Top Ten Reasons Why Okumuracest is Wrong

For those who have no idea what Okumuracest Is, It's Rin x Yukio from Blue Exorcist. I hate this ship so much!

If you're a fan of this ship, I'm sorry If this bothers you and If you're at least a yaoi fan, I apologize also. Again, I'm not a homophobe, but there's just a lot of things wrong with this ship.

The Top Ten

1 It's incest

ALL kinds of incest is awful. - TwilightKitsune

Obviously my main reason why I despise this ship. And It's worse than incest. It's TWINCEST. You fangirls might be like "But MLPFan, Yaoi/Yuri twincest is already common in anime! In fact het twincest also! Why can't you admit it?!?!? " It's just too disgusting for me. I don't know about you but these twincest stuff are disgusting - MLPFan

2 Rin already likes Shiemi

And since Rin already likes Shiemi and I heard that Rin already confessed in the later manga chapters, I think It would end up weird and awkward - MLPFan

3 Yukio tried to kill Rin once

And that didn't happened later and Isn't only in the manga! It's already in the anime adaption. In fact very EARLY in the series. Remember when the cram school students were going to do mashou and then Rin kind of screwed up, causing a bunch of goblins to attack the students. And then Rin's blue flames came out and Yukio flipping POINTED HIS PISTOL AT RIN?!?!?!? - MLPFan

4 Both characters are better off shipped with other characters

I ship Rin with Shiemi (and sometimes Izumo, I don't know why 😂) and Yukio with Shura (Yes, I rather have ShuraYuki/YukiShura over Okumuracest) - MLPFan

5 Rin and Yukio are better off as brothers and rivals

Again, they're BROTHERS. And they have this rivalry going on in exorcism also. You think all of that might end up with them having a hot make out session? Lol - MLPFan

6 It's disturbing

It is disturbing - MLPFan

7 The characters seem straight

This is fully subjective, but I think both characters are better off portrayed straight anyway. They might end up being bi, but far from being gay. - MLPFan

8 The fangirls don't seem to understand what brotherhood is

They also ruin other brother (or at least brotherly) relationships by making them into yaoi. Well, If It Is canon, I don't really mind It, but Okumuracest on the other hand Is NOT. - MLPFan

9 It's disgusting

And yes, this does exist - MLPFan

10 It makes no sense

Again with the whole rivalry, brotherhood and the almost killing thing? - MLPFan

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