Top 10 Reasons Why Obama is Better Than Donald Trump


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21 Obama stays true to the American tradition of giving weapons and then attacking them

Obama has better hair is the current #1, and this, the closest to a good item on the list as of now is barely cracking top 30. - ProPanda

22 Obama can be nice

Maybe Republicans think he's the anti-Christ, but who likes Republicans anyway? They're lame anyway; the whole world knows that, especially since Bush ever stepped foot in the Oval Office. Not to mention Trump.

When his minions are voting for him.I hate what you all have done. You will too.

he is nice

23 Obama is nice to people
24 Trump's racism will stop him from "making America great again".

In my opinion Trump's racism will take down so many connections that America used to have with other countries which will prevent him from "making America great again". Those connections can provide plenty of stuff for America, with business and trading and tons of 'business' things can come. The root of those things are the (Connections) so if there is no connections there is NO things, why would would that happen? Donald Trump spitting out word within a second full of rudeness and 'racism' will take the bridge down.
I fully respect your opinion if it's different, at the end It's an opinion not a fact... And a man and his words won't let me hate everyone who agrees with him. Yes, we have different minds but we are all humans. I choose to be a #peacefulhuman.

Why would black people vote for Trump if he was racist? Tell me that. - LordDovahkiin

25 Obama is respectful

You mean he isn't respectful. - LordDovahkiin

26 Donald Trump is racist

Which presidential candidate has so many fights, beating the other candidates by a country mile? Who has people screaming "white power! " at his rallies?

HA! I caught you Trump! Now you better be nice to the countries you hate!

If obama is racist than Donald Butt would work togather

he is

27 Obama supporters are more tolerable than Trump supporters

That is a lie. - LordDovahkiin

28 Obama doesn't want to start a genocide

But he gets off trying to provoke a rapture. He'll learn. Lol.

29 Obama cares about life

Who doesn't care about life? Well, it's Donald Trump! HA!

30 Obama is a gentleman
31 Obama cares about people
32 Obama isn't orange

Of course he isn't orange he didn't bleach himself - lay_rox

33 Donald Trump is fat
34 Obama doesn't look like something died on his head
35 No "Southern Strategy" from Barack Obama

Don't want that through. Only luckily it's out of my power though. Forgive them.

...while Donald Trump tries to get the racist votes in the South. a consequence would be endorsements from David Duke and the KKK.

No "Southern Strategy" from Obama! Can you say the same about the Bushes? Clinton? Reagan? Nope.

I'm glad whoever wrote this can see.

36 Obama isn't as mean to other countries

He tortures ours.

37 Donald Trump isn't trustworthy

Donald Trump? How could I trust him? HA! Since he's a BILLIONAIRE, he's gonna show off his civil rights to the people he wants to like him. Such a moron

38 Donald Trump scams others

Obama does not fraud money. Trump has been accused of not returning his tax returns as well.He has also been sued by banks many times as he does not pay them.

39 Donald Trump is greedy, power-hungry and selfish.
40 Obama does not send stupid tweets all the time.
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