Top 10 Reasons Why Obama is Better Than Donald Trump

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1 Donald Trump is an idiot and disrespectful person

He is disrespectful to Muslims and Mexicans

Trump lies a lot, thinks he's the greatest human being alive (which many in comments sections online are also thinking), and has little to no respect for anyone who isn't a white man or a Republican. - allamassal

Grow up and get over it! The election was over 18 months ago. Try getting a job and become productive! You might increase your intelligence. Comments from a normal person.

I think that trump hates Indians and I'm an Indian. few days back trump called up India's prime minister Modi ji and he asked why India was giving Afganisthan free money and Modi ji said that the money was given to build a library Modi ji also said that India was the one who brought up Afganistan because of India Afganisthan is now having good education,health,food and money so Modi ji told trump to shut up.

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2 Obama cares about the environment.

He signed the Paris Climate Accord.

GOD said Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve but I will pray for you

I Am gay

No he doesn't, Obama is just lazy, Next president can be Ninja or Ali-A or Tfue for all I care - B1ueNew

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3 Donald Trump isn't trustworthy

Donald Trump? How could I trust him? HA! Since he's a BILLIONAIRE, he's gonna show off his civil rights to the people he wants to like him. Such a moron

He is selfish and dumb

Neither is obama - B1ueNew

Here are some of the stuff he did:
- He allowed coal companies to dump coal into the waterways
- He made fun of disabled people
- He cut Planned Parenthood funding.
-He mocked a disabled newsreporter
-He lies all the time
- He made it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns
- He tried to repeal and replace ObamaCare, but it failed miserably
-He allowed internet companies to sell your personal information.
- He supports repealing Net Neutrality

Half of these are just what Republicans support so how is it evil to do anything but the Liberal agenda - Owengresham

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4 Donald Trump is racist

Which presidential candidate has so many fights, beating the other candidates by a country mile? Who has people screaming "white power! " at his rallies?

HA! I caught you Trump! Now you better be nice to the countries you hate!

How is he racist? - B1ueNew

If obama is racist than Donald Butt would work togather

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5 Obama's hair looks real

Donald Trump's hair looks like a squirrel had made a nest in it. - Pegasister12

Hey, sorry about the rude comment. I had no idea what you were going through. What I said was really rude. I shouldn't have jumped into conclusions. I'm glad you're over the fighting. :3 - MontyPython

Okay. I think Obama and trump both suck, but these aren't valid reasons. Looks and personality don't determine who's a good president or candidate. Its about their policies and proposals. - ryanrimmel

Wow people actually care about someone's hair in politics - Nonpointed

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6 Obama isn't racist

Trump is a proven racist. His supporters are all racists -- and ignorant idiots, too.

Says the person who literally just said that all of his supporters are bigots and ignorant idiots. Who is the REAL ignorant idiot? - DCfnaf

Obama has caused more racist problems than anyone with law enforcement and local communities. He has hired more blacks %wise than anyone. Trump has hired more women and non-whites %wise.

Trump has been prosecuted and found guilty of racism against non-white people in the past, of more than 1 race.

Clearly anyone who is setting to eliminate terrorism and stop drugs that kill thousands from coming across the border is racist. - Owengresham

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7 Donald Trump is gonna ban other countries especially the Philippines

No, they would just bring back immigrants, not destroy the military relations.

Anyway, why will I migrate to America, knowing about the worsening political and economic situation there? I'd rather migrate to Australia.

Then...Jared and I would never be able to talk to each other again! That would be TERRIBLE! - RiverClanRocks

He already is picking a fight with Japan, our major ally, so don't count this out.

Wait what? Never heard this before, and I’m almost certain it never happen - DCfnaf

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8 Donald Trump is so rude to Muslims

I hate trump I won't want Obama and I live in Canada so that's good because I just hate trump I want Obama my dad thinks that trump is not rasist but I think he is I want Obama I want Obama


If you live in Canada, you have no more say about the US president than Americans do about your PM.

Well Donald Trumpet, one day every Muslim will print a giant picture of you and burn it! ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

9 Obama cares about life

Who doesn't care about life? Well, it's Donald Trump! HA!

10 No "Southern Strategy" from Barack Obama

...while Donald Trump tries to get the racist votes in the South. a consequence would be endorsements from David Duke and the KKK.

No "Southern Strategy" from Obama! Can you say the same about the Bushes? Clinton? Reagan? Nope.

Very interesting. Is that anything like how Obama was endorsed by the Black Panther Party?

Damn, it really means so much when a racist group that absolutely nobody agrees with endorses a presidential candidate. - DCfnaf

Don't want that through. Only luckily it's out of my power though. Forgive them.

I'm glad whoever wrote this can see.

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11 He didn't make Ajit Pai the FCC chairman

Obama only made him commissioner. Trump made him chairman

12 Donald Trump scams others

Obama does not fraud money. Trump has been accused of not returning his tax returns as well.He has also been sued by banks many times as he does not pay them.

13 Obama doesn't insult everyone

Yes I rather have Obama back then The President we have now he is a complete idiot

Wrong. Every candidate ever has insulted every candidate ever. - Puga

No Obama tortures american citizens. Be glad you have been given your reward. Just don't drag others down with you. I've tried to forgive.

Obama is a good guy, Trump just sucks do yu knw how many scandals he did

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14 Obama doesn't get votes by pandering to stupid people

Trump supporters are some of the dumbest people ever. - lavashooter

Donald trump is trash

Actually no. Stupid people are always persuaded by ads, regardless of political affiliation. - Nonpointed

15 Obama does not send stupid tweets all the time.
16 Obama isn't an attention seeker

Donald Trump is happy when there are terrorist attacks. Afterwards he can say to the people that he will do something about the dangers of terrorisme because he knows that most people have fear in their comfortable lives. He's using the fear of people in his advantage. The truth is that he only do that to get attention and as an excuse to get the votes of the people. You think he really cares for the people in the street? He just want to be president for the power and using that power for his own sake and to become richer than he already is. Donald Trump is a fake, greedy crazy maniac full of irrational ideas. I hope that Americans will realize that this man is dangerous. Obama doesn't take racism as an excuse for protecting his country and his habitants.

Actually he kind of is. Crying multiple times in front of all the cameras is probably attention - seeking. Just a little bit.

He does use Taylor swift as a shield.

True. I hate trump

17 Obama isn't that stupid

At least Obama follows the constitution, but Trump doesn't even follow the constitution, he wants to ban Muslims when that is against the constitution, he knows nothing about politics. Even I know a bit more about politics than Trump.

To be honest I prefer Obama, but these reasons aren't very good. - IronSabbathPriest

I'm not that into US politics (I think that the only way people get into power is by smack talking the other candidates), but I am informed enough to know that Donald Trump doesn't know what he's doing. - Turkeyasylum

Except for him not doing anything about ISIS whereas Trump has nearly destroyed them - Randomator

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18 Obama has had 2 terms and Donald Trump won't

Trump is a one hit wonder for sure.

Of course Trump won't have two terms. Although this list is a little unnecessary, I'll still comment on it. - Turkeyasylum

Neither would crooked Hilary. - Therandom

You can not see the future. Trump will get second term. - LordDovahkiin

Yeah he seems to be the front runner on the Republican side. We'll see what the Democrats have in store soon - Nonpointed

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19 Obama can be nice

Maybe Republicans think he's the anti-Christ, but who likes Republicans anyway? They're lame anyway; the whole world knows that, especially since Bush ever stepped foot in the Oval Office. Not to mention Trump.

he is nice

When his minions are voting for him.I hate what you all have done. You will too.

Obama is a lot better than trump.trump is rube and rasist and obamas nice and not rasist.

20 Donald Trump is greedy, power-hungry and selfish.

How ironic.
Obama criticized and made fun of Trump's economic policies.
Until they started working, and then Obama started taking credit for them.

so true


21 Obama didn't say anything about dating his daughters

Obama did make sure his daughters attended a beautiful elite private school that already had multiple armed guards, and once the girls got there, even more guards were added. Your kids have to fend for themselves in crummy public schools..

Neither did Trump. - DCfnaf

22 Obama is a cooler president

The best you'll ever see..get over the hate!

I beg to differ. He is not cool. In fact, he only got voted into office because he was black. If you didn't vote for him, you were called racist. - LordDovahkiin

23 Obama isn't that ugly

Trumps hair line made him go to the hospital burrrn

Once again, it doesn't matter. - SamuiNeko

I'm so sorry about what happened to you.

That doesn't make him better :P - Userguy44

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24 Trump will kill the United States

Not really. Did u know he lowered his actual salary (cause presidents get at least $400,000 a year) He lowered it to 1$ I think that Obama did more damage by passing the law of homosexuals able to get married and letting a guy (that feels like a girl) go inside the WOMEN'S bathroom if you look at the past 8 years I think (just my opinion) that Trump will do better since He's inexperienced, And have you noticed that there more available jobs than last year? (I'm just saying). But I really don't think that Ex-President Obama was better.

This annoys me. Why do people think Trump will ruin the USA? - Userguy44

This is stupet idea

25 Obama isn't a pedophile

At least Obama doesn't marry/date women with a 40+ age gap. Trump is a pedophile, if he becomes president it's best you move to Canada. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

That isn't a pedophile DUDE a pedophile touches kids

It honestly astounds me that people actually believe that one man, who happens to be the leader of the country, is racist, sexist, fascistic, xenophobic, homophobic, a rapist, a pedophile, war-mongering, etc. You really, truly believe that he is every negative antonym in the book and you don’t question any of it? - DCfnaf

26 Obama doesn't have ugly pinatas of him

If the roles were reversed, and very young children were shown screaming obscenities and walloping a piñata of Hillary Clinton, the perps would be publicly shamed and probably lose their jobs, and if the piñata was Obama, they would be arrested. Classic and typical Liberal double-standard.

27 Obama is kindhearted and caring

That's true

That is not true. He's a liberal. - LordDovahkiin

28 Obama has a sense of humour

At least he doesn't throw a huge tantrum when people think he is a Muslim when he is not, that is just an example. Donald Trump, on the other hand, throws a tantrum when people make fun of his appearance, but mocks other people. What a narcissist Trump is.

Yeah, because having a sense of humour makes you a good president. Seriously?!

So does trump and obama has to much of a sense of humour and forgets that he's running a country - gummysniper

Trump too! - Userguy44

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29 Obama is a Democrat, Donald is a Republican

Some Democrats are better, and some Republicans are better. You can't really judge a politician by its party.

That means that Obama is worse - bobbythebrony

What the hell are you talking about there both republican - gummysniper

So? - Randomator

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30 Obama is respectful

Hey at least I did not hear him say any swear words

You mean he isn't respectful. - LordDovahkiin

He is, at least, more respectful than Trump if he isn't respectful as you said.

31 Obama supporters are more tolerable than Trump supporters

Yeah, those violent riots in New York City were truly invigorating. "People have to die to make a change in this world! " - DCfnaf

Yeah definitely because of the protests when Trump won and continuing to act like immature babies about him winning - Randomator

That is a lie. - LordDovahkiin

32 Obama cares about people

The problem is that he only cares about the poor people and illegal immigrants and not the hardworking citizens! - Randomator

He does

33 Obama is a gentleman
34 Trump's racism will stop him from "making America great again".

In my opinion Trump's racism will take down so many connections that America used to have with other countries which will prevent him from "making America great again". Those connections can provide plenty of stuff for America, with business and trading and tons of 'business' things can come. The root of those things are the (Connections) so if there is no connections there is NO things, why would would that happen? Donald Trump spitting out word within a second full of rudeness and 'racism' will take the bridge down.
I fully respect your opinion if it's different, at the end It's an opinion not a fact... And a man and his words won't let me hate everyone who agrees with him. Yes, we have different minds but we are all humans. I choose to be a #peacefulhuman.

Why would black people vote for Trump if he was racist? Tell me that. - LordDovahkiin

35 Obama stays true to the American tradition of giving weapons and then attacking them

Obama has better hair is the current #1, and this, the closest to a good item on the list as of now is barely cracking top 30. - ProPanda

"Giving weapons and then attacking them" I don't understand this one - Nonpointed

36 Obama is nice to people
37 Obama doesn't want to start a genocide

But he gets off trying to provoke a rapture. He'll learn. Lol.

38 Donald Trump is fat


39 Obama doesn't look like something died on his head

Trump is an incompetent, inept, intellectually bereft, lazy, narcissistic, borderline disordered moron. How's that? He's a scam and a con artist and his vocabulary caps at about forty words. He tweets like a preteen imbecile!

40 Obama is hotter than Trump

The list is pretty biased. - Userguy44


41 Trump wants an all white country

Dumbest comment of the year.

So? Who said this! - Userguy44

Trump is American and his white followers want no colored people in the U.S.A!

We don't know if Trump wants an all white country, but you probably do. - allamassal

42 Trump is a bigot

He is the worst ever. The world is in a nightmare with his fake presidency.

43 Donald Trump acts like a 5 year old
44 Donald Trump is a celebrity president

Obama was celeb too! - Userguy44

45 Obama isn't orange

Of course he isn't orange he didn't bleach himself - lay_rox

Racist comment. - Userguy44

46 Obama isn't as mean to other countries

Neither is Trump. He helped end a 60 year Korean War - Randomator

He tortures ours.

47 Trump supported Net Neutrality repeal!
48 It'd be difficult to be Trump's friend because he's distasteful on every level but Obama would make a great friend.
49 Obama has common sense
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1. Donald Trump is an idiot and disrespectful person
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