Top Ten Reasons Why Not to Be a Hater


The Top Ten

1 Everyone has feelings

And everyone has opinions!

2 Because Miranda Sings says so

So what?

3 If you know you are great, you have no need to hate

THIS is the knowledge people in this world need. - FennikenFan9

If you know you are great, you have no need to share opinions?

That's good reason, why Icare if I am awesome - belarbi

4 You don't know what people may be going through
5 Your opinion is NOT the only one
6 They need to get a life

The fans especially they can just simply ignore these comments

7 Most of them are hypocrites

Like the ones making this list laugh out loud

Most of the fans are also hypocrites. So why should you still be fans?

8 If they want to share their opinion, they can do it outside of a computer screen

They can do it anywhere. Freedom of speech!

9 No one likes them

Then that makes you a hater if you hate haters. So you're telling us not to be a hater yet you are hating. Wow what a jackass you are.

Nobody likes you, because you are a hater, by the logic of "a hater being someone who hates something". Such an idiotic list.

10 They have haters too

Everyone has haters. Deal with it,

The Contenders

11 Life won't wait for you
12 Being a hater makes you irrational

As simple as it is. - Kiteretsunu

It is called sharing extreme opinions.

13 Fans will get upset over opinions

Why bother about their opinions, then?

14 Life is too short to hate

Not really.

15 You get banned
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