Top Ten Reasons Why Oggy and the Cockroaches Is Better Than Teen Titans Go


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1 Oggy and the Cockroaches Has Better Animation

This whole list is true. - EpicJake

2 Oggy Isn't Insulting

Unless you count the naked incident
"You know what I mean animators" - yellowshadow

It actually is. It ripped off Tom and Jerry. And Oggy and the Cockroaches is annoying. Or maybe just my opinion.

It is true that Oggy will never compare to the legendary Tom and Jerry. No point in comparing them. - yellowshadow

3 Teen Titans Go Doesn't Have Likeable Characters
4 Oggy Doesn't Have Stereotypes
5 Oggy Doesn't Have Two Characters With the Same Personality

Yes it does oggy and jack are losers

6 Oggy Has an Accurate Age Rating

T.V. Y7 is just fine - yellowshadow

I'm fine with Teen Titans Go!, but it has a PG rating.

7 Oggy Only Borrows from Tom and Jerry Instead of TTG Which Rips Off Stuff
8 Oggy Is Timeless

Who ever thinks oggy ripped off tom and jerry obviously hasent watched the show. - yellowshadow

No, this annoying show has to be forgotten for ripping off Tom and Jerry!

9 The Cockroaches Are Better Villains
10 Oggy Only Has a Few Bad Episodes Unlike TTG

The episode with the breast was bad :( - Katildalover93

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11 It Has References to Timeless Cartoons of the Past
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