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1 They intentionally create product scarcity

If You Are Looking For An Nes Classic You Won't Be Able To Find One Because Scalpers Buy Em Up And Resell Them On Ebay For Lots Of Money (The Nes Classic Is Worth 60$ Scalpers Resell Them For Up To 1000$) - christangrant

Its funny how this is one of my most liked comments and yet its back when I used to Capitalize Every Word - christangrant

This is the only thing on this list that actually is a good reason to hate them and I added it - christangrant

I am never buying from Nintendo because of how long the wait for the nintendo switch was

They create scarcity with scalpers

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2 You have to use a friend code to meet players online

Yeah Like In Xbox You Have To Pay To Play Online Like That's Better, (Sarcasm) - VideoGamefan5

It's a lot better than paying to be online! - BoredJeff02

Haha yes this is gay why couldn´┐Ż't they just subscribe to Zaylok instead

To Play Games Online...

Xbox, PS4 - Simply join a game and if you see a player you like, click on them and add them as a friend.
Wii - Find users friend codes to see their miis on the mii parade. To play with them online, simply find someone who shares your internet connection and start playing.

3 Their consoles are nowhere near as good as they once were

Wrong, Even Though The Switch Looks Like Nintendo Trying Too Hard, Still Inaccurate - VideoGamefan5

Not really the Wii U is just as good as the NES. - BoredJeff02

Nintendo's newer consoles are not as good as the old ones. The last great console was the n64.

NES - Great
SNES - Great
N64 - Great
Gamecube - Crap
Wii - Ultra Crap
Wii U - Even More Ultra Crap
Switch - Unplayable

Do you really call the GameCube crap? It wasn't that bad. The line-up to it was incredible. - cjWriter1997

4 Many of their games are rated E for everyone

Do ratings really matter? No what matters is that the game is playable and enjoyable. - BoredJeff02

This list is pretty ridiculous. The creator should go work for IGN - Mcgillacuddy

Yup. I figured this user was a troll. I don't have time for you. You're lucky I remixed your other list. - DCfnaf

Call of Duty fanboy here. Not all are rated E. We got FE fates and Hyrule Warriors that are rated T

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5 Many of their games are Mario-related

Um their are a few Pokemon and third party developer games but whatever. - BoredJeff02

Everything is repetitive

If you don't like Mario, you're out of luck.

Fire Emblem
Smash Bros
Animal Crossing
Donkey Kong Country
Star Fox

All of these franchises associated with Nintendo with classic games to their name. - cjWriter1997

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6 The fanbase is annoying

If You Like Microsoft The Fans Will Attack You And Say That Nintendo Should By Rare Back Or Microsoft Shouldn't Have Bought Rare When They Don't Realize Microsoft Paid Nintendo For Complete Control Of Rare - christangrant

Call Of Duty And Minecraft Have Them Too - VideoGamefan5

Name one video game fanbase that isn't? - BoredJeff02

The fan base isn't annoying at all

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7 Their consoles have terrible outdated graphics

Rather have lot's of fun with awesome gameplay and cartoony graphics than sit through boring cut scenes with no fundamental value whatsoever to the game's boring gameplay. - cjWriter1997

Graphics aren't the most important things about games, it's the gameplay. - Nirocart

Gameplay is what matters most not graphics. - BoredJeff02

YOu don't know what a art style is - hugh201

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8 They haven't given Waluigi his own game yet

Yeah man why can't waluigi just be all the games

Nobody gives a damn about him.

Because he's filler and Daisy is more important - yunafreya648

If you hate Nintendo, why do you want waluigi to have a game? - VideoGamefan5

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9 No Grand Theft Auto

So? Sony doesn't have any Super Smash Bros games but does that make them suck? No not really. - BoredJeff02

If you like Grand Theft Auto, then Nintendo is not for you.

Presumably they've never heard of Chinatown Wars then. - Mrveteran

Grand Theft Auto was on the Game Boy Advance Dumbo

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10 Many games require you to stand up and use a Wii remote instead of a regular controller

So you hate Nintendo for them actually using variety and trying something different? That's just plain pathetic. - BoredJeff02

They could at least let us play the old-fashioned way where you use a controller and sit down like you do now. If you have a wii, you have to stand up and use some remote, and it isn't as fun.

So? At least we have some exercise instead of growing obese just sitting down. Don't be lazy.

That is actually RARE with Nintendo. PS3 and Xbox tried to rip if off and Xbox was okay but it didn't work out well for the Playstation 3/Move - Kid_ethinederland

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11 Their Pokemon games have too much water

IGN, Get Off This Site - VideoGamefan5

7.8 out of 10.

12 They have the worst exclusives

Yet Microsoft and Sony have better exclusives? - BoredJeff02

Not gonna lie though, Uncharted is pretty fun. - cjWriter1997

Metroid And GoldenEye 007 > Call Of Duty
Wii Sports > EA's Repetitive Rehashed Fifa And Madden
Super Mario Maker > Minecraft
Super Smash Bros > Overwatch
Earthbound > Undertale - VideoGamefan5

Do we really need 924385931284359925 Mario games for the Wii U?

Call of Duty > Mario Party
Madden NFL 17 > Mario Sports
Grand Theft Auto > Mario Kart
Mortal Kombat > Super Smash Bros

13 The Mario female characters in Mario Kart 8 are Peach clones, clones of male characters, or non-mario characters.

I had enough with this crappy "Yellow annoying irrelevant Peach" or "Space emo blue overrated Peach" - yunafreya648

Rosalina and Daisy should be replaced by better female characters that aren't peach clones

Rosalina more like blue peach nowadays - WendyIsQueen

14 They haven't made a new game of one of their more obscure or lesser known IPs for a long time

Yes it's clear they make new every time with best old games... nothing new heros or somewhat

15 Many of their games are Pokemon games

Do we really need a Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Poop, Pokemon Pee, Pokemon Penis, Pokemon Anus, Pokemon Blood, Pokemon Gore, Pokemon Porn, Pokemon Porn 2, Pokemon Omega Porn, and a Pokemon Omega Porn X 2?

Do we really need Call of Perverts 1, Call of Perverts 2, Call of OH GOD THAT'S A TANK, Call of a dead franchise, Call of a dead cash cow and finally Call of a overrated mediocre videogame franchsie people stop caring about since 2009? - BoredJeff02

Do We Really need Call Of Duty Porn, Call Of duty Idiots, Call Of Duty Idiots II, Call Of Duty: Got Outsold By Battlefield, Call Of Duty 99%, Call Of Duty Idiot$, Call Of Duty: Noobs, Call Of duty: Possum, Call Of duty 64, Call Of Duty U, Call Of Duty: Over The Road Shooting? - VideoGamefan5

16 Nintendo can't just make good open world games!
17 They keep discontinuing everything (WiiConnect24 Wii and Wii U)
18 They make weaker consoles which holds back their amazing games

Imagine how much better BOTW would look and run if the switch was more powerful.

Imagine how many new complex mechanics they could've added to AI, Environment, Bosses and Shrines, if the switch was more powerful.

Imagine how much larger the world could've been if the switch was more powerful.

19 They have no Friday the 13th the game!!

Ohhh booo hoo, hating on a company because you favorite game is not on a Nintendo console

20 They discontinued the pixelmon mod for Minecraft
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1. They intentionally create product scarcity
2. Their consoles are nowhere near as good as they once were
3. You have to use a friend code to meet players online



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