, My Nintendo.

I have that game on my sisters DS.

Ayy ugopwn is now also available for dsi units on 1.4.5e and 1.4.5j - Ashfly

38 Nintendo Games Create Fun. Sony and Microsoft Create Violence.

What's wrong with violence in video games? Nintendo fans always use this lame excuse. How does being kids friendly make a game better than another game that is destined for a more mature audience? - RogerMcBaloney

I mean, compared to Microsoft, they actually make KID-FRIENDLY games. Microsoft just makes Grand Theft Auto, HALO, etc. - EpicNintendoFan24

Nintendo games are developed for everyone to play, with a clean and sanity diversion. Sony and Microsoft create violence making Blood and Gore games, intense violence and some Playstation Fans and Microsoft Fans gets angry when they lost a game online and offline.

But Nintendo unites the family to play together with real fun.

The most violent games in Nintendo are mainly Fire Emblem games and Smash Bros. games. Other than that, Nintendo is kid friendly (E-E10+), creating quality content across many different consoles. - EpicNintendoFan24

39 HAL

Hal aré good at making smash bros and my favirote is Nintendo but pc it's the best and don't argumenta que or you will be criticised

I love smash bros

They made great SSB and Kirby games. The third party games for Nintendo consoles are still amazing.

Kirby and Smash Bros are better than just shooting and killing people all day. XBOX and PS are pointless - XpizzamanXx

40 Mario Mario Mario is the main character in the Mario Bros. Franchise, who was created by the creative director and video game designer at Nintendo of Japan, Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario has appeared in almost every Mario Game, including spinoff series, as a playable character, with few exceptions including New Super more.

While the Mario series continues to innovate gaming and change the genres of their games, Call of Duty is the SAME THING every time. Adding 5 new guns doesn't innovate a thing.

Mario franchises are also the same thing every time you know. Don't you go and tell me that Mario Kart is innovative. Adding or changing maps or characters doesn't innovate a thing either. Same thing goes for Smash Bros and most Mario franchises. - RogerMcBaloney

Mario saved the gaming industry!

I like Zelda better.

Mario is the Kim Jong-Un of video games. - thearkis

41 Microsoft and Sony Are Overrated

I have played a majority of the game genres included in PlayStation and Xbox, so this is from experience. Their games, innovations, ideas, and purposes can be seen as solely based on competition. Some people will deny that Nintendo is good because they refuse to try anything new. The irrelevant labels that people implicate on Nintendo are opaque in their sense, like someone saying another person is stupid without even knowing who they are. Many of these games are truly overrated, such as the mundane production of FPS, racing, and sports games. No doubt Xbox and PlayStation both have their exclusively appealing games, but they all stick to their subject, and never change. For example, Call of Duty has over ten games in its franchise, and one can see that they blatantly attempt to improve their games every year through a bland series of poorly thought ambition. Some of their games are fun to play for a while, but they quickly get shunned out by their feeble innovations. Xbox and ...more

Overrated doesn't mean it's bad you know. And the same thing could be said about Nintendo. - RogerMcBaloney

The ps1 and ps2 had barely any must have games apart from spyro, and the n64 has Zelda, Mario 007, conkers, and donkey kong - Harri666

What is so special in Xbox and PlayStation? All of the games are violent. All of their genres are FPS, racing and sports. SONY AND Microsoft are so stupid. I have played Xbox and PS consoles over a 100 times. When I knew about Nintendo, I tested many consoles and their games and no games of Microsoft and sony could even beat on game of Nintendo, neither in story nor in gameplay. Nintendo is the best and it is the real winner of the three.

42 They Work With Other Major Companies

They worked with Sega for the Mario and Sonic crossovers, Namco for Super Mario Sluggers and most of the Klonoa games, Capcom for Mega Man Battle Network and the Layton games.

Thanks to that, Mario is my main. I only liked sonic and Sega but they worked together to make Mario and sonic in the Olympic games and now they're my favorite. Nintendo AND SEGA RULE

They actually worked with Namco on Super sluggers because u can see their logo.

This makes no sense.

43 Nintendo Is Child Friendly

Age ratings don't make a video game company bad or good.

Nintendo makes children innovative and creative with their Puzzle games. PlayStation and Xbox makes children crazy and stubborn with their violence games. Nintendo makes children interact and socialize with others. Xbox and PlayStation makes children go mad with others.

HA! You never see a m rated game in Nintendo because they don't want children to go crazy!

M rated to me means Makes you stupid, T means totally choose Smash Bros Melee and Brawl as the best Teen Game, and E means Every Nintendo franchise is better than Call of Duty.

44 Without them, there would never be any PlayStation

Sony would not have made the first play station if they hadn't left Nintendo - GleamingShadow

Nintendo is the one who helped Sony build the first PlayStation over an agreement to share a percentage of the cash. Sony got too greedy and took the cash for themselves giving Nintendo none of it! Nintendo practically built the PlayStation and started Xbox by the way the PlayStation was built! Nintendo is at the heart of ALL gaming!

Thanks for (sort of) making the PlayStation, Nintendo.

45 The Kirby Series

The Kirby series is so fun and awesome. This is one of those series like Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, etc. - XpizzamanXx

I love the kirby series

Kirby, it’s has hard parts, easy parts, but the TRUE ARENA! I could give a bet that the Sony people would say “ This is tough! I can’t shoot anything! “ And I would say “ beat this and you can have your ps3 back” and leave the room.

46 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Nintendo gave the world of video games a new start after The North American Video Game Crash of 1983, in which most of the companies including Atari, the then market leaders, went bankrupt. - jimmy12lee

Awesome. Filled with fun games. - XpizzamanXx

Call of Duty Fanboy: This is the worst console in the world! This console never save gaming the Atari did! NES f***ing sucks! Nobody likes it nobody! The games are terrible and hard to control! I wish this console didn't exist and the PlayStation and Xbox will still exist without this dumb console!

47 Nintendo Doesn't Cause Video Game Obsession

Tell that to the dudes at my college who play Nintendo games all day instead of focusing on their education and everything going on in their lives. - RogerMcBaloney

Only in a Nintendo game have I been told to take a break
BY THE GAME - GleamingShadow

I know, right? Shigeru Miyamoto said "Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-and-roll." When does a video game company ever tell you "Don't stop playing our games." & you become obsessed with video games? Nobody! So, why are some people obsessed with video games? Because they choose to be that way. I like video games, and I don't want to be obsessed with them.

They make games fun and interesting, but not obsessive.

48 Nintendo Makes Best Software to Sell More Hardware

Nintendo says: "Software sells Hardware" and they have the reason. Istead of Sony and Microsoft that they only focus on graphics, Nintendo makes the best and innovating Software to sell more Hardware.

49 Nintendo Consoles Are Less Expensive

The switch is pretty pricy - GleamingShadow

The Nintendo Switch is $300, Compared to a PS4 which is $400 and compared to an Xbox one which is $500.
anyway, if you go to DKOldies, An Average NES is about $127.14. a PS2 is $238.39, and an Original Xbox is $182.77.
The Game Boy is $135.08, But that isn't much.
The DS is $95.35, The PSP (Playstation Portable) is $222.50, THEY CAME OUT IN THE SAME YEAR! - Kambochia12

The deluxe Wii you package costs only $300, which is one hundred dollars less expensive than a PlayStation 4, priced at $400, and two hundred dollars less than an Xbox One, priced at $500. Also, Xbox charges you an extra $10 a month for online multiplayer.

Today the Handheld DS online costs 20 dollars - XpizzamanXx

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50 Nintendo Supports Local Multiplayer Over Online Multiplayer

Local multiplayer means everyone is playing together on the same device or network. That also means that Nintendo supports families playing together, as opposed to Xbox and PlayStation's standard online multiplayer, where you play mostly with strangers, and the occasional tantrum-thrower or troll.

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