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1 Nintendo owns some of the best selling video game franchises

Nintendo is way more innovative compared to sega because literally sega stole the idea of Mario kart and put sonic characters in them

So every game that has characters racing is a ripoff of Mario Kart? - DCfnaf

Super Mario bros,
The legend of Zelda,
Says it all. - nintendofan126

Pokemon is the reason I love Nintendo. - Kiteretsunu

Hel yeah b0i

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2 Nintendo has better consoles

Nintendo has great consoles! Sega had some good consoles to, don't get me wrong... - nintendofan126

This doesn't matter, PlayStation is clearly better than both - keyson

I like Nintendo better than PlayStation, but even if I didn't, this doesn't make this an invalid reason for Nintendo being better than sega! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Yes! Nintendo puts great, original ideas into each of their consoles. Xbox has no original ideas. PS had a couple, like dual analog, but Nintendo is the king of innovation. - ninjafrog658

Sega started by their console SEGA Genesys and after a will they used nintendos console like:game cube, wii,wii u and others

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3 Nintendo is a better company

Sega doesn't make half the money Nintendo makes. - nintendofan126

They do make more money in all fairness.

Shut up sega fanboy

Well Nintendo is better than SEGA but Nintendo did mess up the controls of virtual console of 3ds

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4 Nintendo has better characters

Take Mario, And Link, for an example. - nintendofan126

Because of one character, Nintendo had an idea of creating a whole bunch of different characters and because of that, I have a whole bunch of favorite characters and my favorite is Rosalina!

I actually know who the Nintendo characters are fore one, whereas I only know a few SEGA characters.

Mario wins instead of sonic, need I say more?

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5 Nintendo has a better mascot

Mario saved the video game industry's, when sonic started a console war. - nintendofan126

Mario saved video games for ever - YuGi_Hero

Mario is the king of Video Games, while Sonic The Hedgehog sadly has been dragged through the mud over the years. - egnomac

Mario > sonic

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6 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I prefer Skyward Sword and Link to the Past, but this is my third favorite Zelda game ever. That means it is also my third favorite game ever.

The game was so amazing, it got a remake. - nintendofan126

How can I place my opinion if it doesn't describe what your point is?

Only good reason but 1 game doesn't make a company better that's just bragging

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7 Mario saved the video game industry

Wow chaotix, your crazy for Sega and anti Nintendo, I think everyone knows this now. - YuGi_Hero


8 Mario Is Better Than Sonic

Shadow swagger 922, you are stupid and you don't know your science, Mario has been going on since 1981, they made millions and billions from Mario, Sinic came 10 years later, while sega just wanted to create a war saying they are better, sega is clearly not better, don't make consoles anymore, they only one good franchise that will only last for a limited time (Sonic), Mario is no match for Sonics speed but sonic is no match for Marios strength, Yoshi is a really fast runner and he's pretty fast, he can slow sonic down, while Mario can kill him with his super jump punch or fireball throw, if sonic was in super form, and if Mario was in stone form, Mario is really heavy and strong, sonic can't push him, punch him, grab him, trip him or throw him, Mario can grab him, and super punch him with his foreclosed power up or power ups, by the way if Mario was dead, Link, would back him up, Pokemon too, and other Nintendo creations, sonic is not fast as the flash, SEGA doesn't know their ...more

Mario ( hands down) is better than any/ all the sega characters combined!

It Is True... Mario Is The Best And For Sonic... Being A Jerk - CuteGirlJigglypuff

That is true! Mario has better games, better characters, better story, better everything! Sure sonic is very fast, but that does not compare to marios stregnth, and agility. Mario defentily wins

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9 Mario's Games are always successful' While Sega can make unfinished and ripped-off games

The Mario Kart series was very well and have sold over 100 million copies worldwide, while Sonic's racing games like Sonic R and All Stars Racing Transformed have barely edged 10 million. Sorry Sonic, looks like you're too slow now.

10 Nintendo's been around longer

To the idiot who wrote that Sega wouldn't exist without Nintendo. What's true is that Sonic wouldn't exist without Mario. Sega was originally an American company based in Hawaii, long before Nintendo went from selling card games to making video games. Sega was later bought by a Japanese man who ran the Japanese division and Sega as we know them today started business.

Dude shut up and accept the facts. Nintendo was way before Sega. Sega wouldn't exist without Nintendo - ZesaX

It actually does help idiot, if Nintendo was never created Sega would have never been created.

How does that help


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11 Super Smash Bros. Series

This should be top 1. Super Smash Bros. is the best video game franchise ever!

I Like Super Smash Bros - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Best fighting game ever

Um... Sonic is in this game... and sega has loads of popular fighting game E.G. Mortal Combat, streets of rage

12 Sega made insulting commercials towards Nintendo.

That was when they were rivals, and plus there was one SNES where if you typed in Sonic as your name it would say "Not cool enough."

Actually sega makes teenagers helpless and nintendo saved them the genesis commercial is stupid too

Nintendo fans are nuts - ParkerFang


I hate you Nintendo Fanbase. You act like you guys are still at war with SEGA. You are NOT. - DCfnaf

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13 Nintendo has better spin-off games

Okay fine shadow the hedgehog was pretty awful but this one of the only good reasons

So true they never did.

That's great

Mario RPGs > Mario Sports

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14 Nintendo has better experience at making games
15 Nintendo has sold more then Sega

20 million is laughed at by Nintendo. Wii Sports alone sold 82 million units.

What about super smash bros huh

So what? How does this make them better? - DCfnaf

The whole reason Wii Sports sold a lot is cause it came with the gosh dang Wii. -shadowswagger922

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16 Sega doesn't make consoles anymore

Truly, sega is dying they only make mobile games any more

I Don't think Wii u is TERRIBLE. I think that it is something that Nintendo has improved. And I mean IMPROVED SERIOUSLY. Nintendo is BETTER than

Oh shut up chaotix - YuGi_Hero

The wii u is awesome for these reasons top 10 wii u games

10 mario party 10 7 OUT OF 10

9 Mario and sonic at the rio olympimpics 7 OUT OF 10

8 Super mario maker 8 OUT OF 1O

7 Yoshis wooly world 9 OUT OF 10

6 New super mario bros.U 9 OUT OF 10

5 Super mario 3d world 10 OUT OF 10

4 Nintendo land 10 OUT OF 10

3 Splatoon 10 OUT OF 10

2 Super smash brothers for wii u 10 OUT OF 10

1 Mario kart 8 10,000 OUT OF 10

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17 Super Smash Bros

Yes, even sonic joined it, I bet Nintendo felt sorry for sega - YuGi_Hero

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18 Super Mario 64

Best Nintendo game ever, hands down!

No, Ocarina of Time is the best Nintendo game ever!

I Love The Fly Cheat - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Best game ever, better than ocarina of time

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19 Undertale

Undertale isn't made by Nintendo!

Undertale wasn't made by SEGA. It's cancer now.

Warning: Cancer - DCfnaf


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20 Sonic's creator left him

Yeah. Sonia's creator left him, and I don't think he's making Sonic games anymore. He probably left Sega because he knew Sonic 2006 would be a big fail. Ouch. Sorry, Sonic.

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1. Mario saved the video game industry
2. Mario's Games are always successful' While Sega can make unfinished and ripped-off games
3. Nintendo has better characters
1. Nintendo owns some of the best selling video game franchises
2. Nintendo has better consoles
3. Nintendo has a better mascot



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