Reasons Why Nintendo Is Better Than Microsoft & Sony

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61 Amiibo

I have a Link amiibo and a Mario amiibo because I like Mario and The Legend Of Zelda.

Too bad they don't make enough for everyone.

This is enough to make PS and Xbox to be crushed down by Nintendo.

62 Free DLCs

In Mario kart 8 there is a free dlc for Mercedes Benz karts and wheels. If it was up to Microsoft it would have been like 5 dollars or just money

63 Flipnote Studio V 1 Comment
64 There are games for a variety of demographics
65 The Community

Yeah, you are right and this is a very good point. They provide Miiverse too.

Nintendo people are just nice! It doesn't matter who they are, two Zelda or Pokémon fans can always get along. Just a happy lot. And also, StreetPass is great for meeting others.

66 Conker's Bad Fur Day

Amazing game by Rare

Wait, doesn't this have blood and censoring? - XpizzamanXx

Conker Live & Reloaded on Xbox is much better.

Conker's bad fur day on N64 is way better

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67 Fire Emblem Awakening

The third most critically acclaimed game of 2013. Excellent game play, voice acting, and good graphics. Also has good DLC.

68 Founded In 1889

When Nintendo came out with the Game Boy, they were celebrating their 100th anniversary!

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69 Mario Kart 8

Do I really need to explain myself on this one?

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70 No Repetitive Game Play Even In Direct Sequels

Some people may say Nintendo remade lots of Zeldas and Mario. One thing. If the title is the same not necessarily the gameplay

71 Xbox has trollers

Nintendo doesn't have angry redneck 7 year olds idiot

Not to mention minecrap!

Whenever I play online on Xbox Live, I never ran into a random 7 year old or a sadistic troll. While on Nintendo, I ran into tons of angry redneck 7 year olds!

72 Earthbound series

One of the world's best classical retro titles, only on Nintendo.

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73 Hudson's Mario Party series

Hehehe NINTENDO4DAWIN - XpizzamanXx

74 Sega, Capcom, and Konami are supported by Nintendo as allies

Why not make a console that would knock out sony and Microsoft! I mean, Nintendo has the power with the use of their allies!

Nintendo also has Namco and Square Enix as there allies too

75 The Controllers

They made so many amazing controllers. They invented the D-pad with the Game & Watch, DK Bongos with the GameCube, the shoulder buttons with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the analog stick with the Nintendo 64. How do you like that Sony & Microsoft? Try to do something more innovative that those.

Have you seen how much the controllers have changed. Look at x-box's controller and PlayStation's dualshock controller and see the difference

76 Miiverse

They didn't even make a reply button.

Miiverse is great but Nintendo update something like:
Unyeah button next to yeah button
Miiverse admi too find who report the post, comment or a user.
And videos without YouTube.

77 Club Nintendo

It doesn't exist anymore, but has been replaced with MyNintendo - Keb

78 Nintendo Direct

I like sony and Microsoft. But I agree they should have make a direct like Nintendo is doing.

79 Great Soundtracks for Games

The soundtracks are pretty cool in Nintendo and they have comfortable light musics too, especially when you turn on Nintendo e shop

80 The Wii U Gamepad

It is better than that stupid Xbox and PS. They are just like their predecessors.


A crappy iPad that was clunky and lasted not even 4 hours.

Shut up idiot. its not an ipad. the wii u lasted more than sony and microsoft's ps and xbox

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