Top Ten Reasons Why Nintendo Is Overrated


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1 The Graphics/Visuals

Nintendo has bright, colorful visuals. Play an average Xbox game and you can barley see the game.

10 year old graphics are the norm for a Nintendo console

2 Broken Gameplay

So how is it broken?

3 Their Video Games Are Way Too Easy

Come back after you've beaten an NES game.

Gotta be honest, ever since the Wii Nintendo games have been way to casual-friendly with no skill required.

Ever since the SNES era, yes - xandermartin98

Play an NES game,come back, and call it easy.

4 Creating the Least Powerful Home Consoles from Both the 7th and 8th Generations
5 They Didn't Invent Video Games
6 Childish Games

Who made this list! Come on! Show you're self! - nintendofan126

7 The Crossover Titles/Video Games

What is so bad about crossovers?

8 They're Just Figuring Out How to Integrate Proper Online Play Into Games

Ok, this might be the only one with some merit...

9 Broken Controls

Some of the greatest and most innovative controls ever, what are you smoking?

10 Bad Characters

Still more memorable than some guy in a war.

The Contenders

11 Most of Their Older Games Haven't Aged Very Impressively
12 They Cashed In On Activision's Skylanders Fad With Amiibo
13 They Ruined Gaming Forever

Oh really? I think if it wasn't for NES, gaming wouldn't have been as it is now today. - Kiteretsunu

Okay, listen up people! I did not make this lsit! I understand that it may seem like I did make this lsit, because it is unde rmy account after all, but I didn't make it. I'm thinking that maybe my account was probably hacked and all! I have deleted my remix of the list. It is NOT MINE! And if anybody thinks that I am lying in the slightest, check out my lists, and check out my username! I am a Nintendo fan, and have ebeen for over a decade I think! I do NOT think that Nintendo is overrated and I do NOT think that Nintendo ruined the Video gaming Industry forever! Thank you all for reading this! - HeavyDonkeyKong

This list is ruined forever that's for sure.

They revived the market.

14 Their Main Franchise is a Series Where the Sidekick is a Vastly Better Character Than the Main One
15 Creating Way Too Many Iterations of the DS
16 They Took Down AM2R In Exchange For Metroid Prime: Federation Force
17 They Were Being Almost As Annoying As Sega Was During the SNES vs Genesis Bit Wars
18 They Issue Copyright Strikes On Incredibly Great Fangames Without A Second Thought
19 The Nintendo Video Gaming Consoles

An NES is more stable than an Xbo 360.

20 They've Become Incapable of Creating a Console Without Some Type of Ridiculous Gimmick Attached to It
21 Two of Their All Time Coolest Video Game Franchises, Metroid and F-Zero, Still Have Yet to Be Brought Back
22 Many of Their Games Are Nowhere Near As Innovative
23 Their Games Have Extremely Unbalanced Design
24 They're Beginning to Morph Into Another YouTube Sellout Company With Games Like Super Mario Maker and Splatoon
25 Their Stupid YouTube Copyright Policy
26 Rather Than Actually Making a New Metroid or Earthbound Game, Nintendo Simply Let Indie Developers Do It for Them With Undertale and Cave Story

Two Things

New Metroid game coming out this year

2. Mother 3 exists in Eastern Contries - Manowar9

27 They Still Haven't Localized Mother 3
28 They Didn't Actually Create Xenoblade Chronicles; Monolith Soft Did, With Funding from Them
29 Even the Art Styles of Their Games Can Be a Really Mixed Bag at Times
30 They Have Made Some of the Dumbest Consoles Ever, Including But Not Limited to the Wii U and the Virtual Boy
31 The New Super Mario Bros. Series
32 Constantly Milking the Fanservice Cow
33 The Fact That Pokémon is Actually Played Competitively
34 The Fact That Mario Kart and Smash Bros Are Both Turning Into "1337 MLG Pro" Types of Games
35 Disbanding from Rareware
36 For Every Good Decision They Make, They Make at Least Two or Three Terrible Ones
37 Milking Both Mario and Pokémon So Much That All of Their Other Franchises Were Pretty Much Left Out In the Rain

Or maybe because older developers haven't decided to make games. Nintendo doesn't make every single game, Game Freak makes Pokemon. - Manowar9

38 The Third-Party Support On Their Consoles is Laughable at Best
39 Being Almost As Greedy As Microsoft
40 Milking Mario Almost As Much As Sega Milked Sonic
41 Some of the Best Games On Their Consoles Were Actually Not Made by Them
42 People Claiming That Every Game That Isn't Made by Nintendo Sucks
43 Buying Rather Excessively Into the Online-Shooter Fad With Splatoon

Splatoon wasn't hop on the OS fad, its original appearance was like, 2014? - Manowar9

44 Remaking Nes Metroid But Not Super Metroid
45 Making It to Where You Literally Can't Go Ten Feet Into Internet Pop Culture Without Seeing at Least One of Their Characters
46 The Zelda Cycle
47 Practically Giving Up On the Mario vs Sonic War
48 Making Games That Anyone Could Have Made With a Big Enough Team and Getting Ludicrous Amounts of Praise for It
49 They Have Way Too Many Characters, and Most of Them End Up Being Poorly Written and Fairly One-Dimensional As a Result

So, what you are saying, is like 3 characters per game? - Manowar9

50 Everyone's Favorite Mario Character, Yoshi, Only Had Maybe Two Good Games

Just an opinion, my favorite is Koopa. - Manowar9

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1. Creating the Least Powerful Home Consoles from Both the 7th and 8th Generations
2. They Didn't Invent Video Games
3. They're Just Figuring Out How to Integrate Proper Online Play Into Games
1. The Graphics/Visuals
2. Broken Gameplay
3. The Crossover Titles/Video Games


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