Reasons Why Nintendo Is Better Than Microsoft & Sony

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81 The Wii U Gamepad

It is better than that stupid Xbox and PS. They are just like their predecessors.


A crappy iPad that was clunky and lasted not even 4 hours.

Shut up idiot. its not an ipad. the wii u lasted more than sony and microsoft's ps and xbox

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82 Bowser

I have no comment for this one...

83 They Always Use Their Brains

Yes Nintendo do their best for their fans

Microsoft and Sony just barely does anything. They only make their third party gaming companies such as EA, Ubisoft and others to work for them

84 Ocarina of Time is the best game ever.

With Zelda and the whole Nintendo family, Nintendo is unstoppable.

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85 Mario Kart

A classic, with evenly balanced gameplay and appeals to all ages.

You never almost win. You either win or are blue shelled at the finish line.

You never almost win. You either win or are blue shelled at the finish line."

Xbox fan alert...

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