Nintendo Games


I KNOW! Many of the wii games are actually fun and are for all ages and PS3 & the Xbox 360 most of the time have just violent games which mostly my parents won't allow. I mean, who in the world hates Mario! Who? Anyone? I definitely love it and is the first main reason why I LOVE the Nintendo Wii.

Whoever hates MARIO or Link or Kirby or any character gets a Falco Punch in the face. - Kid_ethinederland

I agree. Other games are broken and just not as polished as Nintendo games are. While other consoles may be more realistic and more processing power, Nintendo is the one that's innovative and produces polished games.

If someone asked about reviewing a sony or Microsoft game, I will kill him. It's so stupid. I like Nintendo for their fun and innovative games. Nintendo, you should survive for the sake of all the Nintendo fans.


At least Sony has made some great games like Uncharted, Little Big planet, Ratchet and Clank etc. Microsoft only has Halo. Nintendo dwarves both. In conclusion, Nintendo has the best games, Sony has some great gems, and Microsoft has one or two games.

After I got my Wii back, I kinda ditched my Xbox 360 because I don't have any game I like there. Most in there seems like just the same old pattern, while Nintendo and their "rival" allies have cute characters, cool storyline and overall differing styles. - SoaPuffball

They always have good ideas. And sometimes they have sequels and mostly listen to what people want in games like super smash bros 4 or whatever their going to name it. Ratchet and clank is my only favorite sony game series but I think Nintendo is a bit better.

Xbox and PlayStation have games which is violent, violent, violent and VIOLENT! Nintendo has Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Pikmin, Rayman and a lot more. Thank you Nintendo! Today I'm happy and interested with video games only because of you.

Thank you for writing this article. The world is filled with Microsoft and sony fanboys who are blinded by graphics, its good to see someone using their head

I like to play Call of Duty and Halo, and I like to play Sony's online games like Free Realms, but I love all the Sonic games (even though Sega makes them, but they are friends with Nintendo laugh out loud), Mario games, Disney Infinity, and a lot of other games.

Obviously, The Only Microsoft Franchises I Remember And Know Are Halo, Gears Of War, And Forza Horizon, Sony Has A Hand Full Of Memorable Franchises Though, And Nintendo Is The Best Obviously - VideoGamefan5

@Microsoft and Sony: your games are okay, but Nintendo games are timeless. Call me when you have a game as iconic as Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Metroid, Earthbound, Punch-Out, Star Fox, Pikmin...

Google Playstation games / Xbox Games, and all you get is FPS Games and Sports based titles, but google Nintendo Games, you get original stories, artwork, and characters. I bring my NES to school everyday, hook it up in the media lounge, and the teachers let us play Megaman, Mario 3, and Contra.

There are so many nostalgic video games that Nintendo creates. The company sure knows how to make relatable video games for audiences of different ages.

No no no, I'm one of the nice Xbox fans so I don't want to be mean to any Nintendo fans, but Xbox games are more grown up and a lot more fun than Nintendo games. No offense to any Nintendo fans, but Nintendo games are for like 5 year olds. - AdamtheHALOfan

The games on PS4 actually have a compelling story and I don't see a problem with the violence because that is what most people want in an action game. What action can you get from a game like Mario besides dieing. Mostly kids and people who have a problem with violence play Nintendo although some are fun. I like Nintendo but Sony will always win.

Nintendo Has Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Fire Emblem, Pikmin, and many more. Sony and Microsoft have Metal Gear Solid and Call of Duty. LOL

Mario Pokemon Zelda metroid Kirby smash bros star fox mother fire emblem all awesome franchises only on nintendo. Xbox halo that's it

Grew up with these games and can't see the gaming culture as it is today without them.

Nintendo has the best collection of video games. All I could find on Xbox One are games overloaded with useless DLCS, graphic intensive first person shooters, boring sports games, and more drowsy games. Come on, even in Splatoon the characters don't really die! They get "splatted" and respawn. I'm happy about this because I would never kill a person in a video game or real life. I heard the Nintendo Switch will get a Skyrim port, but that's going to be useless. Hopefully it will attract players of dumb Sony/Microsoft. The only good game I could ever find on the Xbox One is Minecraft, and it's thankfully available at the Wii U. And Shovel Knight is available also at non-Nintendo platforms, but I think the best experience is the Wii U version. If you are tired of Nintendo's first party games, try the indie games. I heard they are decent. - CakeToppings

Unlike with Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has a very wide plethora of well made games.

They have the top three video games series exclusive to them which is pokemon, mario and the legend of zelda.

I do like Nintendo Games, but I don't see how this makes Nintendo a better company than Sony and Microsoft. - Tectal

Best games for everyone and brought gaming back to life with the NES

Microsoft and Sony, with the majority of games - excluding notable exceptions - are the exact opposite of maturity, despite claims and common stigma.

If you can learn to appreciate them, games like Pokémon, Mario, Zelda, etcetera, will provide you with infinitely deeper enjoyment and will stick with you for more than just a decade. You will get more from a Nintendo game than you ever will from the majority of Microsoft and Sony console games.

And the soundtracks for the games are masterpieces in their own rights. There's that, too.

Can you at least explain why this is an entry? , let alone the top spot on the list? - VideoGamefan5