Top 10 Reasons Why Nintendo Should Be Making Anime

As we all know Nintendo is a japan company
They need to try anime

The Top Ten

1 They Would Be Really Good at It

Didn't they make those Kid Icarus Uprising anime shorts

Already happened.

Didn't Nintendo make Pokémon? - MarioMaster101

Agreed. Seeing a good anime based on a Nintendo game would be awesome, although this has been done a few times before. (Pokemon, for example)

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2 It Would Make Anime More Iconic

Nintendo makes iconic characters so then anime would get more attention - Adventurur2

3 More Character Development

Think of luigi. He has been a coward and has slowly gotten braver as games go on. so if Mario was anime we'd be in luck - Adventurur2

4 Great Animation

I picture Earthbound aka mother as anime and the fight scenes would be great! - Adventurur2

5 Strong Female Characters

Samus, floria,Zelda, and maybe even Princess peach would be stronger - Adventurur2

6 Good Stories
7 Great Romance

Even though nintendo doesn't do thta lovey dovey stuff
At least they won't hopefully draw samus with big...Boom Booms - Adventurur2

8 Great Intros

Why didn't I add this sooner? - Adventurur2

9 Won't Take Place at a House or School

Ness is the only one I think will have school - Adventurur2

10 No Toilet Humor

Only IF wario gets a series - Adventurur2

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11 Would Have Good Music

So like the remixes from Smashbros - Adventurur2

12 Might Be Mature

Fire emblem and TLOZ might be mature
Not to mention kid icarus - Adventurur2

13 There Will Be Reboots of Previous Pokemon Seasons
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