Deductive Debunking: Top 10 Reasons Why Ojamajo Doremi is Better Than Puella Puella Madoka Magica

ModernSpongeBobSucks If you have been on TheTopTens for quite a while now, you would probably be familiar with a certain trend that is used to make lists. That trend just so happens to be comparison lists. Now comparison lists may not sound like much at first, but once you see a notorious one on this website, you'll know how awful they are. Take for example, the list of "Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time Is Better Than Ebola". While I think we can all agree that an American animated TV series is much better than a deadly viral disease, the list is completely pointless for two reasons. One, Adventure Time and Ebola have ABSOLUTELY nothing in common with each other. Two, many of the reasons on that list were just downright awful and felt like they were just put there to fill in the slots in order to make the comparison list eligible for submission, making the entire list filled with pathetic reasons that are just excuses for comparing two completely dissimilar things. The same could be said for Dragontree102's list of "Top 10 Reasons Why Ojamajo Doremi is Better Than Puella Puella Madoka Magica", which is the list I am about to debunk. Also, I would like to thank DCfnaf for this, as his posts debunking lists such as "Top Ten Worst Mario Bros. Characters" inspired me to start making posts debunking lists that I found to have had poor and invalid reasoning.

Now I know I already did a remix of DoritosAreLife's list of "Reasons Why the List Top 10 Reasons Why Ojamajo Doremi is Better Than Puella Puella Madoka Magica is Inaccurate" in order to debunk Dragontree102's list of "Top 10 Reasons Why Ojamajo Doremi is Better Than Puella Puella Madoka Magica", but for the purpose of this post, I'll be going in-depth as I take a look at the current items for the list and explain why they are invalid and poor reasons as to why Ojamajo Doremi is better than Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Keep in mind that while I do like Puella Magi Madoka Magica and I have not seen Ojamajo Doremi, therefore meaning I have no real opinion on the show so as to whether I think it's good or bad, if you happen to like or dislike any of these shows, I completely respect your opinion. Also, this post is not meant to target the creator of this list. I repeat, this post is not meant to target the creator of this list. I am simply debunking her list and saying why her reasoning is invalid. That said, I'll first be debunking the first 10 original items on the creator's remix of the list and then I'll see if I can debunk any extra ones that were added to the list after the original items. We shall now conduct deductive debunking!

1. Madoka Magica is Highly Overrated
- This has to be the most ludicrous reason on the entire list. First of all, while I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of this at least once in their lifetime, overrated doesn't mean bad. Let me say that again. OVERRATED DOES NOT MEAN BAD. Overrated and bad are two completely different terms. According to, overrated means "to rate or appraise too highly; overestimate." As for bad, its definition according to states "not good in any manner or degree." As you can see, clearly overrated and bad have no correlation with each other as overrated means to overpraise something while bad means something is not good. For example, Frozen and Gravity Falls are considered to be overrated. That's true, but does that directly correlate as to why people consider those two things to be bad? No. Something is supposed to be considered bad when others find legitimate reasons as to why they dislike something, not when they believe something gets too much praise.

2. Ojamajo Doremi's Jokes are Funnier
- This is probably where I'm going to start repetitively saying that these reasons are just a product of the creator's bias. However, there's still more to this item than meets the eye. Now if the creator was saying Ojamajo Doremi's jokes were funnier, she was probably trying to assert that she thought Puella Magi Madoka Magica was trying to appeal to comedy and failed to do so, even though Puella Magi Madoka Magica centers around the drama, psychological, and thriller genres and Ojamajo Doremi is more comedy-oriented. And just like that, I already found the answer to why this item is an invalid reason. Ojamajo Doremi and Puella Magi Madoka Magica are two completely different shows despite revolving around magical girls. The former is supposed to have jokes while the latter doesn't. The latter is supposed to focus more on emotion and being a dark deconstruction of the magical girl genre.

3. Madoka is a More Pointless Protagonist Than Doremi
- Now I know absolutely nothing about Doremi, but I can assure that Madoka is in no way a pointless protagonist. Now I'm going to try not to enter spoiler territory so as not to ruin the experience of those who wish to watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but I would like to make a point that while Homura felt more like the main character of Puella Magi Madoka Magica than Madoka as the series neared its conclusion, Madoka was not a useless protagonist. She would play a vital role as she sought to end the suffering of not only the main characters she knew, but also all magical girls as well in the anime. Tell me how that's pointless. TELL ME.

4. Majo Rika is at Least a More Reasonable Guide Than Kyubey
- I have no idea who the hell Majo Rika is, but Kyubey is not supposed to be a benevolent character. His purpose for making contracts with girls to turn them into magical girls was much more deep than what it looked like on the surface. I would go in-depth as to why his purpose was so deep, but that would just reveal major spoilers. That said, I'm pretty sure Majo Rika is much more different than Kyubey in terms of what their natures are and what motives they have. Oh, and in case you have forgotten, Kyubey is NOT supposed to be a benevolent character. I repeat, he is NOT a benevolent character.

5. The Animation in Madoka is Lazy
- Obvious bias is obvious bias. Now Ojamajo Doremi is animated by Toei Animation while Puella Magi Madoka Magica is animated by Shaft. Both animation studios are well known, with Toei Animation being known for animating series such as the Dragon Ball series; One Piece; and Sailor Moon, while Shaft is known for animating the Monogatari series; Nisekoi; and Hidamari Sketch. While I respect both animation studios, when it comes to Ojamajo Doremi and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Puella Magi Madoka Magica stomps Ojamajo Doremi at visuals. When I looked at all the images for Ojamajo Doremi, I was like "this is supposed to be considered better animation than Puella Magi Madoka Magica?" The visuals shown in the images for Ojamajo Doremi were so generic and looked just like what every average magical girl anime looked like. And I apologize if this offends fans of Ojamajo Doremi, but I found the visuals of that show to be quite childish and cheesy. As for Puella Magi Madoka Magica, I found the visuals to be breathtaking, beautiful, and artistically brilliant. I liked the bright and peaceful setting of the world that Madoka Kaname and her friends lived in, and the labyrinths in which they fought the witches were so vividly unique and distinguishable. Some may argue that the labyrinths look like cheap kindergarten copy and paste, but take into consideration that it's supposed to be a unique art style intended for distinguishing the witches' labyrinths from the surroundings of Mitakihara City.

6. Only Madoka Shines in the Show
- Get out of here. Madoka is not the only character that shines in the show. All the main magical girls (Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, Kyoko Sakura, and Homura Akemi) all had sufficient screen time while having unique characterizations and deep backgrounds. Now as I mentioned before, I felt that Homura was more of the star of Puella Magi Madoka Magica than Madoka was, even though the latter was the titular protagonist. Aside from that and Mami needing some more screen time, all the main characters had their time to shine and weren't left out and set to the side as background characters.

7. Ojamajo Doremi Has More Episodes
- Where am I? Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Reasons Why Gravity Falls is Better Than Liv and Maddie" is Inaccurate? No. I think a more suitable question would be, "AH! Where am I, in Crazy Town?!" Let me tell you one thing. Quantity is not greater than quality. Why? Because it's the other way around. Just because a TV show has more episodes than another TV show does not mean it is automatically better. What really matters is if the episodes are of good quality, which usually requires a lot of time and effort to do so. Clearly, Puella Magi Madoka Magica took the time and effort to craft a well-written story in just a dozen episodes so as NOT to drag it on like *cough* *cough* MODERN SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! I cannot say for certain whether Ojamajo Doremi's episode quality was good or not, but I can certainly say that a show having more episodes than another show is not a good reason to support why a show someone likes is better than a show someone dislikes.

8. Onpu is Prettier Than Homura
- This is a completely subjective item. While I do think it's the opposite way around (and yes, I did look at images of what Onpu looked like and I did not find her as beautiful as the stoic and calm Homura.), using an opinion to support why you think a show you like is better than a show you dislike is just outright deplorable. I'm not even going to go in-depth with this one considering how ridiculous this item is.

9. Hana-Chan is Cuter Than Sayaka
- Same thing as the last item. Once again, this is another completely subjective item. And yes, I find Sayaka to be cuter than Hana-Chan instead even after looking at images of Hana-Chan. But hey, that's just my opinion. The most important thing here is that subjectivity does not equal validity when trying to construct reasoning.

10. Ojamajo Doremi Has More Beautiful Emotion
- The creator of this list has officially contradicted herself. First, she expects Puella Magi Madoka Magica to have funny jokes, and now she bashes the show's emotional appeal? I smell some fine hypocrisy right there. Again, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is supposed to revolve around drama and psychological thriller, so of course emotion will be in abundance. Not to mention that it's NOT supposed to be about comedy! Comedy is something like watching a YouTube video of the American comedian Gabriel Iglesias telling a comedic story for some good laughs, not trying to incorporate cheesy comic relief in just about every corner of the Neon Genesis Evangelion of magical girl anime!

Now let's take a look at the extra items on this list...

- The 6 main characters from Ojamajo Doremi look like nightmares.
SCORE! Someone got away with adding this one!

But as for the last 8, I only having one thing to say...

- Kyoko Can't Control Herself
- Homura always has an attitude
- Madoka is Annoying
- Madoka Magica is Boring
- Aiko is Stronger Than Kyoko
- Momoko is Better Than Mami
- Madoka Magica tries too hard to be emotional
- Madoka won't shut up!

HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! *while imitiating Courage the Cowardly Dog's laugh*

All in all, this whole list was entirely unnecessary and pointless, even more so with the poor and invalid reasoning. Anyways, this list will go down as one of the most disputed and dumbest lists on TheTopTens and a reminder to all that comparison lists are just stupid. Now I'll say this one more time: this post was not intended to offend the creator of this list and I was simply trying to say why I believed her reasoning was poor and invalid. I didn't feel like taking the time to write this post at first, but after seeing how much criticism this list has gotten, I felt it was right to make a post debunking the entire list. Thanks for reading, and until then, peace!


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Good job! Ojamajo Doremi only got 7.21 in MAL while PMMM got 8.50(Also is 2nd on Best Magic anime based by ratings in MAL). Now tell me, which one is better? - MLPFan

Obviously Puella Magi Madoka Magica, even though I believe that ratings don't determine the quality of an anime series. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I can rest in peace knowing Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online II have higher ratings than Ojamajo Doremi on MAL. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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Well, looks like we found something we can finally agree on: comparison lists are pointless. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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The main reason people hate Rosalina is because she is popular, so apparently that translates to overrated.

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I'll do it. Dragontree102 needs to see how dumb and hypocritical that list is. - Absolite

The ridiculous thing of the list is how Dragontree first says that Madoka Magica doesn't have good jokes, and then she bashes the emotional aspect of the show. And the characters of Ojamajo Doremi look like nightmares. Heck, I rather watch Precure! Than Ojamajo doremi! - MLPFan

Madoka Magica is not really bad... - visitor

Bonus item: Sayaka is annoying. Check it in page 2 of that list. - visitor

Talk about having invalid reasoning... What's even worse is how butthurt she is over her list being criticized. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I wonder what 'why Ojamajo Doremi is better than ____' list she might make next?
'Why Ojamajo Doremi Is Better than Durarara! ' (Obviously has bias and irrelevant items. Here are my guesses)
1)Durarara! Is a Baccano rip off (not true, anyway. Also if she made this #1, Well DRRR! And Baccano! Were by the same people. Same Light Novel author, same studio, same director in fact SAME UNIVERSE! Even If they weren't made by the same people, DRRR! And Baccano aren't that similar, except the gangster premise and some chara personas. If you want an actual rip off, watch YuYuYu)
2)Doremi Is better than Mikado
3)Ojamajo Doremi has better opening and ending themes
4)Majo Rika is a better mentor than Izaya
5)Doremi X Onpu is better than Shizuo X Izaya (added this for comedy. Lol! )
6)Durarara! Had a pointless epilouge
7)The Orihara twins won't shut up!
8)Celty is a pointless character
9)Shinra is annoying
10)Ojamajo Doremi has more amazing characters

And they're all biased and pointless. Same as the idea of comparing the two animes that are VERY DIFFERENT. Durarara! Is a supernatural gangster anime while Ojamajo Doremi is a run of the mill MG show

Great post, though! - MLPFan

Guess what? The same creator of this list also made a list comparing the Teen Titans Go! version of Beast Boy with Homura Akemi. Words can't describe how much that list makes me cringe. I have a feeling it was meant to piss you off, MLPFan. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She did? Ugh... I never knew legal adults are that childish - MLPFan

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