Top Ten Reasons Why Nintendo and Sega Are Equally Great

I love Shinobi 3, Zelda Majoras Mask 3d, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mario. So, here is why Sega
and Nintendo are both equal quality.

The Top Ten

1 They both made great games.

Now THIS is a great list. Thank you for not being like the other obnoxius people. You get respect from me.

Including Both Collaboration Games of SEGA and Nintendo Such as F Zero GX and The Mario and Sonic Olympic Games Series

Sonic and Mario are both the favourites.

Just because my name is from Sonic doesn't mean I hate Nintendo!
I might like Nintendo slightly more than Sega OVERALL. ~Gunsn'ShadowHedgehogz

2 They both made great consoles.
3 They both made good handhelds.
4 They are both innovative.

Dreamcast - innovative do to online gaming on it
Wii - innovative do to motion controls on it - Skullkid755

5 They both made console accessories.

Power glove - accessory
Sega 32x - accessory - Skullkid755

6 They both made good and bad choices.

I also forgot to mention that those are some examples of bad choices

Wii U - Losing to PS4
Dreamcast- Lost to PS2 - Skullkid755

7 They both made good controllers.

Genisis controller - good
Gamecube controller - good - Skullkid755

8 They both used 2D and 3D graphics.
9 They both competed in a console war.

Against each other. - shawnmccaul22

10 They both had 3rd party support.

The Contenders

11 Mario and Sonic are both good

I mean Super Mario 1-3 + World on SNES and Sonic 1-3 + Knuckles on Genesis!
That’s the best kind of classic 2D gaming!

12 They have reasonably epic classic games
13 They have very skilled characters
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